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Taking silly selfie videos during your work seems like a waste of time. But it can make you millions of dollars.

Jen Conley created a selfie video, published it and netted her first client. She kept setting herself apart by doing fun, silly things to get more clients.

Now she averages 30+ loans a month while having tons of fun with her clients.

In this episode, million dollar loan officer Jen Conley reveals how you can have fun and make writing loans exciting for your clients.

Show highlights include:

  • Why impacting families helps you pay your bills and builds your wealth (2:00)
  • The “Clear-To-Close” video that gets clients excited to sign their loans (4:37)
  • How getting a ton of attention creates interest from potential clients (even if they never see your videos) (8:24)
  • The “Loan Officer Breakfast Club” that shares all the knowledge you need to be a MLO (20:07)
  • Why running your business like an assembly line lets you skyrocket your loan business. (21:07)

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Welcome to The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth sharing tools, tips and strategies so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scotty: All right. All right. All right. Hey, this is Scott Hudspeth with Millionaire Loan Officer, where do we take mortgage loan officers, MLO and turn them into MLO, Millionaire Loan Officers. And I have my dear friend the one and only, the one and only Jen Conley. How are you doing my friend?

Jen: Good, how are you? [0:48.4]

Scotty: I'm doing awesome. In that, man, I just want to say that this millionaire loan officer's powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals. If you don't don't know who they are, check us out, but more importantly, Jen, I want to talk about my background here, actually.

Jen: YES!

Scotty: So, you and I have been a big part of that has been so much fun having you on there. And so, Jen, we go way back. I don't even know how far, five years, six years. How long have you been in the business?

Jen: Oh, well, I probably met you when I met Carl, which was 11 years ago.

Scotty: Oh my god, 11 years. Okay.

Jen: I've been in freedom club for eight and a half.

Scotty: Wow.

Jen: And I started Hometown Lenders, my company, so I started the same month.

Scotty: Wow.

Jen: So, it has been, I'd say 11 years. I'm sure you were at that first event.

Scotty: So, you're a sister from another Mister.

Jen: I knew, I know you were, cause I have a picture of us every fall. Yeah. Yeah.

Scotty: I love it. I love it. So, you've been in the business 11 years then or how long have you been?

Jen: Oh, I have been in the business, 16. [1:39.1]

Scotty: 16. All right. You have so much, your story is unbelievable. You've done so much. I love watching you. I love following you. I like, the stuff you do is so creative and just exciting. I want to start with, what was the one thing going through these 16 years? What was the one thing that was the biggest aha moment for you that catapulted you to somewhat where you are now?

Jen: I would say with probably, you know, when I got into the business, I was a mortgage broker. I like everybody else pretty much just fell into it, needed a job, ended up there and didn't realize I could make that kind of money. I had never done; I'd done furniture sales.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: And then I got into a government job for a, just a minute and that was not me. I'm not cut out for that. So that's how I kind of ended up in the mortgage business. And I was just going through the motions like every other job I'd ever really had, right. Just doing what I was told and show up every day and do the best. You can talk to as many people as you can. I wasn't taught to really give any kind of experience to clients or why I was really doing it because I needed a job when I got into it. So, it was about paying my bills. It wasn't about how can I impact all these families. I didn't think about that. And so that first event with Carl, that was what we talked about. Like, why are you doing this? And I'm not a big thinker, I'm a doer. [2:59.1]

Scotty: Amen.

Jen: So that was really hard for me to figure out why I was doing what I was doing. And after a lot of thinking figured out, I, this was 2010, I wanted to show people that you could have fun while you were getting a mortgage. It didn't have to be terrible. You know, it was such a difficult time in the industry anyway, most loan officers didn't want to be doing mortgages, much less consumers getting mortgages didn't want to do it. And so, I set out to make sure that people knew that it could be fun. You could like who you're working with. And it could be something that you walk away from was like, man, that was a great experience rather than, oh my God, it was the worst thing that ever happened to me with getting a mortgage.

Scotty: I love it. Love it, love it, love it. You know, you bring up a good, so real quick before I go into the fun part, cause I want to bring up something that for me was like brought Jen to the scene, but share with us the population of where you live in the little city you live in. [3:53.1]

Jen: Okay. So, I live in Chillicothe, Ohio, and there's 22,000 people in our city.

