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The latest podcast is up and wriggling.
It shows you a 100% non-woo-woo pegasus & rainbows way to create your own luck. You won’t have to worship the universe or build an altar or chant in a magic circle surrounded.READ MORE

I just slapped up a brand spanking new podcast.
It’s about why you should always be closing, and some, shall I say, *unorthodox* (i.e. non-sexy) ways to do it in your marketing.
Come get your love get your get your love get your love now here:

This week’s unrighteous podcast has been uploaded for your listening displeasure.
It’s about how to test people — customers, girls, friends, anyone you want to make sure aren’t low class jackass saving you much time, energy, and frustration.READ MORE

The newest (7th) episode of my podcast is ready for you to devour.
It’s about the evils of being “nice.”
Get your fill here:
Ben Settle

The concept of “equality” has as much basis in reality as Middle Earth
This week’s podcast is locked and loaded.
It’s 7 more “Email Players” rules, including why equality is a myth and other truisms that will bring you peace and joy in a world of chaos and angst.… READ MORE

I just released another exciting episode of my podcast.
It’s about occupying the path.
It’s a principle of fighting my Grand Master in Wing Chun teaches that has alarmingly valuable applications to marketing, selling, and business.READ MORE

I just slapped a new podcast up online.
It’s about principles vs tactics.
Inspired by the late Jim Camp (the world’s “most feared negotiator”).
Get ya some here:
Ben Settle

A new podcast has been locked and loaded up on my site.
It’s about why real game is no game.
Get your lovin’ here:
Ben Settle… READ MORE

My newest podcast is up and waiting patiently for you. It’s about how to arrange it so you need never worry about having enough customers, clients, or a girl in your life — especially after getting fired, broken up, etc.READ MORE

Couple months ago I got to be on a panel with the lovely World-Class copywriting genius Carline Anglade-Cole and the “Umpire” of direct response marketing Brian Kurtz. And, during the panel, we were asked about “why” we do what we do.READ MORE

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