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This week’s podcast I reveal what is quite possibly the most profitable thing anyone can probably do to ramp up their sales and grow their business.
A very tip simple, too.
But, also too hair-raising for the great, unwashed masses.… READ MORE

This week’s podcast is my tribute of sorts to the late, great Earl Nightingale. Including why he is probably spinning in his grave, and the most profitable lessons, ideas, and principles I’ve learned from him over the past 20+ years of studying his products.… READ MORE

In today’s exciting podcast, I reveal the big secret behind how freelance copywriters can make all the money their cold, dank hearts desire. A secret used by everyone from the great Dan Kennedy to be the highest paid freelancer in the world, to the great Stan Lee to become the highest paid comic book writer of his day.… READ MORE

This week’s podcast talks about a secret, dare I say “miraculous” marketing secret used by a depression-era boxing champ that can (literally) save a dying business.
Very powerful information.
And so simple, even a coach can do it.… READ MORE


Today’s podcast is an unsacred Q&A, where I pulled 5 questions from my righteous sack, answered them, and sent the question-askers on their merry ways with a figurative swat on the bottom.… READ MORE

This fine Sunday podcast is about using the brutal power of contrast to make all your marketing more memorable and profitable.… READ MORE

The subject line above is a quote from the great, and esteemed Bobby Singer of the TV show “Supernatural.” It’s also one of the 7 “Email Players” rules covered on today’s podcast.… READ MORE

This week’s podcast is about how to “unbroke” yourself. I have no idea if it will add anything to anyone’s life, especially since it teaches how to think and problem solve, and most people have no interest in doing either…… READ MORE

This week’s podcast is my ex-spurt review of the smash hit movie “Black Panther”, including a list of profitable business lessons, tips, and ideas I observed while watching it.… READ MORE

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