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Mentors are  great to improve your skills, make more money and become a better person. But when most people look for one, they face two big problems.

First, you have to wade through a sea of “gurus” and con artists before you can find one you can trust. And second, good mentors will cost you an arm and a leg!

In this episode, you'll discover that these two “problems” are actually misconceptions.

Mentors are no longer celebrities or rich people with time to spare. Mentors are everywhere, and you can even get them for free!

This episode tells you where to find your first mentors, and how to kick your results up a notch when you've got some money to spare.

Where? How? Listen to this podcast now, and watch your business and personal success take off like a rocket!

Show highlights include: 

  • How to ethically “steal” proven money-making strategies and save hundreds of thousands of “trial and error” cost (0:36)
  • How you can access a lifetime of mastery for less than $20 (or even free!) (1:48)
  • Why choosing your mentor based on skill is a dumb idea if you care about personal growth (3:25)
  • How a mentor could bring you $2,000,000 by writing three words on a piece of paper (7:30)
  • Get a 12-month real estate masterclass and a access to mentors who will walk you through every step of their deals for only $199 (12:55)
  • How to build “relationship capital” that builds multi-million dollar fortunes (19:06)
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(00:00): In life, you have two choices, you can build a lifestyle or you can live a life, but you can't do both welcome to the freedom lifestyle experience, where we focus on building the lifestyle you want. And now here's your host, Michael Burns.

(00:16): What's going on guys. Welcome to another episode of the freedom style experience. I'm your host. Mike Burns really excited to talk about today's topic. So we're gonna be talking about self development, coaching, and mentors, and, you know, everybody's looking for the silver bullet or the magic hack that the, the shortcuts and, and really, I don't think any of that exists, but I would say hiring and having mentors is, is probably the one and only hack that's out there truly. And that's just because when you've got a coach or you've got a mentor and you actually listen to 'em, they've already done, or they've already been where we're at currently. So we can draw from all of their experience and their knowledge and their wisdom, but also with their losses and their hardships and the tough lessons they've learned. So really if we really can be good students and, and we can have, and find good mentors and good coaches, we should really be able to leverage everything that they've done ahead of us.

(01:18): So you can skip the mistakes and you can not have the heartaches and not make the poor decisions that people have done who have gone before you. But there's also the positive side, that, to that as well. And like, how do you scale easier? How do you deal with certain problems or what works, what doesn't work different strategies, things that are tried and true and tested. That's really in my opinion, the only hack that we can get in life and in business is that have co coaches and mentors, people have kind of gone before us. And then there's the self-development piece, which is just studying on your own. You know, that's the reading, the books, watching the YouTubes, the listening to the podcasts, going to seminars. But this is the foundation of, I mean, I have a lot of foundations, but self-development is one of my lifestyle foundations, it's of the six core pillars and key principles in my life and self development guys.

(02:08): It's not something that you did. It's something that you do. It's an ongoing thing. So I recently just got back from LA on Friday. I flew out to LA, I took a, took a flight out in the morning and spent the day there and then flew back that night. But I went are to have a coaching session and meet with my friend, my mentor, my coach, Albert presi auto he's out of the LA area. He owns the mortgage guys, which is a huge mortgage company, primarily doing business in California. They're, they're about to start scaling and going nationwide. And then he's got ambiance Realty, which is a real estate brokerage. And he's got driven enterprises, which is he throws events and, and does different seminars and boot camps and coaching and stuff like that. So he is got the three different things going on.

(02:55): I met Albert in 2015 at the 10 X growth con. It was the first one that they had and I've kind of followed him. And then he's scaled his business and blown up and he's doing he's in the same business. I am mortgage and real estate does a little bit of in the investing stuff. He's not flipping or anything like we have that going on, but they're closing her three or 400 loans a month. You know, they're doing a hundred, maybe be 200 real estate transactions a month, you know, and they're in California, multiple offices. But the reason that I coach with Albert and I have been for the last several years is he's doing exactly what I want to do on a larger scale. And I align with him too. He's great husband. He's a great dad. He's runs everything in his life off of his core values.

