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The latest podcast is up and ready for your listening displeasure. It’s about gentrifying your business, including some tips on how to see instant sales increases with minimal effort.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast is a special Valentines Day episode where I dispense can’t-fail advice to single men (not women — chicks are the enemy in this episode) who can’t get a date even with a pocket full of $50 bills.… READ MORE


The newest podcast is up and at ‘em at the link below. It’s a Q&A audience members have asked over the last year, like what I think of the MGTOW (men go their own way) movement, amongst other things you probably won’t care about, but that I prattled on about anyway.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast is the second part of the inner-game part of business, where, if you don’t get this, no amount of investing in products, seminars, books, training whatever will do you even a lick of good.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast is part 1 of arguably the most important thing I can teach anyone about anything — i.e. the inner game of success. If you’re someone who buys and learns everything about marketing, selling, copywriting, etc… but makes little or nothing (and it frustrates you), then this is for you.… READ MORE

This week’s podcast reveals some of the secret methods one of the most popular burger joints in the world uses to get rabid fans and customers that travel across states to visit, that can also be used for business selling online.… READ MORE

Well, maybe not the most valuable on the entire Internet. But, probably the most valuable episode I’ve ever put up on my site. My opinion.
At least, to those with ears to see, and eyes to smell.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast is about the exact marketing, email, copywriting, and other trainings I listen to (often a dozen or more times over the years) while walking my dog, taking a shower, and even while playing video games.… READ MORE

This week’s podcast is about the silly idea that there’s any real security in your life — financial, business, and, yes, personal. And, what to do about it this Christmas.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast is 7 “lost” Email Players rules. I thought I did these 7 I had written down before we burned down the elBenbo’s Apprentice (my short lived membership site a couple years ago) house.… READ MORE

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