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In this episode, Rachel Schmidt is back to share more networking superpowers that you can apply straight into your business to help you grow.
Today, we talk about how to make collaborations, how to know who to collaborate with, and the compounding effect of staying invested in long-term business relationships.… READ MORE

We’ve all heard the saying it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that will open the doors to growth and success. If you’re a business professional, own your own business, or you’re thinking about starting a new business, then networking needs to be part of your strategy.… READ MORE

Dan Parker is somebody who is truly uncommon.
After losing all his vision in a brutal drag racing crash, Dan fell into a deep depression with thoughts of taking his own life. Today, he’s back on his feet and behind the wheel, taking steps to become the world’s fastest blind man in a car he built himself, and with no human assistance.… READ MORE

As promised, this week we’re back to finish our interview with MMA athlete and Entrepreneur, Simon Chang.
In this episode, Simon talks about the real struggles of entrepreneurship, working in a relationship as a couple – and making it work, plus a bunch of tried and true social media tips to market your business better.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever thought Entrepreneurs are a lot like fighters, you wouldn’t be far from the truth. To survive and thrive, Entrepreneurs must fight, persist and takedown obstacles in front of them while guarding their own body – just like a fighter would.… READ MORE

In part two, John McLemore continues to share his wisdom around leadership and decision-making. He specifically covers the importance of balance, how to avoid being being too consumed by your work, what it takes to lead in difficult times, and the importance of telling the truth – even when it hurts the most.… READ MORE

Everyone, at every level of success, deals with barriers in their life.
The successful ones have overcome similar struggles and can offer shortcuts that you can take advantage of.
That’s my goal with this podcast.… READ MORE

How does a family go from barehand backyard steel bending to one of the most well-established global brands?
In part one of today’s episode, I’m talking with John McLemore who’s family-established business has done exactly this.… READ MORE

Whether you’re a startup or you’ve been in business 10 years. This show is for you. Each week you’ll get mentored by business leaders who deliver valuable strategies, tactics and tips on how you can pursue your passion without compromise.… READ MORE

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