(03:39): And ethics is a really big deal to him. Not only is his business blowing up, but I've also watched him build really good personal brand. And through the personal brand, that's, what's grown his business. And he's also one of the best students that I've, I've watched, cuz I've watched him get coached by path David Lee, Bobby Castro, these guys that are kind of at the top of their game and the pinnacle of businessmen right now, I've watched him get coached by those guys and just become friends with him. And I it's, it's he's the best student I've ever watched and I kind of admire what he's able to do there. So that's why I spend time around this guy. This is why I pay him to coach him. And he cuz he is doing what I want to do and I want to get better and do more.

(04:25): And, and that's the way I'm gonna do that is spending time around people who are further down the road than I am. So anyways, I was out there for the day. Awesome trip. And it's cool too, because I show up and I'm like, Hey bro, this is what I got going on. And I'm able to laugh at, you know, Matt, show him all my business, you know, the numbers, what kind of deals we're doing, the money that we're making, who's involved on the team, like what my current strategy is. And, and I basically just take my business and, and my life stuff too and throw it on the table. And then we talk about it. We, we strategize we game plan and it's cool because he's been where I'm at. So he's able to tell me he can guide me cuz he is done it anyways.

(05:04): I was out there, flew back. We had our, had our monthly meet up at the lifestyle offices last night. Those things are growing and that's coming along and, and just been really cool. But same thing, you know, I brought in a speaker, my buddy, John, and he talked about limiting beliefs and mindset. And then I talked about personal accountability and staying loyal to your potential, which is what this shows about. And it was just awesome. People were there because they wanted to learn. They're working on their self development, putting themselves in, in a good environment, networking. And it was an awesome event, lot of positive feedback. And it was just cool to, to do that and create that space. But tomorrow to he and I got a 5:00 AM flight, we're flying out to Florida, we're going to a wedding, but my other mastermind group, the DM family with Mark Evans, we're having one of our quarterly meetups and the timing just worked out well in the Florida keys next week.

(05:56): So Mark Evans is another one of my mentors and coaches that I pay to be in his group and, and to be close to this guy and, and spend time around him and learn from him. And not only that, but the group as well, but I'm there because of mark and same thing. I I'm drawn to mark because he's just a good, awesome human being. Not only does he make a ton of money and crush it in business, but his top priority is his family being a good husband and a good dad to his two kids. So I want to emulate that. That's really important to me and everything he does is based around the lifestyle, you know, so if it doesn't fit within his lifestyle, he doesn't do it. And he's still able to absolutely crush it and dominate in business. So that's a dude I wanna be around and learn from so kind of backtracking.

(06:43): I was just gonna share my story about self development guys, cuz like I said, it's it's a reason I am where I am and it's why I will continue to grow and, and expand and get where I'm going. But one thing I know for sure is the more money and in time that I invest in myself, the better everything in my life gets, especially the money piece, you know, like pretty much hit and do like doubling year after year after year for like five years in a row, just doubling where I was at the year before. And I look at it and I it's like, why is that happening? What is the, you know, obviously I'm in business, I'm getting better at what I do, but I can directly correlate the more money and time that I spend on myself. The better everything is getting.

(07:28): That's not where it started. You know, when I first when I was doing inside sales, like I've told you guys about earlier in the show, I was 19 years old. I was doing inside sales at this company and, and really starting to see that I, I kind of had a skill at it and I was good at it, but I had this guy named Ken who was kind of like a senior sales rep there. And he just took a liking to me. But one day I came into the office and there was a book on my, on my desk and it was the success through a positive mental attitude. So similar to think and grow rich, but what, that was the book. So I read that book and while I was reading that book, I was starting to have success in sales.

