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You wake up with a splitting headache. Your employee screws up and you’re stuck with the bill. Then your deal falls through at the last minute.

It’s just one bad day, right?

But then you feel the stress creeping in. Bad days turn to bad weeks. And suddenly minor inconveniences feel like a personal threat.

That’s how you know when you’re in a funk.

And when you’re in a funk, It’s time to work on your mindset.

Working on your mindset is the surest way to quickly get back to your A-game and start hitting goals again.

In this episode, you’ll discover 8 quick techniques to help pull you out of a negative headspace and get back to hitting new profit records, racking up wins, and living the life you deserve.

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The “brain dump” method that lets you erase nagging problems with a pen and paper (4:23)
  • How to escape the “victim mindset” and set yourself up to win by fixing your environment (7:30)
  • How to get out of a week-long rut by daydreaming about your dog (10:07)
  • The two week rule that makes even the most urgent problems feel small (15:30)
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(00:00): In life, you have two choices, you can build a lifestyle or you can live a life, but you can't do both welcome to the freedom lifestyle experience, where we focus on building the lifestyle you want. And now here's your host. Michael Burns.

(00:16): Welcome back to another episode of the freedom lifestyle experience. I I'm your host. Mike Burns. So guys, the last couple of months has been a, a wild ride for me, literally feel like I've been on an emotional roller coaster. We've had some super high highs, some low lows and everything in between, but really what I want to talk about is the highs and lows and the ups and downs of life and business. But also when you're in a fun funk and how to recognize and acknowledge that you're in a funk and that something's off and how to get out of that. And that's literally, you know, the last two months, we've, like I said, I've had a lot of going on and I've got this underlying kind of funk that's just been sticking. So I've really been trying to dial in on that and shift out of that.

(01:00): So I wanted to talk through the process that I personally go through in that scenario with you guys, and hopefully that'll bring some value. So we're constantly reacting to the external world, you know, the things that are going outside of us and what we control internally. So like I was saying in the last couple of months, we've had some high highs. We closed on four deals last week. What's some of 'em made us some pretty good money and business has been going really well. I just got done completing a really cool experience with a certain thing that Kia and I were able to buy. I'm gonna do a separate episode on that, but a really, really cool thing there, but we've also, you know, had the lows too, you know, with all these contracting issues and just people on our team not operating the way they should and just happening all the time.

(01:48): But what the underlying tone that I've, I've had this funk that I'm talking about. I do a lot of the last couple of years, I've been doing a lot of spiritual work, a lot of energy work, a lot of just true self-development. And when I say self-development, I'm talking, not talking about reading books and going this seminars and my masterminds and all that stuff, but truly like working on me and all the stuff internally. And that's really where the basis of this funk that I'm dealing with is it's, you know, I've spent two years unwinding all of this programming that I have, and, and going through this program with, with my life coach and just UN unwinding all the and basically rewiring old patterns, rewiring old beliefs and undoing all the programming that I've had my whole life that doesn't serve me. And it's been really turbulent in that space for me the last couple of months and a lot of this external that's happening and going on, I, I actually truly is God and the universe helping me on my journey.

(02:47): And these things are coming up to allow me to really move forward and make leaps and bounce growth. And the other stuff that I'm working on spiritually, because that's really the foundation of everything we're doing is ourself because no matter where we go in life and in the world and in business, we show up with ourself. So the external things, like I've said in this show before, like the, the external stuff, that's just the experience piece of life, but really like the fulfillment comes on from the internal side and the work that we're doing internally. So with this funk that I've been in, I've just had these, this UN, like I've been super on edge and just feeling more stress, more anxiety, allowing more chaos to come in than I usually do. And really just not being in the flow that I want to be in.

(03:36): So, you know, when I, I'm just rolling into through the day, not in the frequency, in the, in the place that I want to be. So then when little things happen they affect me in a negative way. And then that kind of, you know, I spiral downhill and I get caught up just in this tornado of, of. So what I want to do is, like I said, I've been, I've been spending the last few weeks really trying to go deep with myself a on this. Like, why am I allowing stuff to affect me? That shouldn't affect me. And quite honestly, why am I seeing old patterns and things that I've worked the last two years on? So hard coming back through the back door and really allowing me to have days, which rolls into, you know, just frustrating weeks. And like I said, the last couple of months, just not being in the, the flow state that I want to be in.

