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When we need anything related to money, we usually go to a bank. We pay daily expenses with a checking account, save for a rainy day in our savings account and if we want to invest, there’s always a friendly bank employee ready to advise. READ MORE

2020 was a wild ride. It showed us that nothing is certain in this world – not even going to a restaurant. And while that year has ended now, it’s hard to define how you’ll improve your life and grow your wealth in 2021. READ MORE

“Robo-advisers” promise to automate your investing, grow your wealth and do it all for (almost) free. Best of all: You never have to sit down with a smooth-talking financial adviser who gets his commission check even when your portfolio tanks.READ MORE

The stock market can be a scary place for your money (especially for the money you plan to retire on). And you don’t have to put your savings into stocks. But are the alternatives any better?
Robert Kiyosaki is one of the few financial “gurus” who doesn’t advise you to park your life savings in the stock market roller coaster. READ MORE

There’s a lot of financial advice in podcasts, TV shows and other publications. But the advice that worked for someone else might not help you grow your wealth. You might get personal advice on a TV show, but the chances for that are slim to none.… READ MORE

Dave Ramsey is America’s go-to finance guru. Millions listen to him to escape debt, build wealth and create an independent lifestyle.
But while some of his ideas are great, other parts of his advice can decrease your wealth and make you more dependent on others.… READ MORE

“Buy Term & Invest the Difference” (BTID) sounds logical, doesn’t it? Lower your premiums and you can multiply your returns in the stock market.
But BTID has a sinister background. The phrase was coined in the 1970s by a sneaky billionaire who sold… you guessed it, stocks and term life insurance.… READ MORE

Like any personal finance vehicle, whole life insurance is hotly debated: Some people love it, others can’t stand it.
But neither die-hard fans nor red-faced haters will help you make a sensible decision.… READ MORE

We all know we should save money if we want to end the paycheck to paycheck cycle. But with interest rates lower than inflation, a savings account is really just losing your money slower. Plus, who wants to gamble on the stock market in these uncertain times?… READ MORE

Society dictates a plan for life: We’re expected to go to college, graduate, get a job at a corporation and spend the rest of our lives paying off the debts we took on to get there.
That lifestyle might be right for some, but not everyone wants others to run their life.… READ MORE

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