(08:07): And really, since I was a little kid, I've always wanted to be rich and was fascinated by money and just that whole lifestyle and, and, and money really. How do you become successful? How do you be wealthy? So I'm doing sales, I'm getting pretty good at it. And then Ken buys me this book, I start reading it. And then also during that same time he had printed out one morning, I came into the office on the outside of my cubicle. There was just a, you know, a regular sheet of paper and it had $2 million printed on it. Side is in huge letters. So what is this? And he was like, you're gonna sell 2 million bucks this year. It hasn't been done by anyone in their first year and you're gonna, you're gonna do it, man. And I believe in you and, and you're gonna do it.

(08:52): The mentor piece that he played in my life at that time, he believed in me more than I believed in me and having that belief and him just becoming a, you know, a mentor for me at that point in time and buying me this book and putting this, you know, $2 million thing on my cubicle. I mean, it was a big deal to me. So I read the book and I just went through the year. Well, I ended up that year. I hit just shy of 2.2 million in sales. So the amount of momentum and just eye opening that was for me both to have this guy guiding me, but also to be reading this book and then having something written down that I could see, and then I hit it. That was just its has of self development and the mentor piece. So fast forward I did that.

(09:40): And then fast forward to when I went on my own as a broker, you know, I was reading some books at that time and just trying to gain knowledge and working on the mindset thing and seeing that that's I liked this. I really was drawn to it and I liked it. I wanted the information . So then when I started doing outside sales, I was on the road all the time. I spent, I don't know, half the year, if you were to add up days, I spent like half the year calendar year on the road. And at the time I wasn't old enough to rent a car cause I was like 21. So I drove everywhere because it would, I couldn't get a rental car. So I would go on like two week road trips. But anyways, I started listening to Brian Tracy, for those of you don't know who he is, he's an old school sales guy.

(10:23): And I bought his whole sales, whatever it was, it was his sales course. And it was probably like 12 CDs. And it was his entire sales program. And I would just listen to that while I was traveling on the road. So now I'm reading mindset books, and now I'm listening to this audio while I'm driving, learning about sales, just doing that while I'm making cold calls. So I'm, I'm learning about it, but I'm also doing it. So did that with him and then started getting into the real estate thing. And that's when grant Cardone, Mr. 10 X himself showed up on my radar grant Cardone. He started as a sales dude and kind of a motivational guy. And now he is moved into just doing huge real estate deals. His book came out 10 X. So I read that and that introduced the idea that no matter whatever you want to do in business and in life, it's gonna require 10 times the effort.

(11:16): Then you think it's going to who? So that, that was kind of the foundation of his message. And then I, I bought his Cardone university, which was a sales program. So just continuing to build my sales skills. At that time, I was doing flips. I was starting as a, just being a real estate agent, trying to get some deals going. And we were making cold calls every morning for two or three hours. So the sales skills here was helping me. So these things that I'm talking about earlier, I was referencing to, you know, now fortunately I'm in a position where I, I can spend some pretty serious money to put myself around these guys that are gonna help me help catapult me. But if you're just getting going in business or if you're just getting going in self development and you're, you're not sold on it, or you're not in a position to, you know, invest thousands of dollars, it's really important to point out that like that money doesn't need to get in the way of this.

(12:06): You know, you don't have to. What's cool about books and YouTube and podcasts is you can still have mentors that maybe you can't have access to like Tony Robbins or a grant Cardone or a Brian Tracy or Tim Grover. I'm looking at my book stack right now in my office, some of these different authors, but you can literally go read their entire life's work in a book and it's cost you 10 bucks to 20 bucks. So don't let the idea of, you know, I don't have money or I don't wanna invest money. I'm not comfortable investing money, get in the way of that. So starting with self development, you know, books is, is a really economical way to go. Like I said, YouTube, listening to podcasts. And then, so I was doing a lot of what I'm talking to about. And then I joined what was called SL, which is a salt lake real estate investors association here in salt lake.

