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You probably already know there are many keys to success with paid traffic: Copy, visuals, budget, back-end conversion etc.

You might think getting all these right would guarantee success, but you need to get one thing right so any of this can be effective: Your audiences.

Luckily, Facebook gives you valuable tools you can use to build easy-to-convert audiences and leverage leads you might consider “lost“.

In this episode, Justin breaks down how to make use of these tools and tells you how to market to custom audiences effectively.

Show highlights include:

– The one common type of audience which almost never gets a good return. (4:50)
– Three custom audiences almost any business can create and see a good return with (starts at 6:30).
– Which information to feed Facebook to reliably reach your ideal customers. (11:25)
– Six email segments which enable profitable, low-cost marketing. (11:30)
– One software tool which almost makes you able to „set it and forget it“ your custom audiences. (12:15)
– How to create the most receptive audience—only with data you already have. (19:45)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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