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You’ve learned enough about the benefits of Infinite Banking you’re starting to wonder: Why doesn’t everybody know about this!

Is it a conspiracy?

A plot to keep you in the dark?

Not exactly.

There’s a simpler (but still serious) explanation, and I’m sharing it in today’s episode.

Plus, I’ll give you a peek “behind the curtain” at what goes through the mind of an average agent when they’re introduced to IBC.

Listen now:

Show highlights include:

  • Does your advisor suffer from “arrival syndrome”? What to look for, and why it robs you of the best service you can get. (1:27)
  • The simple way to introduce people to IBC, even if you stink at explaining things. (3:36)
  • Surprising indicator your advisor is a cheapskate, and why to avoid them if they are. (5:43)
  • The #1 resource to learn IBC. Spoiler: It’s not social media, or even a podcast. (6:54)
  • Selfish financial incentive that may be what keeps some advisors from promoting IBC, even if it’s the best strategy for you. (7:53)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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