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Part two of the all insightful interview with copywriting and marketing expert, Roy Furr. A ‘must listen’ episode if you want to improve the results of your nonprofit organization. If you missed part one, catch the replay right here.

The Show Highlights:

  • Shrinking the acquisition cost of a customer (2:25)
  • The fundraising funnel: A nonprofit’s answer to (3:20)
  • How to create a tailored online experience for your donors (9:50)
  • The ‘two prong’ email strategy to maximize engagement and financial support (11:30)
  • Content vs asking for the sale: The best email ratio for nonprofits (15:25)
  • The most critical page on your fundraising website (26:30)
  • Create high influxes of donor support with THIS highly successful launch model (28:40)

Download, listen, and enjoy part two of Roy Furr’s interview.

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