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Show highlights include: 

  • The ‘Rescue Me Prayer’ that makes you feel worthy and motivated after having a pity party. (1:33)
  • How to use the story of Moses to drop your excuses and unleash your true, powerful self. (6:06)
  • How to turn your “what-ifs” into confident breakthroughs that can change the world. (9:20)
  • Why doing great things through God’s testimony starts with what’s in your hand. (12:02)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is find your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce, unlock and unstoppable mindset. Build unbreakable courage and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week I will bring ideas, methods and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:35): Hey there, welcome to find your fear. So glad you're here. Today's chat. We are kicking off a new series called the wilderness, and we're going to be diving into the promises of God, how to get through the metal of the journeys that we are on. And the really hard part of being in the wilderness, which is our obedience and everyday courage. It takes and having complete faith and big old master plan. But before we dive in, I pray that you will join our set free book club that is going on. I know so many of you have snagged your copy and read the message of set free, but now we will be doing the work and digging in a little bit deeper during that six week journey of the book club. And so we want to make sure that you are joining us head on over to Joel Allen, coaching.com.

(01:15): And if this is like your first time popping in, you know, we're taking the time to talk about how so often doors open opportunities pop up promises are being made yet. We miss them, you know, and we fight them and we ignore what God is doing in our life. And so what happens is we get in the way of things, of what God has planned for us and things get postponed, whether it's because of our beliefs and the mindsets and the actions. And I understand, like we all know that it's, God's perfect timing, but sometimes we need to move aside to allow things to work. And so over the next few weeks we are being intentional and we're going to carve out that time in our day so that we can gain some clarity, which I know we all so need and want how we can get out of our own way and discover how we can live a life with freedom.

(02:05): And I don't know about you. You may need to hear this today. I know I did. I know I'm talking to myself through this as well as I was on a run and I was having a moment, basically it was a pity party moment where for a split second, or I guess I would say it was a little bit longer than that. It was a few moments, few, a few miles, and I wasn't feeling equipped. And I felt that I was falling short on a few things. I felt for whatever reason I needed to crush, I had to get out of that heart posture because I was going down a really not so good road and not so good path. And, and that's something that I, you know, I always share with you that we need to flip that script. And that's something that I needed to do at that moment.

(02:47): And so I flipped the script. I started speaking to myself, he wants to use you. And I get it. Usually no one wants to be used, but trust me, you are going to want to be used by the Lord. And so I started saying that on repeat, he wants to use you. He wants to use you. And so it got me thinking about the Israelites and the fact that God heard the cry of his people and he wanted to help them. They had been held as slaves in Egypt for I, for years and generations after generations. And God saw, I mean, he shares with us and Exodus, how he saw how miserable they were and that he was concerned about them. So I started telling myself that he's concerned for me too. And I have to ask you, have you ever gotten that feeling that God gets concerned about you, right.

(03:34): He sees what you are going through. He hears our prayers. He sees us, he hears us. He knows exactly where we are on this life journey. And he's going to do something about it. And I know in Exodus, chapter three, verse eight is, you know, he says, so I have come down to rescue them. And it's like, yes, Lord. Yes, come to my rescue, please. I've been praying this. I know I've prayed that over and over again over again, whatever mess I'm in or, or a situation where I see no way out or when I'm attending my own pity party or times when I feel completely stuck, that is my prayer come rescue me. And that is, you know, the fact that he is the only hope or the only, the only way out of a place where I can find any peace. And it's through that prayer.

(04:17): And he's like, yes, come, come help me please. And so it's like that with the Israelites, you know, God saw how miserable they were. He heard their cries and how they were being treated. And he was going to do something about it. So he went to Moses and he says, now go, I'm sending you and Moses, I have to laugh. But like, Moses is like, wait, hold up. You said you were going to come down to rescue them. Right. And back to Exodus and chapter three, he says, that's what you said. Right? So Moses was like, why are you sending me? You said you were going to do the rescuing, but here's the thing. God comes down with his power to work and move by sending us. He gets us moving and he sends us. So here we are praying for this lifeline and he promises us that he's going to be there and that he's going to rescue us.

