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One of the most watched TV shows of all time is Criminal Minds.

It’s about a team of FBI special agents in the elite Behavioral Analysis Unit whose job is to travel the country helping the police track the most vicious of criminals to ever walk the planet. 

They study clues, look for patterns and signs that aren’t visible to naked eye.

They use a very calculated and scientific process for uncovering everything they need to know about their suspect so they can catch him before he strikes again.

About halfway through the show, once they feel they’ve gotten deep inside the mind of the criminal they’re tracking someone on the team will always say: “We’re ready to deliver the profile.” Meaning they’re so confident they know who they’re looking for they could tell you what he likes to eat for breakfast.

The only way to find the perfect listeners for your show is to know the “profile” of who you’re trying attract… and where you can find them.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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