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Many financial “experts” promise you the world. They’ll show you how to escape debt, lower your expenses and grow your wealth. It often sounds great, but no single hack, trick or tweak will transform your financial reality.

If you want to level up your financial life, you need to create a “new normal”. If it’s normal for you to save money and build long-term wealth, you’ll do it on autopilot. 

In this episode of the brand-new Wealth Wisdom podcast, you’ll find out how to create a new normal for your financial life that generates long-term wealth. 

Want to level up your financial life? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • Why acting like a freshly-born baby can unlock incredible financial growth. (3:44)
  • The odd reason you have more control in your financial life than you realize (and how to seize this power and use it to grow your wealth (8:49)
  • How hiring a “financial midwife” helps you transform your financial reality faster than you thought possible (11:28)
  • How conventional thinking holds you back from building wealth and keeps you stuck living paycheck to paycheck (14:22)

Looking for others on the way to financial freedom? Join the Wealth Wisdom community here: wealthwisdom.mn.co

Remember to download Grandma’s Top Tips for an Independent Financial Future by dropping into https://grandmaswealthwisdom.com/free/. It's time for YOU to break through to a smart, stable, financial future.

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A hearty welcome to “Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom” with your neighborly hosts, Brandon and Amanda Neely. This is the only podcast that helps you take charge of your cash flow and leverage your assets, simply and sustainably, the way Grandma used to.

Brandon: Hey, I’m Brandon, and welcome to the new Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast. It is Episode 100, so how are we saying it's new? We are celebrating a new normal.

Amanda: And, hey, I'm Amanda Neely. No, we're not talking about anything related to the Rona. We've got a new normal for this show and we're excited to celebrate it with you and share how our new normal can help you find a new normal of financial confidence.

Brandon: Are you sick and tired of hearing the same old conventional financial advice? We feel you. We are fed up with the same old truisms that fall flat when you get into the unique opportunities and challenges of your specific situations. [01:09.0]

This show is all about bringing you historic wisdom around building wealth, with practical insights on how to apply it to your journey. When conventional financial thinking doesn't get you to where you want to go, you need true wealth wisdom. Let's master wealth-building together.

Amanda: First, with this idea of the new normal, we have to define what we mean here. For a lot of folks, they started thinking “new normal” meant returning to how things were before COVID hit in 2020, right? Let's return to how things were in 2018 or 2019. But then, we started hearing a collective, No, we don't want things to return to the way they were. The way they were was horrible, and it was. We want something better. We want a new and improved normal, and to that say yes and amen. [02:04.5]

Brandon: When we talk about a new normal for this podcast, we're also thinking about something better. We don't just want a new name and new branding. We want improved clearer content that will give our listeners practical, helpful insights. If you've been listening to the last few episodes, we've been warning you that a change was coming.

We shared how Grandma didn't get everything right back in her day. I mean, she's amazing, but we personally have a lot more confidence in ourselves than when we first started. Now we get to share these lessons that we've learned and now we're ready to move forward into something better, into Wealth Wisdom Financial podcast, community, and all kinds of stuff that's coming.

Amanda: Plus, we don't want a slight improvement, but a big one that will send ripples into a larger portion of society and even into future generations. We're thinking big and impactful, and we're recommitting to transforming as many financial futures as possible. [03:10.5]

Brandon: Along those lines, we have some insights and a brand new opportunity to share that we believe encapsulates and emphasizes our new normal and how it benefits you going forward.

Amanda: We've got three ways of historically and practically looking at what a new normal could be like, and there's probably nothing more historic and practical by way of analogy to a new normal than women giving birth. We've been doing it for as long as anyone can remember and our insight today comes from the birthing process.

Brandon: Now, if thinking about labor and delivery makes you as uncomfortable as it does me, imagine we're talking about cats or cows since their birthing process is the same overall landscape. [03:58.0]

Amanda: First, let's start from the baby’s perspective. When you're a baby being born, it's like going into a new and improved normal. Sure, it might seem a little scary to leave the dark, warm muffled existence of the womb and enter a bright, cold, loud world outside of it. But we all know an 80-year-life in a womb environment wouldn't be that great of a life to live.

Brandon: Now, we don't know exactly how babies feel during the transition from womb to world. I mean, it'd be bananas if a baby came out of the womb and was like, Hey, that felt awesome. Let me tell you how that was. Yet, for centuries, this process has been the subject of poems and songs and Jerry Springer Shows, many of which attribute courage and the will to be born to the babies.

Amanda: I don't know if it's been a subject of a Jerry Springer Show, Brandon, but I think if a baby came out of the womb talking like that, that baby would be on Jerry Springer pretty quickly, if that show even exists anymore. I don't even know.

