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Show highlights include:  

  • How to avoid the Soul’s Identity Theft and see yourself as a divine flame. (2:18)
  • The ‘Sarai Transformation’ for becoming a more evolved you (and breaking away the past). (5:23)
  • Using the Book of Ephesians to embody true righteousness and holiness in your path. (9:14)
  • How to align yourself with God’s original design (instead of other people’s expectations). (12:11)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is find your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce, unlock and unstoppable mindset. Build unbreakable courage and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week I will bring ideas, methods and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:35): Hey there again. Welcome to find your fierce. So glad you're here with me still kicking off 2022. We are continuing the, your series this week and with it being a fresh start, we have a clean slate. I know these past few weeks, we talked about stepping into confidence and then walking that out, that you're designed with a purpose that life is full of hope and opportunity full of choices. We talked about your God-given potential and with the series, we are diving into the fact that we can do and face hard things. We learn to fight and battle in a brand new way, and that we not only can we reach our potential, but we can go beyond it. And so today we are going to talk about our identity. I can't wait. It's gonna be so good, but before we go any further today, I have to say that I love that you are here listening and spending time with us.

(01:19): So honored that I get be a part of your day. You're just so, and I have to thank you for all your love and support as always. I appreciate your feedback, your reviews, and love that you share this podcast and set free message with your friends and family. And if you can keep on doing that, that would be pretty epic because you are helping this movement as it helps reach more women and it impacts more lives. And that is certainly what life is all about. So thank you again. And for those of you who are wanting to little bit more, a little bit more personal attention and coaching, more accountability, more breakthrough and connection, and to dive into things on a deeper level, all the stuff that we talk about here on finer fears plus much, much more the just breathe. Sisterhood is opening up another small group mentorship here in just a few weeks, February.

(02:03): It is truly game changing. Be sure to check that out on my website, Jill Allen, coaching.com. You can get started with us there. Okay. Identity. It's gonna be so good, but I gotta ask you it's kick it off with a question. Is, did you know that there's nothing in your life God can't work with and through. Can you believe that? Talk about hope. I mean, there's nothing in your past. He can't use nothing in your future that you, he will be shocked by. I mean, he knows everything, absolutely everything from the end, from the beginning. And while we are here are given some free choice in our life. We gotta love that free will we can't screw things up beyond God's repair and I hate to break it to you guys. We just don't have that much power. There's no mess. He can't make a message out of.

(02:53): I always say that that our mess is our message and he gives us purpose and all of our pain. I mean, if something is thrown in our life, God can handle it. He has that much power. And in this new year, like every new year, like every new day, God will be working in our circumstances to bring us fuller into his plan. He will be working through our struggles to make us more like who we were created to be. He's gonna be working in, in every detail to guide us in living up to our potential. I mean, we speak that over you so often here on this podcast. I mean, it's because I believe it with my whole heart and through it all, he will change us. I know that because he's changed me. That's what God does. I mean, he works through basic ordinary events and struggles that we all face that is common to every he want.

(03:39): And he uses it all to change us. He changes as how we see ourself and he even changes our identity. Many of us are struggling our way through life because we have this case of mistaken identity. I was talking with a friend the other day and she even stated it as identity theft. I mean, we've taken on this role of a character that we were never really attended to be. I mean, we wander around aimlessly, not really realizing we're meant for more. We're just going through the motions or maybe we worry. We doubt, we fear. We stress. We get anxious. We become tired, exhausted, weary, too busy chasing things that ultimately do not matter. And we walk around just like in a fog blinded by the crazy world we live in it's mistaken identity. It is flat out identity theft. Do you know who you are?

(04:32): Do you understand the power and the fire that flame that is within you in the Bible? I know we see a lot people who took on an identity at one point and then God kind of shows up and flips the script and it all started with a name change. That's probably why , I would always get so confused because there's just so many names. There's so many people, so many, you know, shifts and scripture, you know, and I try to keep up, but I was just always so confused. My first Bible study was seamless. I just absolutely loved it because it actually helped me map out all those name changes. I, I, I, I love it. There was even a chart. So it simplified things for me. But I wanted to give you a quick, you know, example, a few examples actually of the name change in sari was broken.

(05:24): She was barren. She was this old woman whose entire world was defined by her inability to have children. I mean, it consumed her for decades. I don't know if you guys know anything about that. If any time where we just become consumed over our circumstance, but her value and her were, it was wrapped up in this one thing. She was broken and then God shows up. But the thing of it is he's always been there. He had a plan from the get go. She wanted the baby for years. And then at the age of 90 boom, right? First God changed her identity. He changed her name from Siri to Sarah. And with that, her whole world changed. And then here's another, her husband who was Abram was given the new name, Abraham, meaning the father of many nations and the father of many nations. He became guys 40 generations later through that exact act lineage came, Jesus.

(06:18): Maybe you've received a name change. I know I have. When I married, Rob went from Joe Bruny to Joe Allen. There's a new name, a new role, a new identity. And then three years later, my name changed again. When Houston was born, I became a mom. What if this year, God wants to change your identity. He us to change how you see yourself. Do you have a mistaken identity crisis or has something stolen your identity? Is this the reason why life hasn't been working? Because you've been playing your role or a different character as someone you were never created to be or focused so much on who you were not versus who you are. I encourage you to take back your identity to discover who you truly are and what your world change. Hear a few more changes in scripture. Talk about flipping the script. You know, Paul, right?