(13:01): So then I was learning specifically real estate and it was a networking thing too, but they would have a speaker every single month come in at the meeting and, and speak on whatever the topic was. So I was learning at about taxes about flips, about wholesale, about, you know, buying hold properties, LLCs, like just all the different that they would bring in a speaker every month. And then every quarter they would do a seminar, you know, and the seminar would be on whatever it was. It was like $199 to joiner for the year. So I would go to every monthly meeting and then I would go to both of the meetings that they had throughout the year. And I was just learning and learning and learning the most that I could. But also the reason I liked being around there is because these guys that were speaking their local dudes in Utah that were doing deals, they were flipping houses, they had rental properties, they were wholeselling deals.

(13:51): So I was able to learn and be around people who were doing what I wanted do. And through going to Siria I met this guy named Luke Watkins, who I'm still great friends with today. He sent me a text 10 minutes ago on a potential deal. We're looking at in salt lake. And I've got some deals that I lent hard money on, up in Wyoming with him a couple of months ago that are going so, but with Luke I'm show up at Siria and you know, he was about a year ahead of me and getting going in, in real estate. So I had met him and he was doing his first flip at the time. And I was like, Hey dude, could I come check out your house sometime I'd love to just walk a flip and, and see what's going on and see, see one of these deals in real life.

(14:31): And he was like, yeah, man, absolutely. And at that moment, Luke became a mentor for me because I was around and just building relationships, doing what I'm always talking about on the show. And so the next day I met up with him, he went and showed me his flip and I was able to walk it and I learned a ton of. And then I did that with a couple other projects he had. And then he and I partnered on a few deals and this mentorship turned into a friendship and, and were buddies, you know, 10 years later. But just the confidence that I was able to get and seeing a deal and seeing this guy is doing what I want to do. And he's no different than me. He's no special than me. This is his first deal. This is how he got it.

(15:11): This is how he funded it. And because I was around that and I saw that it became real for me too. Like I borrowed, you know, what he was doing. I borrowed that and held onto that belief. And it's like, I can do this too. So kind of fast forwarding to today, I've got really four coaches or mentors that you would say, and this is outside of like, I'm always reading a book right now. I'm reading a new one called what's it called right here on my desk, power of awareness by a guy named Neville. And my buddy, Tyler's been telling me about this Neville guy for a few months. So I picked that book up for this year. I I've got about 12 other books, that those are the books that I want to read this year. So anyway, as back to the, my coaches that I have right now, first and foremost, I've got the most amazing lady who's changed my life and my family's life forever named Donna.

(16:02): And I've been started coaching with her December of 2020, so a year ago, basically. And Donna's just, I would call her, I, I guess you could call her a life coach or she an executive coach, but working with her has, has been above and beyond the best thing that I've ever done in any of the self development, spiritual work has nothing to do with business has nothing to do with goals. She's just a life coach. And I've really just learned a lot about myself and why I operate it the way that I do. And just really truly self development at is core that has nothing to do with anything external, just a hundred percent me and my and my stories and my patterns, my limiting beliefs, and just everything to do with me. You can be, do everything outside, but if you don't have your inside, if it's all in turmoil and everything side is not good, that directly affects everything else externally.

(16:58): So it's really hard to perform and grow and do your best when like you're just a show, you know, internally. So I've got my life coach, my personal coach there. And then I mentioned him earlier, but Mark Evans, DM, that's a mastermind group that I'm in the DM fam, but we've got a call every single month and it's a group call, but Mark's leading it. And I, you know, I text him, I message him on Instagram. I'm considering making a pretty large investment right now. And I was able to hit up mark and say, Hey bro, this is what I'm thinking about doing. What's your thoughts on it? You know, do you, do you think these numbers make sense? Is it a good strategy? G is it a good idea? Is it a good deal? And not only that, but also almost getting his permission and the confidence and the reassurance of like, yeah, man, that's, that would be a good idea.

(17:44): Just having a little extra support there. So Mark's been big for me. And the reason that I like to spend time around mark and be coached by mark and mentored by mark is because he's just an all around great human being. You know? So for me, the lifestyle thing really matters. It's like, if you, if you're, you know, the core values matter, so you could be crushing it in business and making a ton of money. But like, if you're a person I'm not impressed, I don't care. I don't want to be around you. So I'm gonna choose my coaches and my mentors with people who align with my lifestyle and my core values and what I'm about, or for the most part anyways, because you, you want to be around and learning from people that you want to emulate. What I love about mark is he kills it in business.

