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I’m rarely shocked…but what happens in today’s episode really surprised me.

I sat down for the third time with Marie Forleo. (Lucky me!)

And what she said had my mouth gaping open…

And I think you might be surprised too!

Marie and I did a no “holds barred” Q&A with questions from our Diamond Insider’s community!

She gets down and dirty and reveals how she deals with down days and shares killer tips on turning your website into a retail experience.

(Check out my previous interviews with Marie about finding the perfect jewelry clients online and the silly mistakes designers make marketing their biz online).

So, if you’re struggling to get the exposure you’ve been dreaming of, I feel ya!

I used to HATE marketing my business, until Marie showed me how to make it FUN and creative.

Plus, she subtly “tells all” as to why she isn’t reading any biz books at the moment…(are you catching flies too now?)

Let’s dive right into Episode #136 into my “Ask Anything” Interview with Marie Forleo.

What to Post on Social Media

Focus on what your customers are interested in. Get in the mindset of who your customer is, what they’re struggling with, what they love, and how you can light up their feed!

Generally speaking, selling happens in your emails (not your social media!) so use social to get to know your customers! Use your email to sell, cause then you’re selling to people who already know, like, and trust you!

Staying Encouraged in the Early Days

Everything is about the long game for Marie, she isn’t looking for quick wins. It took her years to launch her business because she wanted to do it right!

Remember that, nothing worth having ever comes easy. Sometimes you need to work, wait, and watch and see what happens. Think about what you want to do with your time, and commit to yourself!

Getting Out of a Funk

When you’re feeling down, try exercising! Marie swears by it, it helps you get out of your head! Plus there are chemicals your body releases when you exercise, so that helps!

Our culture trains us to think with our heads, we forget the wisdom in our hearts! Meditate for a few minutes every day. Calm and recenter yourself. If anything else, talk it out with someone who understands you.

Marie has a unique perspective on running a business and it’s simple!

Plus, she’s hosting a free video series to help you find the business you were meant to build!

She’s been through it all, seriously, she knows how to get things done!

xo, Tracy

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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