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I was talking to this lawyer the other day who applied to work with me.

He has a pretty good practice, he authored a couple of books, he is recognized as a leader in his field and he was looking for another way to bring people into his world so they could choose to work with him.

He told me how much he hates listening to podcasts where the host sounds like they're in their mom's basement or talking into a tin can.

Every time he hears that he tunes out immediately.

We both laughed.

Why? Because today podcast listeners have more choices than ever.

You've got six seconds to make an impression on them or you'll loose them forever.

Today listeners have tons of options and one of the first ways you can break through the noise in iTunes is to have a professional sounding show.

You don't need to build a studio or sink a bunch of dough into an expensive mic to accomplish this.

You only have to make sure you're working with a great audio engineer.


Back to my lawyer friend,

As I dug deeper and deeper into what he wanted from his podcast something became incredibly clear to me – this guy wanted flawless audio above all else.

Somehow in his mind ‘flawless audio' equated to how good he is at his job.

Why? Because if his audio didn't sound professional then people might question how seriously he takes his cases.

He knew anything less than ‘flawless audio' would have him looking like a rookie and reflect incredibly poorly on the brand he has built.

And he's right…

People judge you on your sound.

That's why we've always made it our top priority to give our hosts and listeners the best sounding show we could.

From the beginning we have always put an emphasis on giving you a great sounding show that keeps your listeners coming back for more each and every week.

The main way we make sure you sound your absolute best is training all our audio engineers on our CLEAR™ standard of audio production.

The CLEAR™ standard is a 5 step process that ensures your raw audio turns into a flawless podcast by the time we're done with it.

Wondering how it works?

First we make sure your pacing is right, get rid of long pauses and dead air.

After that we go through and remove all your crutch words (ahs, uhms, you knows)

From there we make the edits and corrections.

And then your audio engineer does his magic and makes your audio sound like you recorded it in a studio.

That's why I always tell people, not all podcast production houses are created equal.

Do your homework and make sure the company you choose to work with will make you sound your absolute best.

Producer Jonathan

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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