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Selling jewelry on your website is all about experimenting!

What worked last year might not cut it anymore.

Instead of getting overwhelmed, just get started listening to this episode because I have a bunch of ideas to help you out!

The fact things are changing can actually be a good thing for you.

Because that means the playing field is leveled, if the rules keep changing you can stay ahead of even the biggest brands!

So let’s get into this episode and discover ways you can increase your website sales!Bring Offline Connections Online

Anytime you’re in person, meeting with people, don’t forget about your website! Giving them a way to find you anytime they want is a great way to serve your clients.

Giving them a reason to sign up for your email list is a genius way to get those offline customers online! Take advantage of the connections you’re making and get them on your email list!

Subscription Boxes
This model is really becoming popular. Think of it like Birchbox, but for jewelry! Before you think, “this can’t work for me,” get creative! Even if you make fine jewelry, I’m sure there’s some way you can incorporate a monthly subscription.

The reason it’s great is because you get consistent revenue every month! Plus, your biggest fans will love you even more for it because you’re making their life easier.

Focus Your Traffic
Setting up a landing page for a promotion or a download is going to increase your conversions more than just sending people to your website.

This works because it’s more focused and targeted. People don’t know what to do when they land on your website, chances are they’re not going to intuitively find your opt in and sign up.

xo, Tracy


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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