Scotty: Wow.

Jen: There are like 75 in the county, 75,000 in the whole entire county.

Scotty: Okay.

Jen: So, our realtor association has four counties in it. So, the county south of me, I think has 25,000 in it. And Jackson probably has, I would guess about the same 25-30,000. So, we're not even hitting 200,000 for pretty much all the counties that are in our association.

Scotty: I love it. So small, nothing crazy.

Jen: Very small.

Scotty: Very small.

Jen: Yeah, we’re very small.

Scotty: So, one of the things I want to talk about that I just absolutely love and I wish you were still doing it. Maybe you are. I just haven't seen the videos.

Jen: Yeah.

Scotty: But the video you do talk about the video you do. And I believe it was when someone was clear to close.

Jen: Yes.

Scotty: Can I share that? Because that was so much fun to watch.

Jen: So again, we want to make it fun and exciting. So, we had someone that was she was a joy to work with. She's awesome. And it was a tough deal. You know, it had been a lot of up and down. You know, we'd done some help with credit and income was kind of wonky. And so, it had been, you know, a little bit of an ordeal to get through it. And so, she was a manager at a pet store and we decided we were gonna surprise her when she was cleared to close. So, we get balloons. Jill, my office manager goes with me, she stays outside. I take an empty file holder and I'm like, I have to talk to you. And she's like, what's wrong? And I was like, I just want to talk to you outside. Can you come outside? And I'll tell you what's going on. And so, she walks outside. Now, mind you, everybody in the pet stores, they are all of the, her employees are there. And I was like, I just want you to talk to you. So, she comes out and Jill jumps out. We're like, you're clear to close and surprise her. She starts crying. She was so excited. And we shared that with everybody and we don't do it as much as we used to. [5:32.9]

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: I mean, obviously we've grown a lot and we've not been able to maintain that all the time, but we still do a lot of surprise clear to closes. We've had, gosh, one time we had a lady come in and in same thing, kind of scared her and told her she was clear. And then we were like, you can call your husband now, you can do it to him. So, she called him and played the joke on him that it was something bad and she had to talk to him. And so, it's always really funny to do that. Like, I even did it to Jill when she bought her house that works for me, her boyfriend wasn't home alone, but I called him and I'm like, listen, Mike, you know, there's a problem. I really hate to tell you this. And he's like, What? And I was like, Jill's clear to close. And he's like, WHAT! Okay. So, you know you knock their knees out. And then they're like super happy. There's nothing could go wrong with that voice.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: So that also speaks to the relationship we build with our borrowers. So, it's not, I can't see a bank doing something like that, playing a joke.

Scotty: Right.

Jen: It's like, they're not going to do that because they don't get to know them in that way, like we do. Like we know their families, we know their kids' names. We know all those things because it matters it's this is not just a transaction. And I think that's the beauty of what we do. And if you're not doing it that way, you're really missing out on a joyous part of this business because there's a lot of hard stuff, you know.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: There's all the changes and the things that are out of our control. And so that we have to find the joy where we can find it. And that's part of how you can do that. [6:55.2]

Scotty: Well, I think you take the whole thing and you'd wrap it up into a nice little bow at the end, which is what everybody remembers, right? No matter how good or bad the situation was in between, they only remember the last thing that happened.

Jen: Yeah.

Scotty: Which you make it joyful and exciting and celebration and it's just unbelievable idea, so.

Jen: Everybody has a hard deal. Like, I would love to say I never have a hard deal, but that's just not reality.

Scotty: Right.

Jen: And what's always funny is when people call back that and we had a gentleman just recently called to refi and he was bad, it was just such a bad deal. You just get these people that it doesn't matter what you do, you can't make them happy.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: And so, I mean, it even got to the point where I was like, oh, you'll call me Ms. Conley. Like, cause he was just so rude to everyone.

Scotty: WoooW…..Wow.

