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In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell explores the concepts of depth and volume in certain areas of life.

Here are the show highlights of Would You Rather Have 4 Friends or 200?:

  • Finding a best friend (1:30)
  • The daily to-do list analogy (4:40)
  • The jack-of-all-trades but master of none (6:54)
  • The brain dump strategy (8:10)
  • A million dollars vs a penny doubled in 31 days (10:18)
  • Being busy (11:03)
  • Enthusiasm, willpower, and endurance (12:10)
  • How to determine the four quarters in your life? (12:53)
  • Selfish vs selfless brain chemicals (14:06)
  • Recap (15:23)

Focusing on the Ultimate

Consider this question: Would you rather have 4 quarters or a hundred pennies? It’s basically the same question we may want to consider in certain areas of life, such as friendship. As a young boy, Kyle was extremely interested in finding a best friend. He always valued in-depth relationships.

When we relate this idea on our facebook friends, we find that we can have a lot of friends in our list but only have very little to say about each. When it comes to having friends, Kyle suggests that it is much better to have few options. For this, we refer to the analogy of the daily to-do list.

Getting Rid of Brain Magnets

When we have a lot of things to do in mind, our brains may encounter certain brain magnets. They are those that distract us from our ultimate goals. One good strategy to get rid of them is the brain dump.

Find a distraction-free zone where you can declutter your mind of brain magnets. Get a notebook or a blank sheet of paper, and spend some 30-50 minutes writing down anything in your mind. Simply follow your stream of consciousness until you get down to what needs to be done first.

Determining the Four Quarters

Look at what gives you energy and avoid what doesn’t. Distractions may come and lead us astray from our ultimate goals when we don’t know our main focus. You may list down your ultimate goals under the four main areas where you can succeed–financial, freedom, fun, and fulfillment–and focus on them.

Download and listen to the entire episode Would You Rather Have 4 Friends or 200? to learn more about the concepts of depth and volume in certain areas of life!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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