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You wake up with a splitting headache. Your employee screws up and you’re stuck with the bill. Then your deal falls through at the last minute.
It’s just one bad day, right?
But then you feel the stress creeping in.… READ MORE

As entrepreneurs, we’re full of great business ideas.
Ideas that can make you millions. Ideas that mean never enduring another second “following orders”. Ideas that most of us take to the grave because we didn’t know how to act on them.… READ MORE

Mentors are  great to improve your skills, make more money and become a better person. But when most people look for one, they face two big problems.
First, you have to wade through a sea of “gurus” and con artists before you can find one you can trust.… READ MORE

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson
It doesn’t matter how well you plan. Just like Tyson’s punch, you can’t avoid every business catastrophe, family dispute, or “shiny object” that tries to pull you away from your goals.… READ MORE

It’s January 2022.
So it’s only natural if you’re thinking about losing weight, making more money, or quitting a bad habit that’s holding you back.
But if you want to actually hit those goals, you’ve got to take daily action.… READ MORE

You can have the right goals. The right daily tasks. You can even have your values dialled in. But if you’re in a bad environment, you’re sailing against the wind.
Family, friends, and even commercial radio can derail your progress so badly that you never reach your goals.… READ MORE

How would you rate your life on a scale of 1-10?
What about your wealth? Your health? Your relationships? Your freedom?
Did you answer less than 10/10 for anything? If so, changing your core values will lead to a more fulfilling life.… READ MORE

Most people hide from accountability: They never admit their mistakes and don’t face the consequences of their actions. 
You can get by that way—if you’re happy with a mediocre life. But if you want wealth, true happiness and success, you need to take accountability and be responsible for the outcomes you create in your life. READ MORE

Most people think they’ll become successful by following a straight line to wealth, health and happiness. 
But if you’re afraid to fail, you don’t even have to start. To build the lifestyle you want, you’ll make mistakes, you’ll suck at things and you’ll learn some stuff the hard way. READ MORE

Today’s world is not set up to encourage freedom and pursuing your dreams and potential.
But you don’t have to watch others live the life you want.
In Freedom Lifestyle Experience, self-made millionaire Michael Burns shows you how to build the lifestyle you want to live.… READ MORE

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