(04:22): So as I go through that process, the first thing I'm doing is acknowledging like, what am I feeling and why? So like what emotions, what restrictions am I feeling? And writing that down. So I'm feeling irritated. I'm feeling frustrated. I'm feeling like people don't do what they say they're gonna do. I'm feeling like people do business as all of those things that I have no control over, but that I'm seeing happen that are me off. And, and, and I'm allowing to affect me. So really just identifying all of the stuff and putting it down on paper and saying, okay, these are all the things that are affecting me right now. And, and really that are putting me in this funk that I'm in. Then when I have this stuff written down in front of me and I can kind of isolate it to one sheet of paper, I'm literally looking at the sheet of paper in front of me right now.

(05:11): It's like, okay, of this stuff that, that I'm allowing to affect me, what actually matters, then go through and cross the things out that don't even matter. You know's like that doesn't matter. So now I'm having this acknowledgement with myself of like, I'm letting something affect me or bug me that doesn't matter. Like it, it truly doesn't even matter. And then the stuff that does matter could process that, why is that affecting me and, and, and get in touch with the emotion behind whatever it is. That's frustrating you. So for example, I've been just feeling like I'm swimming and, and I'm behind and I'm stressed and I'm overwhelmed and I've got all this to do, and I'm just not getting to all of it. So, okay. That's is that real? Is that true? Yeah, it's absolutely real. It's definitely true. I'm I got a lot of going on.

(06:02): I'm behind on things and it's making me feel stressed, so, okay, cool. That's a real thing. So in, instead of allowing it to continue to with me and ruin my day every day, or, or have me operating from a place that I don't want to be from of stress and chaos, what can I do about it? So now I'm gonna shift in, instead of like, let's acknowledge it. Okay. That's true. That's real. Well, what can we do about it? Like, let let's shift from being a victim let's shift from like, okay, this is happening to me. What can I do about it? And then, you know, for this specific example, what I can about it is it's very clear to me that I'm not executing. So I'm not focusing on winning the day today. I clearly don't have a plan in place. I'm not executing on it.

(06:49): I'm not delegating with my team. Well, and I'm just not coming up with a game plan to follow and, and just do so. Okay. Well now when I'm looking at that, it's like, okay, so yeah, I'm feeling this stress and this anxiety and this chaos, and I'm way behind on all the that I got going on and, and really reeling that in and saying, okay, take a couple deep breaths. It's cool. It is what it is. We are where we are, what can we do about it? All right. Let's put a plan in place and then let's be disciplined and let's stick to it and execute on the plan. So I'm gonna go through all these different things. And that's just one example there. And it's like, okay, what can I actually do about it? And take control of it. Another thing that I also realize as I'm going through this process, and I talk about this in the show before is really creating the environment that you're around.

(07:39): So I'm, I'm looking at just analyzing how I've been operating. And, you know, I haven't been following my plan with discipline, but in addition to that, I haven't been setting my day up for success. I haven't been putting myself first. So when I don't create the environment for me to be in my, what I call my flow for me to be operating, I, the energy that I wanna operate in and the come from that I want to be in, that's a big problem. So that's on me. So now again, I'm not gonna be in a victim state of mind. It's like, okay, I'm gonna shift that. This is actually my fault because I'm not setting myself up to win. I'm not making sure I'm getting my meditation time in. I'm not writing everything down and, and have been at crystal clear in front of me so I can see it.

(08:22): And now all I have to do, I don't have to think about anything. I just have to execute on a plan. I'm not doing my meditating. I'm not, I'm going to the gym later in the day. I'm not doing the things for me that I need to be doing to create the space and the environment for myself to show up to where I can handle all of these other things. So it's just a really good gut check for me. It's like, okay, bro, this is on you. So when you can, again, you can take accountability, personal accountability, my bottom line foundation message like here, I am checking myself that I'm not doing what it is that I'm preaching all the time. I mean, I'm doing it, but I'm not doing it at the highest level that I should be doing it. So then when I can see that and I can identify that key problem, it's like, oh, okay, well, no wonder why I have this underlying feeling of frustration because in my heart of hearts, I know that I'm not doing what I should be doing.

(09:16): So that's frustrating to me because I'm just not showing up the way that I should. So then I get frustrated with myself and I can tune into, okay, that makes sense why I've had this underlying emotions of this funk that I've been dealing with. So if you're, if that's your come from and that's my underlying emotions and, and place of where I'm coming and then from the outside world starts happening. We have contracting issues yesterday. I had to talk with this agent's broker because this agent was doing business and had to get his broker involved because it just wasn't okay. And just seeing these, you know, these external things that are happening in the world that we react to, well, if you're coming from a place that some not very strong, and it's not very solid emotionally, you're gonna react to the external things that are happening, not in the way that you want to.