Brandon: I would think it would be on a Jerry Springer Show if … you know? [04:59.8]

Amanda: Yeah, but we have some experience with this, not with talking in newborns, but with babies and them kind of being slow to come into the world. Our son stayed in the womb until he was forced to make an appearance much later than anticipated. For us and for many other people who knew the story, we would attribute feelings to him, like he's comfortable. He's just stubborn. He wasn't ready to come out. All of those kind of things.

Brandon: I mean, really we did the long walks. We googled, What do you need to do? We did the spicy foods, all the things to try and get this baby out of the womb and into the world. Amanda, as you know, is very punctual, so this was super-frustrating to her because he's not coming on time. Like even five minutes late, he was coming days late.

Amanda: Yeah, it was super frustrating, but we got through it. He's here. It was an amazing experience.

Brandon: Yep.

Grandma always said, “Eat your vegetables. Look both ways before crossing the road, and never risk your financial future on elements of the market you can’t control.” That Grandma, always good for some tried-and-true advice, and although some of her wisdom seems to have skipped a generation, you don't have to be left behind.

Download “Grandma's Top Tips for an Independent Financial Future” absolutely free, when you visit Grandma’sWealthWisdom.com. Don't wait. Get Grandma's best tips today.

Brandon: How many of us are like babies in the womb? We know there could be a better world if we had the courage to give up some comfort, to stop being stubborn in our ways when we know they don't work long term, or to finally say we're ready to step forward in courage.

That's the first part of our insights for today. It's this question, what's ready to be rebirthed in your financial journey that just needs a little courage, open-mindedness or readiness for change? What's one baby idea that, if birthed into the world, can make all the difference for your financial journey? [07:16.7]

Amanda: That's a powerful way of thinking. Encourage you, if you feel like there's an idea that's in the womb of your financial life that you explore, what would it look like for that idea to become a reality and out into the world? And putting yourself in kind of the baby shoes in that way might be the easier side of the birthing process and the other side being the mother's perspective.

Less seldom known and celebrated, mothers also come through the birthing process into a new normal. Yes, there might be the tiger stripes of stretch marks or hormonal alterations, but something deeper happens to Mama as well—and I think I have to talk about this since I’m the one that really experienced it—because I think the thing is, as most moms would probably tell you, there's a high degree of uncertainty involved here. [08:06.7]

We don't know what becoming a mom will do to us. We don't know how it'll change us until it does. We don't have much control over our pregnancy, how the baby develops, how labor and delivery progresses or what will happen in what’s affectionately called the fourth trimester as we're learning how to bond with our newborns and all those things. We learn what we can. We take our prenatals. We seek the nurses’ help when the baby won't latch and so on and so forth, but there are so many things in the whole entire birthing process all the way through that we can't change even if we wanted to.

Yet, when we sense it's within or maybe even just outside of our power to make something positive happen, we'll turn into mama bears and we have that mama bear drive to protect, defend, push forward, go sleepless for the benefit of our new little one, and so on and so forth, right? We'll do whatever it takes to have control and to make sure things go the way that is positive for everyone. [09:04.7]

Brandon: Along your financial journey, you're likely to find some things outside of your control as well from what the economy does and how the economy impacts your business, to how Congress and the Internal Revenue Service decided to update their tax code yet again, and emergencies happen, opportunities arise. It's beautiful and it's scary all at the same time.

Amanda: Yeah, this is the second part of our practical insight for today. What can you control and what can't you control? We found folks often have way more control than they realize when it comes to money and making it work toward their goals and dreams.

As you are doing the first part of our insight and looking for what's ready to be birthed in your financial journey, we invite you to take the next kind of insight to that and encourage you to look for things you can control and focus there. Take charge of your financial future. Be proactive. [10:03.3]

Just like a new mom would be overprotective of a newborn, be a mother to your financial journey and the ideas that you want to birth there and see in reality, and maybe even when it's appropriate, bring out some of that mama bear energy.

Brandon: Yeah, I think your big word there is “be proactive.” I think that is huge and not being passive in your journey. Now, there's one more insight from the birthing process that's tied into the brand new opportunity that we promised to share.

Now, throughout history, there's almost always another person with a baby and a mama to help guide the birthing process along. This person instills courage, shares experiential insights to give Mama more control, and can even save lives when things go wrong. You guessed it—there's the midwife's perspective that counts a lot, too. [10:57.5]

Now, you might have thought I was going to say the dad in the beginning, that he is that person, but, historically, men haven't been allowed in the room during labor and delivery. They were pushed out actually. Even when Dad is there, the midwife knows way better than Dad what's happening and how to help Mom.