Jen: And he called back and said, do you want to talk to Ms. Conley about refinance? I'm like, he called back? I couldn’t believe it; I was like he called back. But we remember that, but they don't.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: Once they get the house, they got the house. And so, a lot of that stuff goes away and not everybody, obviously, you know, everybody's different. You'll have those people that things stick in their minds, but most people don't, they're just happy at the end to have it. And if you make the end a really big celebration, it kind of takes all that stuff away. [8:08.5]

Scotty: So fun. So fun. So, guys, that's just one idea to take. I mean, here's the best part about what you like that video piece, where you go to their employment.

Jen: Yes.

Scotty: Now you're in front of all these other people. I mean a pet store, how many people are working?

Jen: Oh yeah.

Scotty: I think you're at a car dealership one time.

Jen: Yeah.

Scotty: Like there’s this.

Jen: Right. A makeup counter one time, there was a girl that.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: We did the makeup counter like you're getting the attention of everyone else too. And then they're like, oh, who is that? What are they doing? Like anything that you do, that's different is going to attract attention. And you know, we need eyeballs to get people to call us. You know, I I'll never forget when I first started doing video, which was, you guys prompting me to do it. Frank Gray made me do my first video. It was cold, it was winter. And I was doing the water tower video. You know, that Carl talks about where you'd go to most obvious place in the area and say, if you guess where I'm at, then you can win movie tickets. And so, my husband was helping me, you know, he, we didn't, we'd edited a lot of videos back then because everybody didn't have this. Nobody.

Scotty: Right. [9:08.0]

Jen: Not to the extent that we do now. And everybody wasn't on Snapchat and Tik TOK and all this stuff. So, it was weird to see people filming themselves. And this guy came up and it was so cold. And like, there was this like, well you're from Michigan, you know, like as frost coming out of my mouth, I remember Frank called me he's like, where are you at? I'm like, where I live, not in California. But somebody came up and he's like, what are you doing? And I was like, oh, well, I'm filming a video for my business. He's like, well, what do you do? Well, I do mortgages. So, we start talking about it. I gave him a card. It opens opportunities when you do things that other people aren't doing. And I think I built my business on being where no one else is. So, when I started doing video, a realtor told me, well so-and-so was, was a competitor. So-And-So said that you should be worrying more about loans instead of worrying about videos. Uh..okay. So now I've got 30% of market share.

Scotty: Just call them up. Just call them up right now. What? 37% market share. Yeah, Just call him.

Jen: Yeah.

Scotty: Let's bring him on the show. Let's bring him on the show. [10:04.5]

Jen: Well, it’s just, it's just, you can't worry about what everybody else is doing. You have to put your head down and worry about what you're doing. And I don't, this is probably not a great thing that I do is I don't really pay attention to what anybody else is doing locally. Now I'm watching everybody all over the country, obviously with freedom club and breakfast club and all the things that we're doing, because I'm not going to do what somebody here is doing.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: So, I could not tell you what any of my competition locally is doing or not doing. I have no clue. But I can tell you what somebody in California is doing, cause I'm probably going to copy it. So

Scotty: Yeah. I love it. I love it.

Jen: So, and that's the thing about breakfast club and about freedom club and MMA is that it's such a giving environment and everybody wants you to take it and do it, do it.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: You know, I'd given I do radio. I've given everybody my spots, like take them and do them. I don't care.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: Nobody's going to hear them. Chillicothe is going to hear what you're doing in LA or in Montana or anywhere else. I don't care.

Scotty: I love it.

Jen: So, it's, it's really, really a great community to be in because of that.

Scotty: Yeah. And abundance mindset for sheriff one for all of us. So, it's so fun. So, the next big thing you did, which I just, I think you still do to this day is a radio show, right? [11:11.5]

Jen: Yes.

Scotty: Tell me about the radio show and in knowing what you know now, would you go back and do the radio show again?

Jen: Absolutely. So, when I got into business, we did triggers and mail and Refi’s. That was how I got started. Lot of money triggers are super expensive. Mail is super expensive. So, we spent thousands of thousands of dollars to get deals. Well then when I found MMA and we started talking about doing, you know, realtor marketing and getting into purchases versus refis because the market we were in, I got to where I was barely spending anything. So, Hometown is very much has a platform for radio and they teach their branches how to do it. And so, they said, we think you should do this. You'll be great. I'm like, ah, I don't know. It's it was like $1,200 a month. I'm like, that's a lot of money. That's a lot of money. I don't know about that. You know, cause I had come from doing so much to nothing or virtually nothing. And so, they said, well just give it a shot. So, for 90 days we did it. We did AM, the spots that we do are we tell the stories of our clients.

