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Oh the controversial business plan….

Have you written one yet?

… Why not?

I bet it goes a little something like this…

Taking the time to write a business plan…might feel like a time suck, too hard and or maybe you aren’t sure where to start.

When I started TMD, Inc., I wrote a 30 page business plan that took me 6 months to write and I never looked at it again!

That’s not to say that business plans should or should not be written and that’s why I invited our guest, Nina Cooper of Nina Designs.

She had a successful business for twenty years before she wrote her first business plan.

Twenty! Shocking, right?

Not really. So many designers, and not just newbies, wait way too long to make a business plan.

Nina tells us how her business plan was the best thing she’s ever done and why you should write one today.

It’s time to get enthusiastic about your business plan! No more resisting. You can do it.

And it can start with just one page….

Let’s hear what Nina has to say.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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