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Are you blessed with a fast metabolism? Or do you feel like you gain weight just looking at a slice of pizza? Can I let you in on a little secret? … It! Doesn’t! Matter! Fast or slow metabolism, there are so many other factors that account for your body composition. Some you have greater control over than others. And the good news is, knowing this can help you make significant gains (Ha! See what I did there?) toward ridding yourself for good of that stubborn fat on your way toward greater strength and health. So let’s dive in …

Today, we’ll discuss:


  • Why to be a real winner you absolutely MUST fail… (1:42)
  • Most people value money, but you need to value this one thing more than money to be a true success (2:13)
  • More on the marbles … (2:50)
  • How to plan for chaos to help guard your time (3:24)


  • The three different body types, how to identify which you are and how your metabolism fits into your type … (5:10)
  • There’s gender inequality when it comes to stubborn fat patterns. But both men and women have them. Here’s how to tell where they are and how to beat them (6:25)
  • Forget the whole slow versus fast metabolism argument. Understand these “sensitivities” and caloric destinations to make your metabolism more efficient … (7:45)
  • The four parts of your metabolism and how much each part accounts toward caloric burn. Guess what? Exercise accounts for only 10 percent! These few things to consider will help you really change your body composition …(10:20)

Burn, baby, burn …

You burn calories every minute of the day. Use this deeper understanding of your body’s physiology to–like we talked about in the mindset portion–plan out your approach. Knowing your body type and the factors outside of metabolism that affect your body composition sets you well on your way toward becoming your best self. And remember, you don’t need hours upon hours each week in the gym to get there.

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Thanks for listening! You’re stronger than you know!


  • Kyle Newell

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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