Scotty: Love it. [12:08.5]

Jen: And doing that, we broke even. I mean, I got enough deals to pay for what we did, but I was like, listen, I'm not in business to breakeven, I'm in business to make money. And so, they said, well, why don't we try a different station? Well, it was doubled it's 2,400. I'm like, oh no, no way. I'm not doing that. And so, they said, what if we pay for it? We believe in it. We believe it will work. So, we'll pay for that first month and see what happens. And now again, have an asterix, you know, results may vary, but that when we switched to kind of free, I had a different DJ that I was doing it with. We clicked really well, which is a big part of it. And we got immediately, we got results. And it started, we started getting calls immediately. And I think it's partially to it's the live part of it. It's having that interaction back which is like this, like back and forth and having a conversation and we get along really well together. And so, people really, really respond to that. And country has a loyal audience too. I think that's a big part of it. So, we did that. I did that for three or four years and then my radio reps like, Hey, you know, you and mark should, you should do a show. And I'm like, what? And we started talking about it. And so, then we started doing five years ago, we started doing the show and it's from a house to a home and it's a broker, the biggest broker in town. And I do a show every week on Monday and we take turns. So, one week it's his responsibility. And then the other one just chimes in with, you know, their comments or Snyder marks, lots of times on what we're talking about. And so it's just for five years, we've been doing that. And then people it's so funny to me because they always talk about it. People are like, I've learned so much from it. I'm like people really listen to this thing, because I'm like, who would listen to this? But a lot of it is our banter. Like we make fun of each other. We have a good time and we make it fun. [13:48.5]

Scotty: Love it

Jen: We make talking about real estate fun. And so, he was not doing radio. He was not big on it. I think we pay like 850 a piece for the show.

Scotty: Okay.

Jen: We're on every Monday and he wasn't really wasn't big on it. He didn't want to spend the money, but I don't know, maybe a year or so, he's like, you know, I got a call for a listing on a million-dollar property.

Scotty: Uff.

Jen: And they said they heard me on the radio show.

Scotty: Ding…ding…ding…ding.

Jen: Yes. So, it is absolutely and, and you know, he's the broker, so, he just gives the office number for people to call. So, his agents are getting, and I'm sure they're not asking where they heard about them because you know, people just don't ask that stuff.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: They should, but they don't, but he knows he's getting return on it because his business has increased as well.

Scotty: Unbelievable.

Jen: Now where it's, you know, varies from month to month. But we're anywhere from 50 to 60% of our businesses now coming from the radio.

Scotty: No kidding. And how long is the show?

Jen: It's supposed to be like five 90 second spots. We usually talk for six or seven minutes at five. We're virtually taking all this the whole hour now. So, if she plays a few, she's like, you know, I got to play some music in here too. I'm like, ah, who wants music.

Scotty: Music, oh we’re on a.

Jen: We're probably about at least 30 minutes of air time every Monday. And it's just been really fun and yeah, and I don't listen to country. I mean, I probably shouldn't say that, but if I go into a store though, I'll hear myself and it's, it's weird. [15:06.0]

Scotty: That’s cool.

Jen: It's like, I never hear myself, but it's really, it has been really good. And especially in a smaller community, I think it's been helpful. It makes it easier for realtors to refer us, because as mortgage bankers, now, if you're a bank, people know who you are, cause the bank puts money in that.

Scotty: Right.

Jen: But if you're a mortgage banker or a broker, you have to build your own brand. And so, for us, it was when people said, oh, well, you're here, give Jen a call. And they're like, oh, I've heard her on the radio. So, it just broke down one more barrier for the agents to be able to refer us to. And I think that is also helpful. And the big thing with radio is like timing obviously. So, we play our wives spot every day. We have a truck factory here in town, one of our biggest employers and they get out at 3:30 and my spot plays at 3:35.

Scotty: Wow.

