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If you feel like being a parent is the toughest job you’ve ever had, you’re not alone. Being a parent is both beautiful and extremely challenging all at the same time.

After all, we’re helping a whole new person navigate the world. And every person is unique. This means there are no set rules to tell you exactly how to be a good parent.

So how do you ensure that you provide the kind of support that matches your child’s unique needs?

Today’s guest, Kerry Brown, a parenting coach with Parent Connext, is here to help us forge a stronger connection between parents and their kids by discovering each person’s unique strengths. In this episode, she shares how “Natural Strength Parenting” integrates the concepts of intentionality and mindfulness to help parents better see and encourage their children’s innate strengths.

Listen in to discover how to identify the positive qualities and talents that already exist in children (and in you as a parent) and then support them to build upon them.

Show Highlights Include:

  • How Natural Strength Parenting helps you channel your unique strength to become intentional with your kids (9:13)
  • The 24 unique strengths to create a better family dynamic and a stronger relationship with your kids (10:49)
  • How neglecting your kids’ skills creates a non-stop miscommunication in the family (12:03)
  • How finding your own strength as a parent makes your parenting journey 10x easier (12:38)
  • What to do if your children’s unique strengths don’t match yours (13:26)


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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