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Brady Webb learned hard work and moral integrity from his dad growing up on a farm in Kentucky.

Using those skills, he played baseball and put himself through college. Upon graduating, Brady entered the workforce and started his mortgage company.

Twenty-three years later, he still uses those same skills he learned as a boy.

In this episode, Brady reveals how timeless, simple skills let you become a million-dollar loan officer.

Show highlights include:

  • Why dreaming about hitting goals holds you back from writing four loans a month (4:41)
  • Why hiring someone doesn't cost you any money (5:59)
  • The “Pick Up And Move Your Business” method that grows your company (8:41)
  • How working remotely builds better relationships with your team (9:47)
  • Why giving away a deal creates a strong relationship that builds your business (16:00)

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Welcome to The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth sharing tools, tips and strategies so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scotty: All right, all right, all right. Hey everybody, this is Scott Hudspeth with Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals. Man, and I'm super excited today. I'm here with a dear friend. Man, I'll tell you his story is just unbelievable, man, it's been so fun to watch you just, I don't know how you do what you do, but you're doing some amazing things and live in the dream. And man, you've got a beautiful place in Kentucky, beautiful place in Cape coral and I'm here with my dear friend Brady Webb, who man we've been friends for a long man, how you doing?

Brady: Very well. It's an honor to be on the, on here with you brother. And yes, we met actually I remember the day we met December, 2014. I don't remember the exact day.

Scotty: Wow.

Brady: But we were down in the war room and Florida was all white.

Scotty: Man, I just got chills on that one. Man, that was, that was a lot of fun.

Brady: Yeah. [1:15.1]

Scotty: Man, that was a small group.

Brady: Yeah.

Scotty: 14 of us.

Brady: Yeah, it was. Wasn't many you're right.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: A small group. And what an amazing ride it's been since then. Was that seven years now?

Scotty: Seven, yeah.

Brady: 10 years in December. Yeah. And I mean just the, you know, the friendships we've made out of that group and you've been around a lot longer than me, but just the friendships we've made, just like our friendship is, the power is amazing.

Scotty: Priceless Man. Priceless for sure. So, do you like it? Man, you're doing some amazing things. I know that you just kinda in the last couple of years, decided to go to Florida. What's going on with you brother?

Brady: You know, a little bit about my story. So, I was born and raised in Kentucky, grew up on a farm, a farm boy, played baseball, played my way through college. And you know, I guess growing up that way, my dad always taught me the work hard and good things to happen. And started a mortgage company 23 years ago, after spending 10 years in the corporate life. And one of my dreams has always been to live in Florida, always because I love the warm weather. I'm a boater. I love, love the water. I live here on the Ohio river in Louisville, Kentucky. And I have a place in Florida on the Salt Water Canal, 15 minutes out. And you know, it's just, you know, you focus on something long enough, you usually end up getting it. And I realize that, I mean, things just happen to you really, they're happening. And they're like, wow, I just did that. But you have to have a vision. You have to have a focus. And again, you got to stay focused on what you want. And then a lot of times you always gotta knock that little doubt off your shoulder too. Cause a lot of times that little guy jump up there and say, what are you doing? And you know, they even happened to me last year when I was relocating my mortgage company from Kentucky to Florida. I mean then that's when you know, it really got real. I was like, OH Shoot, I'm really doing this. I thought for a minute, I was like, oh, should I do this? Am I doing the right thing? And you know what? I've never looked back. Flipped he guy off, never looked back and it's been amazing. Now I'm actually probably going to sell my home, up here in Louisville, Kentucky and be down there a hundred percent of the time. Even though I'll still come back and forth, I've got an office here in Louisville. So, I'll come back and forth, but now you know what, it's just a meaning, good people like you associate yourself with great people that motivates you to do better every day. Most of my, some of the most amazing friends I've ever had in my entire life and I get goosebumps talking about this are people that I've met after I made that trip to the in 2014. I mean, you know, all of them. [3:41.4]

Scotty: Yeah. Yeah

Brady: We’re all close knit of friends and we know we even traveled together now.