(18:24): He makes a ton of money. He's got multiple houses, multiple roll Royces is multiple range, rovers, Ferrari, AP watches. Like he's got all of this stuff, all of the money and that's awesome. And that's cool in all the different businesses. He's an investor, but he's also a family man. Number one, like being a good husband and a good dad that is his top priority. And he's got a ton of, you know, ton of different opportunities and things come in his way, but if it doesn't fit within his lifestyle and it doesn't fit within the way that he's operating and the way that he wants to do, then he passes on it. And I just think that's awesome. That's truly freedom. And that's truly living a lifestyle, building a lifestyle. Another thing with mark that I really admire about him is he, he is the best person I've ever seen with relationships.

(19:13): He calls it relationship capital, but just the way that he cultivates relationships and deposits in relationships. And just when I joined his mastermind group within a week, I got a money tree and it was like, Hey, I can't wait to grow with you. And that's, that's just awesome. And then, you know, another week or two goes by and I get this badass package, that's got a bunch of swag in it. You know, t-shirts hats, water bottles, just cool, but also a nice note, you know, like welcome to the DM fam and, you know, whatever it said, it was a sentimental thing. And he's just really good at the relationship thing. And then, you know, maybe a month ago I got this badass piece of art. I'm looking at it right now in my office that he sent all the guys in the DM group.

(19:59): And it's just it's got a bunch of cool on there. But then in one of the squares on it, his assistant had reached out and said, you know, asked us for a quote that we live by, or, you know, like a, a quote or a saying or something that we liked. So I said, stay loyal to the truth. So in this cool custom art piece, there's a square in it that says stay loyal to the truth. And that's just at the personal touch to this. And the thoughtfulness is just really cool. Me and my wife, it was, was, it was our anniversary. I think I believe our anniversary. And, you know, I get a, I get a E dinner gift card for a really nice high end restaurant in park city, just happy anniversary, you know, love mark or whatever it said. So this dude knows how to build relationships.

(20:43): And because he builds relationships, it opens all sorts of doors to him because we, you know, our network is our net worth, but it's not about money and it's not about I'm gonna build a relationship so I can get something or, you know, what can these people do for me, he's genuinely building relationships. And I know I'm kind of going on about that, but if you know me, if you've listened to the show, you know relationships is a big deal. Me, it's the foundation of how I've gotten to where I'm at and built my business. And it's what I built my life around. And, and loyalty goes hand in hand in relationships. So Mark Evans is one of my coaches, one of my mentors, another big one, that's played a huge instrument in my life that I'm still a part of right now is R taste syndicate.

(21:25): And that's led by Andy FRA and ed Mylet pretty much, everyone probably knows who they are, but joining RTE syndicate, that was the largest financial investment I've ever made in myself in my life. It was an application only thing, you know, so I had to submit the application bunch of quest, you know, where you're at in business submit financials. And they received, you know, thousands of applications. It ended up being like 120 guys in the group, but I got accepted into it. And then I saw what the price tag was, and it was $65,000, straight up one time payment or $6,000 a month. That was a big deal for me at the time, like a huge deal for me at the time. And the first year they had it, I applied, got accepted and then I saw the price tag and I bitched out on it and I didn't do it cuz I just number one, I probably wasn't there yet.

(22:24): If we're being honest, I wasn't, I wasn't there yet. Financially. Would've been a big stretch. I could have done it, but I just didn't have the balls to do it. So anyways, like maybe 10 months goes by from that time. And then they ended up doing what was called RTE live in St. Louis. And it was a one day event open to the public. So I went to that and I brought KIAA with me. And also during that timeframe, I was listening to Andy's podcast, cast, MF C O project at the time. And ed was just coming out with his podcast as well. So there was a ton of free information there and I was just getting a, a ton of value and learning a bunch of again, what I was talking about earlier, there's a lot of free information out there. Podcast is one of them.

