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Every successful fundraising letter contains five essential elements. These are pieces that must be included to make sure your appeal gets read, but more importantly, persuades the reader to give.READ MORE

Richard Viguerie, American conservative figure and pioneer of political direct mail shares his insights and expert experience into the world of direct marketing. He’s 84 years old, still works 10 hours a day, hates sleep and is always excited to wake up in the morning.READ MORE

Albert Lasker was an American businessman and philanthropist who played a major role in shaping modern advertising. He insisted advertising copy should actively sell rather than simply informing, coining the term ‘salesmanship in print’.READ MORE

Donor recognition levels are vital, but often overlooked factors that can make a huge difference in how you position your ask most effectively. It doesn’t matter if you’re working alongside individuals or corporate donors, recognition levels can make or break a donation and it’s something you should strongly consider.READ MORE

Part two of the all insightful interview with copywriting and marketing expert, Roy Furr. A ‘must listen’ episode if you want to improve the results of your nonprofit organization. If you missed part one, catch the replay right here.READ MORE

Copywriting and marketing expert, Roy Furr is today’s special guest sharing his 9 recommendations Nonprofit organisations can follow to improve their bottom line.
He’s one of the few copywriters to receive the stamp of approval from the legendary Gary Bencivenga as well as writing control ads for the likes of Bill Bonner and clients at Agora.READ MORE

Successful fundraising is more than just sales and marketing. Being a good salesperson or marketer is helpful, but there’s far more important ingredients that go into creating a successful fundraiser.READ MORE

Today, James Newberry answers your questions and gives his detailed opinion and answers. Here are some of the highlights for you…

Which is best: Working as a freelance writer or for a creative agency?READ MORE

David Garfinkel: Author of the Amazon #1 best seller Breakthrough Copywriting and one of the world’s greatest copywriting coaches is today’s special guest.
He shares his background in journalism, how that helped him once he became a full time copywriter and many other key insights.READ MORE

Research and passion are two of the most important components of any successful fundraising campaign. Today, Dr. Richard Dressner is the special guest sharing his lessons from a $120 multi million Mt.READ MORE

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