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Did you know that there are two kinds of law? And that you need to use both in order to win your case?
Most people don’t realize this because lawyers want to keep their unnecessary jobs. So they confuse the law, and become the gatekeeper, so you have to hire them.… READ MORE

Most people think judges are the legal authority in court.
But this is not the case. In fact, judges must obey the legal authority, meaning, winning your case is easier than ever.
The only thing you need to do is cite legal authority and find a law that controls the judge.… READ MORE

Most people facing a case think they need to impress the judge in order to win.
Not only is this false, but this mindset can actually make you lose a case you should win.
In this episode, I reveal why trying to impress the judge won’t work, and what you need to do instead to win your case.… READ MORE

Attorneys have a trick up their sleeves that makes you lose your case.
But you can actually “flip” this trick onto them, ensuring that you win your case.
What’s this secret?
In today’s show, I reveal the “burden of proof” secret attorneys use against you, and how you can use it against them instead to win your case.… READ MORE

If you can’t get a judge to agree with you, it’s impossible for you to win your case in court.
But getting a judge to agree with you is actually pretty simple. You just have to know what to look for, and they’ll have no choice but to agree.… READ MORE

Attorneys have a coveted secret for learning case anatomy that helps them win cases (even when the odds are stacked against them).
But you know what?
You can also use this secret for your trial, so you can win your case before your trial even takes place.… READ MORE

Corrupt attorneys, judges, and officials are always trying to take advantage of you. They complicate law, so you rely on them. Then they drag things out to siphon more money out of you.
But you don’t need to understand all the laws, have an attorney, or even start your trial to win your case.… READ MORE

There’s a “hidden” secret that is the #1 way to turn a case in your favor. But the corrupt attorneys, judges, and government officials don’t want you to know it…
In fact, a surprising number of people are denied this fundamental right simply because they don’t know their rights or the law.… READ MORE

When you try representing yourself in court, you may start looking for self-proclaimed legal gurus who promise you they can get you out of it.
Well, after trying one of these so-called gurus myself, I can tell you this: They just want to take advantage of you to test out their weird legal theories that can’t win.… READ MORE

Do you know what your first right in court is? You probably don’t, and it’s not your fault:
It’s because lawyers actively try to hide this knowledge from you! Why? Well, so they can keep making money from keeping you in the dark.… READ MORE

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