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You know that you need a disability insurance policy, but what happens if you become partially disabled. Depending on your policy, you might not get paid a benefit at all if you can do a certain percentage of your required work.… READ MORE

Getting your own specialty disability coverage is one of the best decisions you can make for your financial future. But should you try to do it by yourself? If you’ve ever looked into disability insurance, you probably know that policies are filled with confusing language and definitions.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever worked with a financial advisor on your investments and retirement, they may have brought up the subject of disability insurance with you. But should you purchase your insurance coverage from the same person who handles your investments?… READ MORE

Insurance agents have gotten a bad name recently. At worst, you probably feel like they can’t be trusted, and at best you wonder if you couldn’t get your policy cheaper if you didn’t work with an insurance agent.… READ MORE

We are completely convinced that every physician should have an individual disability insurance policy. But what if you waited too long, or your medical history prevents you from qualifying for one?… READ MORE

You probably already know that disability insurance is something you need to have, but you might have wondered if you need it while you’re young and not making much money.
In this episode, Billy discusses the benefits to getting your disability coverage as soon as possible, and why waiting could leave you without insurance when you need it most.… READ MORE

As a physician, there are seemingly endless demands on your time. From training to continuing education to your family… not to mention seeing patients, you feel like you’ll never get it all done.… READ MORE

When it comes to you and your disability insurance, words matter. Specifically the policy language that defines your occupation. How this part of the policy is worded can make the difference between the insurance company paying you during a disability, or leaving you high and dry on a technicality.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever looked into disability insurance coverage, you know that it can be confusing. There are so many terms and definitions that it can make your head spin. But if you focus on the essentials, it becomes easier to understand.… READ MORE

You’ve invested years of your life and thousands of dollars in your medical education and training so far. And you may believe that working in the healthcare industry makes you invincible. But what would you do if you woke up one morning and could no longer practice medicine?… READ MORE

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