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True story,

This guy writes to me:

Subject: I owe you an apology

"Hey Jonathan,

So, I've been listening to Podcast Factory shows for over a year now.

I really enjoyed Ben's, and I still listen to Igor and Dan. But to be honest, I was never really impressed by your presence on the shows on your network.

You always came off as too reserved, and in my mind, I assumed that you just had little value to add.

I've heard you say you don't like speaking your mind on political issues, and while I respect that, it never made sense in the company you keep. And those opinions are what always kept listening to Ben, Igor, and Dan.

But I have to admit, this latest episode with Dan, you really impressed me. It was the first time that I felt a podcast bonding moment with you. And it made me really look at you in a new light.

I get why people shy away from expressing certain opinions, especially nowadays. But I'm glad I got to hear yours, even if only briefly.

I'm not encouraging you to do it again. I'm just saying I was glad I got to hear it. It made me realize you're a deeper thinker than you allowed me to see at first. And it really made me respect you more.

Anyways, it was a nice Thanksgiving surprise, so thank you. I hope you're day was blessed, and wish you continued good fortune. Keep doing what you're doing, and thank you for the brief insight into the political thoughts of producer Jonathan."

You know what, this guy is right.

I've been holding back way too much and I'm starting to think its costing me business and fans.

That's why one of my goals for 2017 os to step out of the shadows of the giants I;m working with and start giving you a dose of my true assholeyness.

In fact, last week I was recording with Ben for his bran spanking new BenSettle.com Podcast and he actually told me he has a whole new respect for me when I spoke my mind on what I would do if I caught someone stealing from me.

Yessir, I'm turning over a new leaf in 2017 and you have a front row seat for it all – ain't you lucky.

Until then, you can make sure you never miss a minute of your favorite Podcast Factory show by subscribing to our You Tube channel.

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