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A winners mindset isn’t something handed to you. It requires work overtime to build and can be one of the most powerful tools to guarantee you success in life.
But unfortunately, many people fail to grasp this concept.… READ MORE

Understanding the difference between what you can control and what you can’t is a common challenge for anyone wanting to better their lives.
By focussing on what you have no control over, you’ll rapidly find your energy and attention zapped out of you like a thirsty vampire would suck blood from an innocent victim.… READ MORE

When it comes to competition, a lot of people say, and also believe, that winning is all that matters. Some play to win and hate losing whereas others play to get better at their game. For them, the competition isn’t about winning – that’s just a byproduct of hours of determination and hard work to be their best.… READ MORE

We all wish we had a little more time.
But the reality is we all have the same 168 hours a week to live out our lives and strive forward to achieve the goals we set.
So what separates the high performers who get more done vs those who ‘wished’ they could get more done, even though everyone has the same amount of time in a day?… READ MORE

When you look at the difference between good and great, whether it’s people, athletes or companies, a lot of them have the same innate abilities, but what separates them is who their coaches and mentors were when they were growing.… READ MORE

Last week, Nic Peterson, Jonathan Montgomery and Dr Trevor Kashey talked about cutting the crap from your life and why doing less equals more.
Today’s episode may sound a little counterintuitive, but there’s a rather specific way of adding things back into your life without creating massive amounts of overwhelm and stress.… READ MORE

Productivity and achievement is usually thought of in terms of “How do I get more done?”
But the greatest secret to productivity is…LESS.
Doing less will help you accomplish and achieve more.… READ MORE

Getting better every single day.
Instead of adding more cr*p to your already overcrowded plate, why not start with learning what you can cut out…
…And it usually starts with eradicating guilt and shame.… READ MORE

If you want to get better every day, environment is everything.
It affects and influences how we think, believe and live or life.
Consider this; why were you born? What is it that you’ve been put on this planet to achieve?… READ MORE

Nick Peterson and Jonathan Montgomery help you explore, recognize and understand the higher level consequences to make higher level decisions.
The majority of people living in the world today greatly overweight the first level of consequence when a decision has to be made.… READ MORE

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