(23:05): So anyways, I was listening to both of these guys and know seeing them post online, you know, they're different meetups and rocking the RTE gear. And I was just like, oh, that looks badass. So anyways, they end up doing this event. It was a one day event. RTE live in St. Louis, me and Kia went and it was a great event. It was a best event I had been to and I was learning a ton and have a really good time. But all also the whole time that I was there that day, I was because I was seeing what I had been missing out on for the last year, because I didn't pull the trigger on this group that I was invested in. And it was so clear to me that day because of the value that I was getting at that event.

(23:48): But it, it was just very eye opening to me. It's like, this is what I've been missing out on from over the last year. And it was because I was just scared to make a large investment in myself. So anyways, they opened applications up for year number two for RTA syndicate. And I put application in again and I thought, there's no way they're gonna accept me because I bitched out on the first year. I didn't, I didn't do it. So anyways, put my thing in a couple weeks goes by. And then I got an email saying my application had been accepted and you know, now's, now's the time you gotta go make your payment for it. So went in there, clicked on the thing just to see what the price was gonna be. Even though I, I knew what the price was the year before and the price had gone up.

(24:31): So when I did it this time, it was $65,000 one time, or it was $6,000 monthly payments. The year before that, I think it was 55 grand or like 5,000 a month. So anyways, I'm sitting here, I gotta make the decision. Like, am I, am I gonna do this 65,000 or, or basically $72,000 for the year? That's a lot of money. And I did it. I called Kia. She was way more on board and thinking I should do it far before I could justify it for myself. So anyways, I ended up doing it and that is the biggest investment I've made. And outside of working with my life, coach, Donna, that's the best investment I've ever made in myself. The relationships that have come from it, but not only that, because I invested that kind of money in myself, you're gonna take it pretty serious and you're really gonna maximize everything you can get out of that.

(25:25): And I've gotten that tenfold over at least I'll do another episode on masterminds and like the, the network and stuff like that, because there's been a pretty significant thing that, that happened in Kean I's life recently. And yeah, the roles that different people in our network played with that. But anyways, so RTE was just amazing. The, and the amount of stuff that I learned and the high, high level tactical, it truly has taken our business to the next level. Since I've been a part of that, you've got a guy Andy FRA, who runs first form. They, I don't even know what they do at the, it was like five or 600 million a year and, and revenue, I'm sure it's more than that, cuz they're just blowing up. But you know, if you've got a guy that's running a company that large and he started by sleeping on a dirty used mattress in the back of their retail store and now he is where they are, the amount of stuff that you can learn in life and business is worth way more than the money that I paid.

(26:25): And then you've got ed Mylet who, same thing, I don't know, he's worth eight, probably 800 million really big business guys, the best speaker in the world. Being able to be having a, having calls with these guys, you know, every week and going to these summits and spending three or four days together at a nice high end hotel, you know, quarter lane, Idaho or Whistler, Canada St. Louis Missouri. There's something that it just happens when you're in that environment and you're around those, the people are at that caliber. It's like almost impossible not to learn if you're paying attention, but also with this. So thing, something I know for sure is when I made that payment and that commitment to that kind of investment in myself, that's also when the energy and the spiritual piece comes in and the universe is coming in and saying, okay, you just made a big investment in yourself.

(27:19): You're serious about that. There's a lot of energy behind that. It's gonna support that. So, you know, I, I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction, the universe that my life is guided by God. And when we invest in ourselves and we're trying to help ourselves, I think the universe in God is gonna support us and help us as well. So this RTA thing was a big deal for me. And like I said, the best investment I've ever made in myself and the wedding that I mentioned earlier, it's actually a buddy of mine that I met through RTE. So RTE, syndicate, Andy Illa, ed Mylet. Thank you guys. So much major coaches for me. And then the last coach that I have that I'm working with currently is Sean Wayland with the lions, not sheep, I've been in his group and getting mentored by him.

