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On today’s episode, James Newberry discusses How to Build a 40-Million Social Following with Eric Rardin. Eric is the Vice President for Business Development at Care2.com, the world’s largest social network.READ MORE

On today’s episode, James Newberry interviews Erica Waasdorp — Author of Monthly Giving the Sleeping Giant. Erica is the President of A Direct Solution, a company that offers direct marketing and fundraising solutions.READ MORE

On today’s episode, James Newberry interviews Richard Armstrong: Legendary Copywriter, Speechwriter and Author. He successfully transitioned from being a fundraising copywriter to being a commercial copywriter.READ MORE

On today’s episode, James Newberry and Stuart MacLean discuss about Claude Hopkins — Scientific Advertising. Claude ranks among the prominent men in advertising. He wrote the books My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising.READ MORE

On today’s episode, James Newberry talks with Rev. Brian Tubbs, Letter Writing Advice from Apostle Paul — Philemon. Rev. Tubbs is a good friend, and has been serving as a pastor for 10 years.READ MORE

On today’s episode, James Newberry talks with his son Jonathan about 50 ways to improve your fundraising copy. James gathered lots of insights from experts like Herschell Gordon Lewis about fundraising.READ MORE

On today’s episode, James Newberry talks about Texting Secrets — Mike Brown of RAINDROP Technologies. Texting enables organizations to advance their candidates or causes. It’s what Mike and his team has been doing.READ MORE

On today’s episode, James discusses Bank Robbing & Copywriting with Greg Ellis. Greg had a unique experience of copywriting in prison. Tune in to his inspiring story, and listen for some classic insights that you too can apply in fundraising!READ MORE

Welcome to the Donor Doctor with your host James Newberry. On today’s episode, James talks with Jim Boyd — Poker Pro, Lessons that Apply to Fundraising. Learn the similarities and understand how you can raise funds more efficiently!READ MORE

Raising Funds for Nonprofits
Fundraising for nonprofits takes time and patience. It requires a great copy, a good list of potential donors, and other relevant things.
Some say it takes 18 months before you receive the funds.READ MORE

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