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There’s a change happening.
It’s already affecting lots of marketers… but it will soon affect us ALL.
And one of two thing can happen from this sea change…
You’ll go broke and be out of business… or…
You’ll prosper beyond your wildest dreams!… READ MORE

It’s almost the end of the year.
Have you accomplished all the goals you wanted to accomplish?
Is your income where you wanted it to be?
Is your health and physical condition what you wanted it to be?… READ MORE

I just coached two clients while launching brand new businesses.
Both of them hit home runs their very first time up to bat.
That’s VERY rare.
But I’ve discovered a secret to doing that.
Not the ridiculous stuff the dumbass IM people claim to be “the secret.”
I’ve discovered the REAL secret.… READ MORE

I know it sounds crazy but making lots of money made me miserable.
OK, sound it wasn’t the MONEY that made me miserable. It was what I was doing to make it.
I was ready to chuck it all and go be a monk in a Tibetan monastery.… READ MORE

Listen up and I shall regale and hopefully enlighten you with a tale of two clients…
The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
However… if you wanna know one of the biggest secrets to success… you need to hear about my recent experience with two different clients.… READ MORE

You could be making a lot more money, you know.
In fact, with just one simple little tweak you could probably experience an EXPONENTIAL
increase in your income.
However… this secret of mine is COMPLETELY contrarian.… READ MORE

Gawd, the Internet Marketing world is pretty pathetic.
With all their “super-secret ninja strategies” that you can buy TODAY… and you’ll
become a cash millionaire by next week.
What a big steaming pile of doody.… READ MORE

Have you ever dreamed of starting a business and then getting bought out for some
huge amount of money by venture capitalists?
For many entrepreneurs that ain’t EVER gonna happen.
Except for my guest this week.… READ MORE

My guest, Johnathan Grzybowski, says most entrepreneurs are blind.
Blind to all the things they SHOULD be focused on.
And wasting WAY too much time on stuff they SHOULD’T be focused on. (Like opining on social media about stupid stuff… like politics.)
But… when you can see your blind spots… and invest your time focusing on those… you can see meteoric growth.… READ MORE

Dr. Emily Letran is a force of nature.
She barely escaped communist Vietnam at age 8 after the US troops pulled out.
And man, she has had it TOUGH. And that’s the understatement of the decade.
Listen to part two of her story on the latest episode of Off The Chain.… READ MORE

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