(28:06): And there's a, there's a call every single week for since earlier this year or earlier, like over the summer last year. And I like Sean, just because everyone knows him as this aggressive mean looking lions, not sheep guy on Instagram, but I, I, I see past all that. And I see just a guy that's deep, most underrated coach and speaker. There is out there right now, in my opinion. And what I really like about Sean and connect with Sean is he, he teaches what he calls core for, which is similar to my message of lifestyle, but essentially talking about all of it, you know, your, your money and, and business and the production, but also what he calls passion, which is your relationship, you know, specifically with your significant other, but relationships with other people, your purpose, and then also power, which is your body.

(28:55): So that's his version of it. But I connect with that because it's talking about the lifestyle piece, but I've also watched him grow his personal brand, which has blown up his, his apparel company. Lion's not sheep, but in addition to that, his, the way that he speaks and he's doing more speaking now than I think he has before, but the first time I saw him speak, cuz I've seen, I've seen all the best of the best speak with all the different seminars and things that I've been to. And he, the guy is a really good speaker. I like the way he does that. So I've been, I've been learning and studying him there, but also he's got a coaching group, the lions, Dan, and I don't know that I wanna have a coaching group, but it's just the way that he delivers things and talks about the lifestyle piece and how important, you know, having your home in order is how important making money is.

(29:43): You know, having taking care of the at home with your family and your relationship, you know, the health and fitness with the power. I just really connect with that message. And I've learned a lot from the guys. So those are my four coaches or mentors that I have right now. And like I said, I'm constantly reading books, listen to the podcast. You know, I'm not watching TV, I'm not listening to the news or the radio, listen, audible books in the car, but self development and coaches and mentors, it it's, what's changed my life and, and really catapulted me and helped me get to the next level. And I really encourage you guys to go find yourself. Some mentors spend some time and effort and money on self to development. It's not about going out and buying a $5,000 V I P ticket to a 10 X growth con or whatever, but it's just continually making deposits in yourself.

(30:31): And the more that you do that, it's, that's levels to everything. The more that you're learning and investing in yourself will you're gonna have a baseline foundation, but it, then it's gonna get to where it's gotta be a higher level of information that you're getting. And the more that you grow and the more that you develop and the higher, the level of information you need, you know, that's gonna start costing money, but if you're working on yourself and which each level of information that you have, you're at a new level in life in business, well, then you're gonna be in a position where you can continue to invest in yourself. And the number just gets higher because that's, what's required for the new information that you need. So to recap the episode, some of the things that we've talked about and give you an action list to work on, go grab a book, pick out a book, mindset thing, whatever topic it is you want and pick out a book, commit to reading 10 end pages every single day.

(31:25): And you're gonna knock a book out in two weeks, three weeks, maybe a month, if it's a long one, and you'll be amazed at just what reading one book can do and a change in your energy and your attitude and what you'll learn. And just make that a habit. And you do that for a year and you read 12, 15, 24 books. I can promise you your entire outlook on everything is gonna be different. You're gonna be reprogramming your mind and your mindset's gonna change just the way that you look at things in general, same thing, pick a podcast or two, if you don't listen to a podcast already pick a podcast or two, listen to those, swap it out with the radio. And whenever you're in an environment where you can listen to something, control what you can put in and listen to a good podcast, maybe an audible book, if you're not a reader, listen to an audible, you know, but there's between reading, listening, and visual, like visual with YouTube there's any, and everything is out there for us.

(32:16): So pick the way that you like to learn and go start learning stuff because, and in a book what's cool about a book is it's a 10 to $20 commitment. You're literally getting, like I said earlier, someone's entire life work in their book. That's really incredible. If you think about it, that's what I got for you guys this week. So I, I appreciate you listening to the show, all the feedbacks and been great, the messages and really just all the support. So thank you. If you're getting value, if you're learning, please share it. Tell a friend, leave me a review. If I've earned a review from ya and please follow me over on Instagram at Michael dot burns with a Z I'm on Facebook at Mr. Michael Burns until then go build that lifestyle. We'll see you guys next week. This is the podcast factory.com.

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