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If you’ve ever tried to build a financial portfolio, you know how overwhelming it is to select the right assets for long term wealth building.
It feels like you need to spend days poring over spreadsheets and sifting through expert opinions before you can take any action. READ MORE

Most of us know that we overspend. We start our day with a latte, order takeout after work, buy a new sweater to celebrate the weekend… 
These things feel good for a few minutes, but we regret buying them when we look at our bank account. READ MORE

Everyone knows they should save more money, curb their spending and focus on the long term. 
But most people still waste their paychecks on short-term pleasure. That’s because knowledge and wisdom are two different things: 
When you have knowledge, you can improve.READ MORE

Many financial “experts” promise you the world. They’ll show you how to escape debt, lower your expenses and grow your wealth. It often sounds great, but no single hack, trick or tweak will transform your financial reality.READ MORE

You can find tons of short-term financial advice online. These “experts” know exactly which stocks will go up and which cryptocurrency is about to skyrocket. 
It’s exciting to think about multiplying your money in the next two weeks.READ MORE

If you read the news these days, there’s always a new scheme that makes ordinary people wealthy enough to never work again. 
These stories make it easy to feel like you’re missing out—like you’re making a mistake by focusing on long-term wealth building over short-term profits. READ MORE

Every new year, millions of people promise themselves to eat healthy, get fit, save more money and live their dream lives. 
And every year, most people fail within a few months. It’s not because people aren’t motivated: Most people genuinely want to live an amazing life and be a great person. READ MORE

You have countless options of what to do with your money. Stocks, bonds, real estate, life insurance, cryptocurrencies… the list goes on. 
And with that many options, you might feel like it’s hard to make a choice because you’ll never research every option you have.READ MORE

Growing your wealth is important: You don’t want to run out of money in retirement or cancel on your loved ones because you “can’t afford it”. 
But you don’t want to be rich and lonely either.READ MORE

How do you know you’re making financial progress? Most people think they can measure it by understanding the stock market, having enough to donate to charity, paying off debt or buying a sports car.READ MORE

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