(10:04): And that's exactly what's been going on for me. So just going through this identifying process, and then really what allows me to kick out of that and into it, just a higher frequency is say, okay, once I process all of that through, it's like, okay, that's great. We've, we've identified and acknowledged that, but I want to shift into what am I grateful for? So now you're totally taking your energy and the frequency to a whole nother level. And you're focusing on gratitude and love and gratitude are, is one of the best places that we can come from. You can't be in gratitude. And then also be, you know, all of the negative emotions that I talk, just talked about. You can't be in a space of love and then also be in all of the lower frequency, negative emotions and places that I just talked about.

(10:50): So I'm gonna go through, what am I grateful for? You know, I'm grateful for Kia. I've got, you know, my wife, my best friend, I'm, I'm so fortunate to have the marriage and the relationship and the love that we do and the life that her and I are building together. It's really cool. We're truly are doing everything on our terms. You know, I'm grateful for my dog, Bens. Ben is my homey. He's my best friend. When I come home, he's there waiting for me. Wa is tell, I spend the first couple minutes that I get home. You know, I say hi to Ben's before I do Kia. When I get home, I'm grateful for my family. I've got an amazing family. That's supportive. It's really cool that we're able to work in business together. I'm building the mortgage company with my brother. I'm grateful for my friends and, and the circle that I have, you know, like my mentors, just my friends, like they make my life better because the human to human connection that we need and the sense of community and belonging, that's a big deal.

(11:44): I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful for my health. You know, I've had multiple people in my life lately that have had health challenges come up and, you know, with the snap of a finger, a phone call can change a lot of things. And just as I'm talking to you guys right now, recording this podcast, just thinking about those things, I'm like, I can feel within myself, like a sense of gratitude. There's no better feeling than being truly grateful. You know, I'm grateful for our business. We're absolutely kicked can ask in business. I'm, I'm like really grateful for everything we've got going on there. And then, you know, the mastermind groups that I'm in, you know, I'm sitting here in my home office, looking at the Wach front, the Mount, the mountains are literally right in my face. I'm, I'm grateful for where we live.

(12:27): It's a beautiful place. I have a badass house. I'm just grateful for the life that I'm living and everything that's going on. And I'm also grateful that I'm, you know, have been doing the work and the self development to where I can go through this process that I'm sharing with you guys with trying to get out of a funk and not just not live in this energy. You know? So when you can shift into a space of being grateful, that's really gonna change all the energy and then I'm gonna move from, what am I grateful for to now I'm gonna write down what's going well, you know, cause the things that frustrate us or that are coming up as problems, creating restriction, that's stuff that isn't going well, right? Like if something's going well, it's not gonna set you off, but so like, what's going well and that's similar to, what's going grateful, but what's going, you know, like business is going well, my health and fitness is going well, my relationship's going well, this deal's going well.

(13:21): I just brought on a new investor earlier this week that wants to put several hundred thousand dollars with us in our deals. That's going well, we just closed four deals last week and made a bunch of money. That's going well, we've got a trip coming up. We just booked a trip to go to Jamaica and March that I'm gonna take my mom on. That's going well. So focus on what you're grateful for. And then also identify and write down. What's going, well, what have I accomplished? And then from there, I'm gonna move into, what am I excited about? You know, like I'm excited about this podcast that I'm doing. You know, it was, it was really nerve wracking thing to get going. I think this is episode 10 and I'm excited about it. People are listening. People are, you know, sending me messages and it's just cool.

(14:04): I'm excited about, I'm starting to do more speaking. I spoke at a mastermind last week. It went really well. A lot of good feedback. I'm just excited about sharing my message. I'm excited about our business. We're growing really excited about our office is being remodeled right now. And it's gonna be badass when it's done. I'm super excited about that. I'm starting to see progress in the gym and you know, some of the stuff I've been working on with my doctor with my blood work and some of the different things that we've been trying to just get ironed out over the last, like since June of last year, however long that is like, those things are moving in the right direction. So I'm grateful for this. These things are going well. I'm excited about this and just really trying to shift the energy into positivity.