(05:08): But now he's saying, go get moving. I'm sending you now. I don't know about you, but I kind of would rather have God do his magic. He can snap his fingers. He can change everything on his command. But then I got to think that may actually backfires as good as that sounds. That might not be the best way, because if he did do that, think about this. He would have a bunch of ungrateful people who just sat back eight bond bonds and did nothing but whine and complain, waiting for their God to do everything. And when I pray for my problems to be fixed, of course I want it to happen right then and there, I want that instant, you know, flip that instant change. However, that's not how it works. If it was that simple, I bet we would become lazy and ungrateful and entitled.

(05:55): So instead he comes to save us and rescue us, but he comes to do that by working through us. And so he calls on us. He uses us, he works through us. And this is when it gets really crazy because my thought instantly is like, oh, I don't know. I don't know about this. Right? Moses thought the same thing. He began to argue with God as he was given this, these clear and detailed instructions to free his people from captivity in Egypt and lead them to that promised land. He's saying, no, no, no. I'm not your man. He's wrong. There's no way he's got the wrong guy. Pick someone else. I'm not good enough. I'm not a good leader. And I'm not strong enough. I'm not a good communicator. I'm not worthy enough. Right. Who am I that you would choose me? Have you ever done that?

(06:43): I know I have. And as much as I would love the Lord to come down and tell me my exact like next steps and as clear as that, cause I love, I love, love, love, love, clarity. I have to say. I'd probably argue too. I think we probably do. We can probably think of a time right now where we argue and then we'd question and we'd give excuses as to why, like we can't take action on what he's calling us to do. Just like Moses did. So here he was, Moses was a man who continually felt that he wasn't enough, but God chose him. Anyway. Something I know that we all can relate with. I know we can. And he chose someone who felt an adequate to do great work. And that's what he's doing with us right now. That's exactly how our God works.

(07:30): He chooses someone with this gap to fill. So he can be the one to fill it, to fill it with his power, to think that we have space for God's power for him to equip us for him to use us. And God says, okay, go I'm with you. I'm sending you go. I am with you. Everything that Moses felt he wasn't, God just flipped it. He flipped the script. He said, well, I am, you're not good enough. I am. You're not a good leader. I am. You're not a good communicator. I am. You're not strong enough. I am. And when we say we're not able, God says, I am. I mean, he's was this master script flipper. When we say we're not smart enough, God says, I am. When we say I'm not worthy enough. He says, I am. When we say, I'm not equipped, God says I am.

(08:17): And what's interesting is that God didn't fix Moses. How many times do we ask God to fix things? But we look back, he didn't fix Moses or fix his immediate problem. He didn't miraculously cure him of his flaws. He just simply filled the gap and empowered him to do exactly what he was called to do. And I want you to think about a few things for a moment. Is it enough for you to know that God is with you? I mean, I know we hear it all the time. We even speak it, but do you know and truly believe that God is with you every step you and I take whatever you need to do today. Whatever you're facing, the fact that you're not alone, he will, that, that he's going before us behind side-by-side with us. He clears the way he protects us. I mean, we're surrounded by him everywhere we go.

(09:02): We are covered. Are you covered? And not only covered, but are you filled with his power and as humans, I know I often ask, you know, what if or think about the haul? I mean all the, what ifs and I throw in, into butts, Moses, I asked the same thing. He did the same thing. Well, what if the Israelites don't want to me? What if they don't believe me again? Who am I guys? I know that we're all full of what ifs. What if they don't except me? What if no one likes me? What if I fail? What if I get fair enough? What if you know, what if, what if, what if, and they continue, but all of our, what ifs are a reflection of our own feelings about ourselves? I mean, I think about this all are what ifs are a reflection of our own feelings about ourself guys that hits home, that hits home to me.

(09:57): You fear others. Not accepting you because somewhere deep down, you don't accept you. You assume people won't like you because there are parts of you that you don't like, but remember number he wants to use you. And he wants to push you. He wants to stretch you. And the only way to overcome the, what if is to be faced with the very thing you fear and then find you can overcome it. Guys. We need to quit arguing. We're not going to win. All we are doing is postponing. What the Lord has planned all along one of these days, we have to wake up and quit trying to convince him that you're not good enough. If God says you're good enough, then you're good enough. He has worked for you and I to do. We need to stop arguing with him. You're the one, you're the one chosen.

(10:42): You're the one that he is equipping. You're the one that he's going to work through. And just with Moses, right? He prove that we have what it takes and all that we need is right in our hands, right in front of us. And I know so many of us are missing it. So what's in your hand, could someone else take what you, you have been given all the gifts in the world that you've been given and do more or with it, ouch guys could somewhere, oh, use exactly what you already have and do more with it than you are right now. Now I'm not saying that we're, you know, being lazy or anything like that. But I do think that we're missing what we have been given by our creator and the truth. Most of us simply aren't using what we already have. We're seeking more new and different all the while God has given us everything we need to do exactly what we need to do.