(07:09): The great Crusader for Christ who wrote the majority of the new Testament that we read today. He was once saw the persecutor of all Christians looking for a ahead of cut off. But when SA encountered God on the road to where he was going, his identity was radically changed. He was no longer who he used to be, and he was no longer going where he was once going. And did you know that you are no longer who you used to be? Either that you can go in a new direction too? What about Jacob? Jacob means trickster. And in the Bible we read of that twin brother who was nothing but a trickster always stirring up trouble. And of course it was Jacob living up to his name. And then he had an encounter with God that changed his name to Israel. And this encounter caused his character to change.

(07:53): And he was no longer driven by some selfish desire. God had taken over his life a few weeks ago. I shared in just brief group on Facebook, a daily wake up moment. I caught myself red handed during prayer. God, please change this, change that, do this, do that. And then I realized I was forgetting something me. I should have been saying, Lord, please change me. Change my old ways of doing things. Change my thinking the way I see the way I hear the way I show up, change my perspective to how you do and see things I should have been saying help me to live. Like you help me to love others. As you do guide and direct me to show up with your light and grace, help me forgive, help me to stand on your truth and never wave to fill my heart with peace and joy, to turn all my bitterness and anger and anxiety into a testimony.

(08:50): I wanna be different. I don't wanna conform to this world, but to be set apart and to live for you. I am here to tell you guys where to remind you, the old can be taken and be made new. We can be molded into a new creation. We can be changed. I can't imagine all the good that will change in our life. When we, when he changes us that when we allow him to change us in a, these 4 22 through 24 states to put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds and to put on the new self created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness, God, please come in and change any character trait within us that needs to change this year.

(09:42): Take over our life, changes from the core and help our next steps to be in alignment with your plan. Ladies, do you want this encounter? Do you wanna stop tiptoeing, just standing on the edge plan around in shallows, or do you wanna be called into the deep waters as you always intended to be? And I get it. It will not be easy. It will be scary, but are you ready? Something shifted within me when I was able to see myself as who I truly was. And more importantly, I was, there was no more hiding. There were no more masks, no more perfection, no more striving, chasing, no more living up to others' expectations, much the same. You can change how you see yourself, but it's gonna take some time and effort. You no longer have to be the professional warrior. Why focus on the doom and gloom and all that.

(10:39): What ifs that you probably don't even have control over anyway, that's not who you were created to be take on a new identity, ask God to give you a new identity. The identity of a prayer warrior filled with faith, the identity of a visionary and a beauty finder. You no longer have to be the procrastinator. You no longer have to be the quitter. You don't have to be the exhausted sleepy or grouchy one. You don't have to be the angry one or the stress ball. You no longer have to be the one always running late. You no longer have to be the cynical one. The one who always sits out or the one who never knows what the heck to do. You don't have to be any of those things for another day. Why? Because today, right now, this could be your encounter with your creator and an encounter with your creator can change everything.

(11:28): It can flip the script. It could flip the script of what you've been telling yourself. You don't have to walk away the same. I encourage you to seek God in changing how you see yourself, how you present yourself to the world. And for sure, quit speaking, negative vibes over your life, right? you may have been presenting yourself to the world as this stressed, overwhelmed woman with too much on her plate. But God created a grounded centered focus and intentional woman within you. Let her run that show today, show up as that girl. And when she starts running the show, that's how you begin seeing yourself and with a little practice living as who you were created to be, instead of some lesser than version, you've assumed over the, the years or your value, your worth, and your identity is actually going to align with God's original design.

(12:19): Then when someone reminds you of who you used to be, it will feel awkward that you wouldn't even know that person anymore. That the old you would feel like a stranger. Why would you call me a worrier? I, I changed who I am. Why would you expect me to be late? I changed who I am. Why would you count me out? I'm no longer a quitter. I changed who I am. You don't have to avoid me. I'm not the gossip woman I used to be. I changed who I am. You can now count on me. I can count on me. I changed who I am. I'm a new creation because cause of an encounter with your creator guys, I was once walking around with mistaken identity. I decided to shut down that identity theft. I decided to take it all back. And now I'm walking around, knowing who I was created to be who I am.

(13:09): And every day I'm living with more peace and more truth questions on this week. What lies have you been believing? What have you been calling yourself? What named do you call yourself? Ask the Lord. Who do you say I am? Who am I? What name is he calling? You ask to reveal the truth. Compare your identity in Christ to the identity you or others have set for you. How will your new identity change the atmosphere? How does your new name feel? How will understanding who you are and him change the way you show up in life? Man, that gets me fired up. Guys. No more identity theft. You know who you are. If you're wanting more fire in your day, follow me on Instagram or join us for the just brief small group, a 12 month faith filled mindset and accountability experience or even our next retreat or the Alaskan mission trip.

(14:01): We've been all over the place on epic adventures and experiences that God is leading us on. Definitely stepping outside our comfort zone. Be sure to check out Jill Allen, coaching.com for all updates or join the just brief Facebook group. We would love to have you heads up on the next episode. We are continuing the warrior series for the fresh start. So be sure to pop in next week. Thanks so much for joining us today. And I pray that we filled your heart with joy. If you could let us know before hopping off here today, that would be incredible. Subscribe, share this episode, link on your social media. If you felt encouraged or inspired, as we all know someone that can benefit. And I would love it. If you would give some feedback and a review as well, talk with you next time. Be fit, be fierce, be unstoppable. See ya.

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