How To Start Your Podcast (Even If You Don’t Feel Like An Expert) | Chris Garrison

Chris Garrison

Bigger Vision

If you just walk [The Podcast Factory’s] process, you get to the point where you start recording."

Chris Garrison’s on a mission to help other people unlock financial independence and freedom. But he has the same 24 hours in his day that everyone else does, which limits his impact.

That’s why he considered starting a podcast to grow his influence, build his network, and change more lives. But Chris, like many other entrepreneurs, had a nagging question in his head:

“Will I have anything to say?”

Imposter Syndrome happens to everyone — especially when you’re trying something new. Like starting a podcast.

If you’re having the same doubts about starting your podcast, don’t worry. At The Podcast Factory®, we’ve created a proven, repeatable process for pumping out impactful podcast ideas, content, and episodes.

We call it The Direct Response Podcast System.

After spending less than an hour working through the process, you’ll be itching to order your microphone and start recording episodes immediately.

“If you just walk [The Podcast Factory’s] process, you get to the point where you start recording, and know exactly what to talk about. They upload it. They do all the backend work. And they tell you the exact equipment you need to get.”

Since Chris started his “Bigger Vision” podcast in December, everyone in his local market is looking at him differently — which has led to massive growth in his business.

But that’s not all starting Bigger Vision helped Chris with:

He’s also cracked the code on growing his network outside his local market. Today, Chris has business opportunities from all over the country because he made one decision to start his podcast with The Podcast Factory®. 

Anyone else that’s thinking about starting a podcast with The Podcast Factory, just pull the trigger."

Chris Garrison

Bigger Vision

Are you ready to grow your business, expand your network, and boost your brand with a podcast?

We’ll handle the “dirty work” for you — from finding the exact equipment, editing and uploading your episodes each week, and even helping you come up with impactful podcast episode ideas.

Click the link below to set up your Podcast Action Planning Session with JR to discover how The Podcast Factory® can help you too:


Ready To Start Your Podcast, Grow Your Business, And Impact More Lives? 

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