Scotty: Hmm…hmm.

Brady: Yeah, and these people just inspire me. We talk a lot of us talk daily. They just inspire me every single day to be better, not only professionally, but you know, they made me a better person personally as well.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: So, it's been an amazing ride. And if you got anybody out there listening, I just say, you know, just stay focused on what you want. And just make a 1% improvement every day. And before you know it, you're going to be where you want to be.

Scotty: You know it’s funny, you bring up the 23 years, this is my favorite number, by the way. So, it's kind of funny that we're talking and it's 23-year anniversary for your brother. And so, one of the hardest things I think for most people is believing in yourself and like, man, I'm worthy of what you've accomplished. Was that hard for you? I mean, you said your dad was a hard worker growing up and always instilled in you ethical, moral, like hard work. Did you think you'd ever be where you're at right now? For those people listening and you're like, no, man, you know all that, like yeah, but Brady can do it. How did you overcome that? [4:41.3]

Brady: Here's what I'll say about this. So, for the biggest part of my life's Scotty, I didn't have a big enough dreams. I must dreams are too small. I didn't know the dream bigger. So, I think, you know, the biggest thing is just to overcome it. One, you've got to have confidence. I've always been very confident and I'm a very competitive individual, I guess that's the athlete in me. So, you know, I don't quit easily even in the adversity. I always figured out, you know, I'm going to make it through this. But I think the one thing, if I can help anybody of anything, any dream bigger than what you're dreaming right now.

Scotty: Hmm.

Brady: Because most of us dream too small.

Scotty: Yeah, we dream about goals we know we can hit. Would you agree with that, instead of?

Brady: Yeah absolutely.

Scotty: You know, I hear it, well, realistically I can hit this. That's my goal, right.

Brady: Right.

Scotty: And you and I hang out with people at the Freedom Club doing the whiteboard and they're like --that's it! Really!

Brady: Right.

Scotty: It's only four loans a month. What?

Brady: Yeah.

Scotty: You know. [5:37.2]

Brady: Then people even you know, I just want to do 10 loans a month or I'm going to do 20 loans a month. Well, you know what, let's do a hundred a month. That sounds fun. Let's just do a hundred a month. So, what are we got to do, to do a hundred a month? Well, first thing you to do is hire some people, you know. And that's the other thing too, we'll say that I had to like reframe my thinking. So, I had to reframe the way I think about things in my thought process, because here's what they all say. So, you, you hire somebody, you bring somebody in, you're like, oh my God, this person's going to cost me X number of dollars a month, this amount a year. And it's like, ah, how am I going to pay that? Well, you know what, if they do their job, they pay for themselves. And so, I had to reframe that thinking, okay, I don't want to add more overhead. Well, if you bring them in with the right expectations, then you have, you're having the right conversations and you're hiring the right people. Then those people actually will make you money and you never have to worry about the overhead because they're taking care of it for you and producing revenue. And now when I look at hiring somebody, I'm always looking for good people because I don't look at it as an expense anymore. I look at it as like, oh my God, I need more profits. So let me go hire somebody to make more profit. And that's how you grow. And I didn't always think that way. This is something I kind of call [inaudible] cause you know, we ball that had employees wake up in the middle of the night, it's like, oh my God, I got, what am I going to do? I know I need to get busy. I got to make sure I can make payroll. I've got to make sure I'm paying these. Get enough money to pay everybody. I mean, I've thought I've had that thought a million times, but Carl told me once that Brady, it's not your job to make sure they got a job. It's their job to make sure they have a job. [7:19.3]

Scotty: Awesome.

Brady: So, I've done a lot better job. Reframe my thinking. I do a lot better job communicating that with potential employees and you know what, that's, how it continues to grow.

