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In today’s bonus episode, Kevin chats with Kev Kaye who specialises in business growth using his unique validation technique.

Show Highlights:

  • The number one thing that accelerates growth rate (2:00)
  • A clear definition of what an idea actually is (3:20)
  • The quickest way to validate an idea (5:20)
  • The massive time saver & very first thing you must have in place before you begin validating an idea (7:50)
  • Specific walkthrough of how you can use validation in your own business (11:00)
  • Do not call yourself a copywriter! Here’s what you should brand yourself..(20:30)


Kev understands the importance of validating your idea. It's all about how fast you can validate your ideas. One of the great question Kev asks is “How do you rate the activities you choose to spend your time on?” Asking this gets you thinking critical and is the fastest way to accelerate your business growth


The word “idea” often gets thrown around and is a cloudy term. Kev gives you his own definition of what an idea is and what the fastest way to see if that idea is worth pursuing.

Time & Money

Many business owners spend all their time chasing ideas that won't work. They jump from one idea to the next, as Kevin puts it “Busy as hell”, making no money. By using the process that Kev talks about, you can instantly tell if an idea is worth spending your valuable time working on.

Growth Engine

Kev walks you through a typical example of how the validation method works. If you don't know how to validate your idea, it's impossible for you to serve your customers at the highest level.

All this and much more in today’s great bonus Copy Chief Episode.


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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