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Your finances aren’t just about you. If you’ve got a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, you probably want to consult with them before you make a choice.
But those talks aren’t always productive. In fact, they can keep you from making the financial decisions that would make you wealthy.… READ MORE

It’s easy to get jealous on social media: Everybody’s sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach, financially independent and nobody cares that guac costs extra. Meanwhile, you’re saving your money, planning for emergencies and controlling your spending.… READ MORE

Investing, saving and budgeting are all great ways to make your money work for your life.
And while they reduce your money worries, they can make you worry about money when life changes.
What if you want or have to change your lifestyle?… READ MORE

You probably don’t like taxes. They take a good cut of your income. They’re a giant headache. And the government spends your tax dollars on wars you don’t even support.
It’s easy to think you should minimize taxes.… READ MORE

You’ve probably heard how wealthy you can become investing $100 a month. You know you should be saving each month.
The problem with this advice: It’s way more advanced than it sounds. Because to do any of those things, you need to have money left over.… READ MORE

If you’re a regular listener of this show, you’ve probably heard “financial independence” and “financial freedom” tons of times. And if you’re like most people, it sounds great—but you don’t know where to start.… READ MORE

If you are or have ever been in debt, you know how it can drain you emotionally and financially.
From that standpoint, it’s no surprise almost everyone wants to escape debt as quickly as possible. But debt can be like diets: The yoyo-effect often catches those who try to get results too quickly.… READ MORE

If you’re listening to this, you’re probably a young person looking to grow your wealth sustainably. Perhaps you’re a woman, too.
If so, you’ve probably encountered a lot of biases in your life.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever researched personal finance or wealth creation, you know there’s thousands of voices giving advice on how to invest, what to buy, how much to save and a hundred other things.
While most of these people mean well, there’s one big problem: They’re not you.… READ MORE

Chances are you’ve listened to, read and seen tons of information on growing your wealth, managing your finances and changing your mindset. Vision, thoughts and mindset are important. But they’re not everything.… READ MORE

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