Scotty: That's awesome, man. You know, it's funny you bring some up, you talked about reframe and you know, you kind of were talking about once you hire somebody, you have to do different things, cause now that employee's there to take some stuff off your plate. So, I think the hardest part is people love accountability until they actually have accountability.

Brady: Right.

Scotty: And the accountability is what, man, I just removed all this stuff from my plate, man, now I got to go do more of that stuff that actually makes me money.

Brady: Right.

Scotty: And the cost of somebody people look at, and Carl taught me that too, a long, long time ago. Thank God. He says, it's not, how much is it kind of cost you to have that person it's how much is it costing you to not have that person?

Brady: Not have that person. Exactly

Scotty: That was like a really twist of words there. So, love that. So, man, dude, you know the best part about talking with you and the other people I've had on here is it's always about moving. You're in Kentucky.
You've always wanted to be in Florida. Now you're in Florida and Brady, I'm sure you do the same thing. You have conversations with man, I want to live there. I want to move here. I want to move there. I want to do this. I want to do that. Like, what was it for you that said, you know what? It was, it, my business was big enough or you know what, if I don't do it now, maybe that now will never come. Like what was it that allowed you to just I'm going? [8:42.1]

Brady: So, the biggest part of the, that allowed me to say that I was just going, is my son graduated from high school, went to college and you know, I had to wait, you know, a couple of years to make sure I had him settled in. And I've been a single father for most of his life, so he’s been my main responsibility and I couldn't do it prior to that. I wasn't going to disrupt him through high school. But when that was gone, cause that's always been my plan, when I get him to a certain point, I'm doing this.

Scotty: Well.

Brady: Now, I got him to that point. And then I was like, okay, it's time to do this. So, I tiptoed into it. I started going, you know, I've been looking at area different areas in Florida, traveling for the last 10, 15 years with spring breaks and all that stuff. Just checking different, you know and I love Clearwater, but Clearwater, I just want to get a little bit further south. I ended up picking Cape Coral. And so, what I did two years ago, again, when I got my son situated, two years ago, I went down there and started basically staying. I didn't, I didn't own a house yet, but I just started actually living with a friend and opened an office up, down there, so, I had a business location. The following year during COVID and one thing COVID taught me was Brady, you can really be. I had some remote employees with COVID really taught me how to run my business remotely and thank goodness had already was doing a little bit, cause we didn't skip a beat. [10:01.4]

Scotty: Hmm.

Brady: So, in March of 2020, I actually unincorporated in Kentucky, reincorporated in Florida and that was the big step. Right there, it was just like, I'm making a move and I'd already filed my first tax return down there, personal tax return in 2020 for 2019. So, you know, I just did it. I just really that's what I wanted to do. And Scotty again, I had doubts and the little guy popped up here was like, oh my gosh, is this really what you want to do? Is this really?

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: Are you really doing the right thing? Cause I'm changing my entire life. Ahh… I'm leaving all my friends here. Not that I'm leaving them, cause actually it's turned out the other way. You know, they all come see me more and I used to see them before or I'm looking down there. So, I see a lot of them more.

Scotty: I love that.

Brady: At least the ones I want to see.

Scotty: Yeah. Yeah. You give them the wrong address right.

Brady: Oh okay.

Scotty: Just say hey here’s my address Oh, oops. You missed a good one, just joking.

Brady: I love all my friends, but anyhow, no, it's just, it is a little scary. You just gotta, you can't doubt yourself. If you do have doubts, you just, you do it anyway, cause it's gonna work out. [11:07.5]

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: And really that's all could say, I just did it. I just did it

Scotty: You did.

Brady: Knocked it all down and showed her, just did it.

Scotty: I think a lot of people are getting, I don't know, maybe, maybe not. You probably talk to as many loan officers as I do. Are you seeing people go back into the office and kind of go back into that cage, if you will? You know the story about the Carl’s story that he tells about flying back into the cage and just like here, I'm stuck, you know?

