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There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you're starting a podcast all by yourself with no experience, no team, and no budget.

Here are three things that will surely send your podcast to an early grave.

Nail #1: So many people start shows because they have a burning idea they have to share only to find out people want those ideas about as much as they want a burning case of hemorrhoids. Starting your show without researching your market is a great way to kill your podcast before you even start.

Nail #2: Choking on broccoli. I first heard this analogy from my friend Ben Settle. He listened to an interview with Alan Alda talking about the popularity of the hit show 60 Minutes. Alan said the reason people liked the show so much was because it nourished them like broccoli, but it tasted like a hot dog. Ben says this is the single best definition he has ever heard of "info-tainment."

See, too many people share their best ideas (broccoli) on their free podcast show then wonder why no one buys their stuff or hires them. It's because you shoved too much broccoli down their throat, they're choking on it and they don't want any more.

Nail #3: Dong has been home with us almost 6 months now. When he first came home he didn't know a lick of English. After months and months of us repeating words to him, the little guy has an ever expanding vocabulary of English words. Do you think if we said, "Milk" to him one time he would remember it? Hell no, it took us repeating over and over and over again until just the other day he asked for milk. It's the same with your podcast, if you share your position on a subject only once – your listeners won't remember it.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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