Amanda: I have to tell a quick story here. Dad, a.k.a. Brandon wasn't even in the room when our son was about to make his appearance. Brandon had to go repark the car after overnight because there were new things. Chicago and parking cars, it's always a weird thing.

Brandon: Yeah, so I left for a second.

Amanda: Yeah.

Brandon: Like, just a minute, because everything was fine.

Amanda: Right, and when he left, things started moving super-quickly. Thank goodness the midwife was there because birthing is actually a very dangerous process. It's a miracle each and every time that Mom and baby make it through. [11:54.5]

Maybe that's a little over-dramatic to attribute to financial journeys. It's not always a miracle when someone is able to reach their financial goals, but it can be very dangerous. There are risks involved when you try something new or something that's not entirely in your control. The best-laid business plans can be thwarted by a slight shift in the economy and so on and so forth. The struggle is real.

Brandon: If you're going to birth something new, wouldn't you want a financial midwife to help you guide the process? A key discernment here is that a midwife can never give birth for the Mama unless it becomes a C-section, but that's a whole other thing. In the miracle of birthing, the mom and the baby have to do it. The midwife just lends a hand here or makes a suggestion there.

You want the same for your financial journey. Don't hand over your money to someone else and say, Do it for me. Be an actual active participant along with the guide who helps you see what you can't see and highlights the questions you didn't know to ask. [13:04.7]

Amanda: Yeah, as we talk about our new normal, it involves being better financial midwives. There are so many ways we want to be allies along people's financial journeys, and so far, that's involved having a lot of one-on-one conversations, which we love. But those one-on-one conversations limit our ability and take too much time for those even reaching out to us, too, so we thought, what better way to see more people breakthrough to smart, stable financial futures than to bring them together in community?

Brandon: Now, there are times for one-on-one conversations and we'll still have plenty of those, but what if you have a question at 10:00 p.m. at night or on a Sunday? Wouldn't you want to see what others would say and not just find the conventional thinking plastered all over the Interwebs that may or may not work for you? [13:55.5]

Amanda: I'm going to throw in, we didn't script this. But I'm going to throw in, going back to the birthing analogy, right? People, there are different ways to prepare for giving birth, like different methodologies, and if I wanted to learn that at 9:00 p.m. on a Sunday, I wouldn't just want to go on Google and find it, right? I'd want to have a class that I'd been through, look at those resources, be connected to that type. The type of people that are thinking about the same methodology as I am, not just believe what I read on the internet.

Yet, we're doing that with something as important as giving birth. Shouldn't we also be doing that with something as important as our financial futures? Not just believing whatever we read, but aligning ourselves with a community and a methodology, and taking their ideas and their insights with a little more weight than just something we discover on Google. Right?

Brandon: Right, yeah, for sure.

Amanda: So, we created this Wealth Wisdom Financial Community as a central hub for discovering and implementing wealth wisdom. It's not your typical group with a hodgepodge of posts and people trying to sell stuff to other people in the group. It's this community with curated, intentional steps toward unlocking and achieving your personal and business financial goals. [15:10.2]

Brandon: Conventional thinking keeps too many from discovering and realizing the lives and businesses of their dreams, and maybe that's actually done on purpose by things outside of our control again. Wealth Wisdom Financial Community’s mission statement is to give more power and more control over financial destinies by mastering wealth-building so that we can create sustainable businesses, live life on our terms and actually make the impact that we desire and want to see in the world.

Amanda: To find out more and join now, you can visit WealthWisdom.mn.co. With the release of this episode, we have a very special early-adopter deal waiting for you, but we're not sure how long that's going to last.
Again, the place to go is WealthWisdom.mn.co. That's “wealth wisdom” [dot] “M” as in “mighty”, “N” as in “network”, [dot] “co”, “C” as in “Charlie” and “O” as in “octopus”. We’ll have a link in the show notes as well. [16:16.6]

Brandon: As we wrap up to date, we want to thank our loyal listeners for supporting us along our journey for these first 100 episodes. We very much appreciate when you share that a story or concept helped you along the journey, and my hope is, as you are impacted by this, you share this with a friend, you write a comment or whatever. Those things really help us reach more people. We can't wait to see you in the Wealth Wisdom Financial Community to have more interactions and to be better guides along your unique journey.

Amanda: For those of you who are new listeners, welcome. We're so glad that you're here. Be sure you hit that subscribe button because we've got some amped-up content coming your way. Next time, we're going to be digging into the difference between wisdom and knowledge and what that means for developing financial confidence. [17:08.0]

Brandon: Until next time, keep mastering wealth-building by tapping into time-tested wisdom, and live long and profit.

The topics presented in this podcast are for general information only and not for the purposes of providing legal, accounting or investment advice. On such matters, please consult a professional who knows your specific situation.

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