Brady: Uhh…huh.

Scotty: And when you know, I mean like what would you tell somebody that loves maybe being in an office or loves that corporate feel or whatever it is, that's keeping them trapped in one spot instead of 100% going remote, what was it for you? [11:42.8]

Brady: Everybody needs a little something different, so, it's whatever they feel comfortable. With me, I wouldn't rather not, not, not want to. For instance, today, the last couple of days I went into my office here in Louisville, that's where I'm at right now until Thursday. But I went in there and I went in there just to be with my employees and they could hear me talking to people cause they do like that. But I prefer to work remote. Like right now, I'm in my home here in Louisville. So, I work here a lot as well, work out of my home a lot in Florida. And honestly you don't need to be in the office, you're better off just, I find that I'm much more successful and me I'm out if I'm out and about, or I'm just somewhere I'm on the phone, I'm breeding relationships. That's what I do. So, you know, I've focused on mainly now just trying to recruit good people. And I still talk to a lot of agents, although I don't originate any business, I just talked a lot of different people. And then I helped build those relationships with my other employees so that they can maintain that from that point forward. I mean really? I don't know. It's just, I find myself much more productive out of the office than I do in the office because I have less distractions. [12:49.6]

Scotty: Right on! Less distractions, good. And its freedom that comes along with it, man. Like the freedom

Brady: And the freedom you’re right. You can, you know, we can all do this job. For me, but I will tell you that the key to being remote for me and my team is that I still am in touch with them daily. My employees just like you and I are on this call right now, we talk every single day on video.

Scotty: Okay I was going to ask.

Brady: Ever pick, I hardly ever pick this phone up and just call it unless I'm driving. And I hardly ever pick this up, even when they call me now, even though I’m driving and they call me on Skype, they're like we're video calling, even though it's not safe thing to do. But we talk video every single day, all day long and we have multiple. So, I have a meeting. I have a meeting every single week, which helps.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: Like tomorrow morning standard meeting at 8:30 every single morning. And we get everybody on. It's all video and it's just like a setting in a conference room.

Scotty: Love it.

Brady: We do a team. And then I do a meeting with my team on Tuesdays at one o'clock every day. That same thing as video. If I have to call somebody, I call them on Skype and I say, Hey, look, let me show you something. I just saw this, let me show you some and I'll share my screen. And then we go, it's just like walking into my office.

Scotty: Wow.

Brady: Standing over my shoulder or me standing over their shoulder, showing them how to do something. So, I'm doing it by the computer. [14:09.2]

Scotty: Yeah, love it. Amazing man. Amazing.

Brady: And that’s the key.

Scotty: Yeah. I mean you just need internet, right?

Brady: Yeah. That’s it.

Scotty: Just the internet, then you're free. Like that's the one thing, you know, I was thankful to be able to work remotely for a couple years before COVID hit and then I'm like, wow, this is no big deal. I'm already used to it, now I just can't go outside and do what I want to do you know, but.

Brady: No, we do the same with our referral partners, anybody.

Scotty: Of course, yeah.

Brady: Yeah, you just pick up the phone, call them, you can help them out and talk to them, chat with them, see them. You know now thank goodness, it's kind of getting a little crazy again, but now unless you can get out and go, actually go hang out with some people for a minute, you want to go to some networking events.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: But I'm just as productive being here in my house, picking up the phone Skyping some, zooming somebody, having a conversation and you can still build a relationship that way. [14:56.3]

Scotty: Amen due. Amen. So, no one been in 23 years, but for those listening that might be struggling a little bit or maybe just getting in the business or maybe they're five years in and man, I'm not where I thought I should be or want it to be knowing what you know now, 23 years later, what would you tell somebody like that? That cause you've had ever since I've known you since 2014, you've been very successful, but what was it for you that really tricked the trigger? Like what was it that if I would've known this a little bit sooner, a lot sooner, man, I would've just been even farther ahead. [15:24.3]

