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Running a jewelry business from your iPhone? Yes, please!

But how do you make that happen?

One of the running jokes from Flourish & Thrive LIVE! last weekend was an edited quote from Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they won’t come”

Getting started usually isn’t the hardest part, it’s everything that comes after that’s a total mystery to a lot of designers.

Building an awesome website isn’t enough to get sales, but that’s why our lovely Melissa Camilleri Anicich is with me on the show today!

If you’re new around here, Melissa is an F&TA superstar, she has a great brand, Compliment Inc., and was one of the first designers to take our Laying the Foundation course!

She’s one of our Diamond Insiders and has just taken everything we offer at F&TA to heart.

Ever since, she has grown from a high school teacher making jewelry for fun to running a jewelry business and lifestyle brand! Seriously amazing, she’s so great! She did this through smart branding.

Find out what Melissa has to say about her brand journey with Compliment Inc.!

Highlighting Your Brand through Video

Meeting someone in person is the best way to make a connection! Having even one video showcasing your brand online is the closest way you can make this connection with your customers!

I know, putting a video out on your site might sound scary, but people want to see that from the brands and people they love! Get excited that your Dream Clients want to connect with you this way, it’s a great sign you’re doing something right.

Content: Quality over Quantity

Building a brand is so much more than your logo and color scheme. Everything from your website layout, packaging, and blog topics reflect your brand.

Iconic brands like Tiffany, Nike, and Kate Spade know that quality is always better than quantity. Choosing topics, materials, and even influencer partnerships that are consistently on-brand is essential in creating a trustworthy brand that’s easy to spot!

Automated Apps

Wearing multiple hats isn’t a good look, but it’s something we all do as business owners! Finding ways to automate is the key to growing without working 24/7!

Putting things like customer service, thank you’s, and follow up emails on autopilot is easy using Shopify. Melissa is sharing some great apps she uses to not only reinforce her brand mission, but also get lots of sales as a result! (and keep people coming back for more!)

Spoiler: Melissa is a coach in our Strategic Online Success Accelerator program, so if you thought she was great on this episode you’re gonna be blown away by a 1:1 coaching session with her!

Check out the SOS Accelerator to see what’s possible for your e-commerce jewelry business!

If you haven’t completed your Digital Marketing Momentum Scorecard, definitely take a look at that. When the designers at Flourish & Thrive LIVE! got their hands on it this weekend, they were so excited!

If you have a Shopify site, you need to listen to this episode! Melissa is sharing so many great resources to build up your Shopify site (even things that are free!)

xo, Tracy


I wanted to give another shoutout to Shopify, they’re so great.

Especially after learning about all the awesome capabilities they have with their apps and automation, seriously amazing.

Check them out if you’re looking for a website platform.

Digital Marketing Momentum Scorecard
SOS Accelerator


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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