(14:52): You know, one of my core values I talk about is a yes attitude, no matter where you go in life and in the world, you're gonna bring your attitude with you and that's gonna be your experience of whatever it is you're doing. So this is this process I've been going through the last, I mean, really I've been in a funk for the last two months, but when I decided to quit being a little about it and this last week, just really getting down to the bottom of it. I mean, it's not like an all the time thing. It's just, there's been this underlying tone of the stuff I shared with you earlier. That's just kind of been there. So really just dealing with that and, and getting rid of it. So going through that whole process, then also another thing in one of the previous shows, I talked about that guy, Robert from Dogwood nursery.

(15:37): And it's funny, my mom, I was talking with her yesterday. Me and my mom have a great relationship. She's like my best friend and my biggest supporter. And it's just awesome to have her. So I, you know, I really open with her about everything I'm doing and she's like, you know, my Michael, I listened to, she was kind of joking with me, but she's like, I listened to this awesome podcast yesterday. And you know, the guy he was talking about, he was talking about meeting this, meeting this guy on a sales call and, you know, whenever you're dealing with a problem or whatever, sitting there asking myself in two weeks, is this even gonna matter? And she was, you know, referring to what, into my previous shows, but that's one thing. And you know, another thing that I wanna circle back with is whatever that's in front of you that's really being a distraction or affecting you in a negative way to put it in a perspective, it's like, okay, I'm frustrated, I'm upset.

(16:26): I'm. I'm whatever it is right now. But in two weeks, is this, is it even gonna matter or in a month, in three months, whatever your timeframe you want to be, but is, is it gonna matter then? And that really just for me, brings things into perspective a little bit more, cuz I think we allow ourselves to get caught up in the emotions and then we go down that rabbit hole and something that we should shake off fairly easily. We allow it to us over and ruin our day or maybe even ruin a week. So just does it really matter? Is it gonna matter in two weeks? And then lastly, everything's purpose based guys, you know, so if you know who you are and what you're doing and why you're doing it and what your purpose is, that's really always one of my guiding lights and, and things is like, what is my purpose and is what I'm doing right now, whether it's good or bad, but specifically in this case, like when it's affecting me in a negative way, is it in alignment with my purpose and is it in alignment with my core values?

(17:25): And if it's not like, why the are we even talking about it and allowing it to be a thing either it's in alignment or it's not, but being conscious and aware of, you know, where we're at, especially with our energy, some of you guys that don't connect with the energy and the law of attraction thing I'd really encourage you to look into that, cuz it's a real deal and our thoughts turn into things and, and our energy affects everything that we're doing at the frequency and the vibration that we're operating at. So really that's, that's, that's kind of what I wanted to go over with you guys today. But like I said, it's the foundation of my message being, you know, taking personal accountability, staying loyal to your potential and no one's gonna do this for us guys. So like if you're, you're in a bad mood, you're having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month.

(18:12): No one's gonna fix that. But you, because the external stuff, it's always gonna be there. It's always gonna be happening. Like I said before, you know, everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the mouth. That's Mike Tyson said that, but no one's coming to save you and no one's gonna do this for you. So we, you know, it's up to us to take control of that. It's up to us to make sure that we're in a positive environment and that all starts with ourself. What's the environment with us internally. And are we in control of that? Are we being accountable to that? And you know, this, hopefully this, this system and this process that I shared with you is something'll help you if you're, you know, in a funk other than that guys that's what I got for you this week.

(18:51): I appreciate you following my Instagram. That's another thing I wanted to talk about too. My Instagram, I got shut outta Instagram. So I was going to the gym Sunday night and Sean Wayland, the lion's not sheep guy. I had liked one of his posts and immediately the screen popped up and it was like suspicious activity on your account. We need you to verify your information. So I put in my username, my password, phone number, email, and all that stuff. And then once I did that, it just logged me out. I didn't get any sort of notice or any sort of anything. And from what I can tell my account was deleted. And then so, you know, I trying to contact Instagram is like mission impossible. So if any of you guys know anything about that, please reach out to me cause I need some help trying to get my account back.

(19:37): But then I opened a new account and then that got shut down within two hours. And then I opened a third new account and that got shut down immediately too. So usually I would tell you to follow me on Instagram. I wanna connect with you online. So the at Michael dot burns, Instagram's not that's at a commission right now. We'll see what happens, but I'm still going hard on Facebook. Please connect with me at Mr. Michael Burns on Facebook. But other than that, I hope you guys have a great week in the meantime, go kick, build that lifestyle and we'll see you next week.

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