Brady: Well, you know, you gotta find somebody to help you. You really do. I mean, no matter how you're, you can be the smartest guy in the room and like the smartest people in this country, guess what they do? They have mentors, they have coaches, but, Carl.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: I, you know, we've got to start in our group. He has, he has people he talks to every month he has coaches and I've always had a coach. I have buddy of mine Ryan Monteiro was my first coach. God bless his soul, but.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: And you know, there were a few years I didn't have any coaching and that just kind of, my business was kind of stagnant. And I knew I wanted to do something bigger and better than what I was doing. And that's why I showed up in Clearwater or [inaudible] in 2014 and just fell in love with, you know, Carl as a person, you as a person and just the people in that room.

Scotty: Yeah. [16:13.6]

Brady: And I was like, you know, I'm going to hang out with these people. I don't care what it costs. I'm going to hang out with these people. Cause they're going to drag me up with them and it's going to help me do some great things. So, you can't go it alone. That's the biggest thing. And this is the relationship business. Not only do you have relationships with your referral partners and your past clients, you need to have relationships with other business people that are doing the same thing that are like-minded because they will help you if you mastermind with them, they'll help you grow your business. And that to me is the biggest takeaway. A lot of people have, I see the sun, I don't understand this, you know, be you and I, and I know Carl, we all have the abundance mentality. We share everything.

Scotty: Hmm.

Brady: We're willing to help other people all the time. And there's a lot of people that don't want to talk about their business because they're afraid you're going to swipe something from them. They might take the next deal.

Scotty: Right.

Brady: Well, what they don't understand is they're actually just hurting themselves because you and I would share with someone I want to help you get another deal or two next month. I don't want to take your business from you. There's plenty of business for all of us. [17:15.7]

Scotty: Yeah true.

Brady: And that's what we coach. That's why we're coaches.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: We help other loan officers.

Scotty: Yeah, abundance.

Brady: [Inaudible] they do.

Scotty: Abundance mentality, man is just that, you know, it's hard sometimes. And it's funny you bring that up. When I, my first company, I've only been with two companies. My first company I was with he's like, you can't share all that stuff with people. And I'm like, well, first it's a lot of work. You know, I gotta get up and I gotta do this. I gotta do this. Like, so I'm not worried about that cause a lot of people did just want grow money trees and think that it's just going to grow on trees. And so, yeah, real good point, man. It's almost, I, you know, I read this book - Seven Levels of Living Your Best Life Now, or Seven Things, whatever by Joel Osteen and you know, the more you give, the more it comes back. And it's just, it's amazing how the universe works, when you do give, like it comes back to you tenfold, right? [17:59.9]

Brady: Yeah, and you know, there's a couple other people that you guys in the hitters listening might know Steve jobs is one of them he ever never, if you've never watched the Steve jobs, just ask video, you should watch that.

Scotty: Oh yeah. Yeah

Brady: And he talks about reaching out to Bill Hewlett who started Hewlett-Packard computers, but he's like, you know, I always found in life that people are always willing to help me. So, I've always returned you that favor, I'm always willing to help other people.

Scotty: Hmm…hmm.

Brady: And Zig Ziglar also said back in the day, he said something like, Hey, you know, what I've found is if you help people get what they want, you'll get what you want.

Scotty: Times three. Yeah

Brady: Yeah, so.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: You got, you got to have that at attitude. [18:38.9]

Scotty: Yeah. It's funny you bring that up, man. And I going to these events that, you know, if you've never been to an event with Brady and I man, it's just I usually I tell people the first night I meet up with a couple of people and we talk and I have enough of nuggets to go home with before the event even starts.

Brady: Right.

Scotty: Let alone, two more days of it. But I think what's really funny is when you give, because you have a certain, like, we all have our superpower, right. And you give your superpower, you get super powers back in return.

Brady: You do. Hmm…hmm.

