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Feeling stuck is a common struggle for jewelry makers trying to grow from side-hustle seller to full-time jewelry designer.

It seems like we’re getting a lot of questions about this lately from our online groups and comments.

So I wanted to start off this new “Ask Tracy” segment of Thrive by Design with my best advice on what to do when your jewelry business is at a stand still.

Stirring up sales for jewelry can be tough when it’s outside your busy season.

Especially when you’re heading into a new sales avenue like venturing online or even trying to get in some local boutiques.

Let’s dive into today’s episode, because we’ve all been there and I can’t wait to help you out!

Watch What’s Working

Do an audit of your business. Take a look at your press pitches. Make sure you can give a solid answer to why you’re reaching out to the people you’ve been pitching. Repeat this process for your sales & marketing activities!

Step back and do an evaluation of where your sales are coming from. Next, focus on revenue streams that are really working. Look at the best customer relationships you have and find more people or shops like that!

Building Your Jewelry Brand Email List

Having a list of interested potential customers is a goldmine for your jewelry business! It’s totally okay if your email list is small, it takes time to grow it the right way.

Selling consistently is all about having great relationships. So keep in touch with your list regularly and treat them right! Try giving them exclusive content or coupons, and slowly turn them into your very own brand ambassadors!

Reach out and Repeat

Always be thinking about what’s next for your customers after they buy. It’s much easier to get them to buy again than go out and find brand new customers each and every time.

Emailing your existing customers and giving them an incentive to buy again is a natural way to drum up sales! When you’re creating a new collection, give your previous customers a first look or opportunity to buy first!

There’s so much more on the show, so make sure you listen when you have some downtime!

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xo, Tracy

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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