(11:29): I was having the same conversation with my husband, Rob, of course, during my pity party. And he pointed out that we are missing all the things that we have right now, right in front of us. We are looking everywhere else to get it. Guys. I'm all about breakthroughs. I love breakthroughs. But sometimes your breakthrough isn't out there. It's right here. Your solution is already in you. So we need to stop complaining about what we don't have. God is going to use something. You already have to answer all our prayers. So back to Moses, right? So what's in our hand, the Lord asked him this question. He says, Moses, what do you have in your hand? And he says, a staff and God says, throw it on the ground. And Moses throws down the staff and it turns into a snake. Of course, he asks him to pick the snake up by the tail.

(12:12): And Moses is scared of snakes and he runs and, and the story continues. And ad actually more to the point of the story is he then as to Moses, put your hand inside your coat and take it out. And then he does, and his handy Cain covered in leprosy. And so here, here we are. If we get back to the master master point and all of this is that Moses had all that. He needed. He had everything in his hands, but God just made things worse for him. And it's like, wait, what good? He had in his hand, he turned into a snake and then he gave him an illness. And the question is like, well, why like you're reading this in this story. And it's like, well, why would God do this? Why did this happen to me? So that Moses would have a story goddess still filling in the gaps guys.

(12:52): And if we choose to continue to argue or miss what is right in front of us, God's going to create more of a story for us and give us more evidence of what the Lord can do to rescue us. So when Moses went to speak to the Israelites, he would actually have something to say, right? So understand what was happening here was that God was preparing Moses to do the things he himself could not do. He was proving his power to him. So he would know the power of God. He would have proof of what God can do. And the same thing goes for us. So it could think about this. Could this be why some of the good things that you have in your life maybe took a wrong turn. Maybe they turn bad. It right in front of you is God wanting to remind you of his power.

(13:33): Think about your life, your journey, your trials, your mountains, your values. Is he getting you and I, a story, a testimony is your mess. Your message is your trial a message of inspiration and hope perseverance, part of your God-given mission. Could this be why you have been battling maybe an illness or struggling with some things, could it be because God is wanting to use you. He is wanting to work through you. And here we are over there having a pity party on the sad bus, or we're stressed out to the max or we're questioning our worth or our value is he working through you? And we don't even know the person yet in all of it. Is he showing you personally what he can do? Are we missing it? You see, when you have God, if you have a moment, you have a, a moment where God touches your own life and you see them work up close and personal.

(14:26): We then understand the power of God because you've seen it with your own eyes. And then when that happens, of course, you're going to tell the whole world about your work. God, God has heard you guys. He has, he sees you and he's coming. Let me down to do something about it. But remember he chooses ordinary people to do his work. You and me look around you today. He's working on our behalf through ordinary people like Moses, right? Who have had something powerful happen in their, and then he turns us ordinary people into something extraordinary because he's filling in the gaps and making things massively change. And you guys, if God has done something in your life, it's because he now wants to use you, let him say yes to him. Here are a few questions to reflect on this week. What are you praying for right now that the Lord wants to rescue you from?

(15:15): Are you willing to have him work through you to be that vessel? Are you willing to do what he's calling you to do for him to use you? What do you need to stop arguing with him? About what debate are you currently having with him? Is it doing any good? How's that working for you? What do you currently have in your hand or something that is right in front of you? That is part of your testimony. Something that can answer your prayers. What is God preparing you for? How is he using you guys? I'm just so glad that you were here. Remember my book set free it's on Amazon. Join the set free book club, head on over to the set free book club, Facebook group, and save the date of September 18th. The next gathering it is the boldness. And you do not want to miss it. It's an overnight and yes, we are camping. It's going to be exactly what you were needing in your life at that exact time heads up on

(16:04): The next episode, we are continuing this new series a of the wilderness. We'll be sure to come back and check that out. Thanks so much for joining us today. Please subscribe, share this episode, link on your social media. If you felt encouraged or inspired, as we all know, someone that can benefit. And I would love it. If you would give some feedback and a review as well, talk with you next time, beef it be fierce, be unstoppable.

(16:31): This is ThePodcastFactory.com.

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