Scotty: It's an amazing idea, right? So, it's fun to, you've been that inspiration for me, man, to just be there. And you're just consistent persistent, man. You just continue on. I don't even know if you've had rollercoaster months. It just seems like you've always just grown to the moon. So, congratulations on your success, man. [19:22.8]

Brady: I appreciate it.

Scotty: Love it from [inaudible]

Brady: Again, a lot of that's a have to relate that to just the relationships I've built with people that because you know, we all have our down days. And then, you know, somebody picks up, pick up the phone, talk to Tony Taylor or Christian Penner or Suzanne Downs or any of those people that you know, and all of a sudden, I'm like, I've got that energy again. I'm like, yes, that's right. Thanks for telling, reminding me of that.

Scotty: That’s right.

Brady: You gotta have those relationships that are gonna support you just like you support them.

Scotty: Yeah. Think about that though man. Think about Tony, Suzanne Downs, Christian Penner, like think about where we all were.

Brady: Yeah.

Scotty: When we met in 14, compared to where we are. It's just unbelievable. Like if Brady gets a little bit ahead, Hey, come on, Suzanne, come on, Christian, come on Tony, lets go, come on. Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up.

Brady: Yeah and you know and then what we do in like race day, you know, what we do is we, we help each other out.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: All the time.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: And I'm like, and they're all in Florida. I'm in Florida. We don't care. We're not burger benders for the most part, but we don't care We’re not competing against each other. [20:25.6]

Scotty: So much out there, man. So much out there.

Brady: Yeah.

Scotty: Brady, man. You've been an inspiration. I know you're a freedom club coach too, right?

Brady: Yes sir.

Scotty: Your coach the loan officers as part of the freedom club.

Brady: Love it.

Scotty: So, man honored to call you a friend, man. It's always a pleasure to hang out with you and see you and it's been super fun to watch. So, any final words for those people that maybe you're like, Hey.

Brady: Yeah.

Scotty: I mean, you do so much, you know, you do so much. What's one thing that somebody should grab onto and go, man, take this to the bank and middle, fill your pockets heavily. [20:51.3]

Brady: The biggest thing I would say is help somebody else out and then they'll help you out. Again, having a mentality of abundance, just be a friend to people, you know, even if you don't, so this is something I try to do every day. So even if I'm in the gym or walking down the street and I don't know everybody, but I always say, yeah, I really like those shoes. And you know, and they’re like, thank you, they'll smile. And you know, just by doing that, it makes me feel good. And that just made that person feel good. And I think that carries over in the relationships not only with the people that send us business or that we do business with, but my employees as well, that makes them want to do a better job every day. And so, I don't know, just the one thing I would say is just be yourself and go for whatever you want to go for.

Scotty: Kool. Love it man.

Brady: Let's just really is, listen, don't let the little guy on your shoulder.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brady: Talk you out of it. [21:42.3]

Scotty: Which is easy to do, man. So yeah.

Brady: Yeah.

Scotty: And then it's every day, it's an everyday thing for me, man. I know it is for you. And it's, you know, the more you grow, the more the little guy shows up, would you agree?

Brady: He does, yeah.

Scotty: He pops up often.

Brady: Yeah.

Scotty: The more you do, the more success you have, the more relationships you have. Bang! And so good stuff, man. Good stuff. Thank you, Brady. I appreciate you, man.

Brady: Thanks Scotty.

Scotty: Congratulations on your home, Florida. And Hey, if anybody's looking to buy a home in Kentucky on the river, you got a nasty one. You got a nice one.

Brady: Oh Yeah.

Scotty: All right guys. Thanks for listening to Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals. We'll see you, same time, same place on the web somewhere and hopefully at the next event with Brady. And I appreciate you guys. Brady love you, man.

Brady: I’m serious. All right guys, see you. [22:23.8]

I'm a Millionaire Loan Officer.

Thank you for tuning into the Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host Scott Hudspeth, don't forget to visit MLOlive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time. [22:43.6]

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