Jen: So, when they get in the car, I’m the first thing they hear every day when they get in the car.

Scotty: Wow. Wow.

Jen: So that's very important.

Scotty: So, can somebody tune into that if they want to hear that online or how do they find that?

Jen: They put them on wkkj.com under podcast.

Scotty: wk. Say that again?

Jen: KJ. wkkj

Scotty: wkkj.com.

Jen: Hey KJ.

Scotty: Okay. KJ. Okay.

Jen: And under podcast is From My House to a Home. That’s got all of our previous shows. And there's a spot for Jen Conley Hometown Lenders and that's got all my live spots. So, you can listen to all those there too. And those are just telling the stories.

Scotty: Love it. [16:24.2]

Jen: Of our borrowers. And that's the other thing too, people like to hear their stories.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: And I don't say first and last names. I either say, you know, if it's a single person, I say their first name, a family, I just say their last name and we just tell their story of either that was fast because they steered the boat. They were the one getting us our things quickly, answering all of our phone calls, answering all of our emails or they did the hard work to fix credit, to get where they needed to be. Or they started with another lender and it went bad and they called us because they heard us talk on the radio and we were able to get it done for them. So, we tell those stories and people identify with that. And so, and then I was in, it was like, Hey, you know, if you're in a situation where you're working with a lender, that's not returning your phone calls, they're not answering your emails and you have no idea what's going on with your loan, give us a call. We can help you with that. So, it was always about helping them because I'm telling you it's happening. Here's a funny story. And you know, during COVID, obviously everybody got backed up, but banks were especially bad. And that's mainly my competition here are banks. And so, we talked about that on the radio show. I'm like, listen, you know, banks, aren't getting loans closed on time. They're not calling people back. They're not doing these things. They don't have enough staff. You know, we've overstaffed to make sure that we can take care of you. And a competition, a local loan officer at a bank texts the broker and said, someone told me, you were talking about me on the radio today. And I didn't say any bank name. And he said, I don't even know what you're talking about. And she said, well, they said that you were talking to up that I can't close loans in 30 days. And he said, first of all, Jen pays for half the show. So why would I say your bank name on the radio show? She's paying for half the show. I'm not going to say your bank name. He said, but I don't know what you're talking about. You can go onto KKJ’s website and listen to it and see what, what we said. I don't even know. Okay. [18:04.5]

Scotty: Wow.

Jen: Like it was. She took it, personally, I was talking about her. I was just saying banks in general. You know? So, I don't say I’m the best, I’m on the best, but I, you say, Hey, listen, here's what's going on in the industry. And here's how we're different. And so, I think that that gives us a really good platform to do that.

Scotty: You just jab it in,so everybody that hears it, that you know, is having that problem goes, I'm having that problem.

Jen: Yeah.

Scotty: That's me, Jen speaking to me.

Jen: Yeah, and then Mark is always like, Jen's the best. And I was like, Mark's the best? Like we're able to talk about how great the other one is and prop each other up, that also helps too. Cause you know, it's better when he says it, than when I say it.

Scotty: Does it hurt you working with that one agent doing that radio show with other agents. Other agents have a hard time with that?

Jen: We did in the beginning, but it got better.

Scotty: Okay.

Jen: I mean, listen, here's my deal with it. If you don't understand that I have to work with other agents, then we're not a good fit. And I say, wait, if they ever say anything, I'm like, Hey, if you can provide me with 30 closed deals a month, I won't work with anyone else.

Scotty: Oh only 30. Is that only 30? [19:04.2]

Jen: Yeah. We're not closing 30 deals a year, most times.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: People that are saying those things, aren't closing 30 even a year. So, I'm like, I've got to work with other people that doesn't mean I'm going to take care of you. It doesn't mean I don't love you.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: But I'd want to work with more than one person.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: And again, because I have a staff and I've made a commitment to them to keep them in a job. So, I have to work with as many people as possible. So, I'm not gonna say it never happened. It has, but that's okay. If, if you don't like that, that's okay.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: You don't have to work lists, you know, but I have to work with more than one person. And so, the good thing about him is that he's got the majority of the business because he's got, I think 130 agents. So, he's got the majority of agents.

Scotty: Got ya.

Jen: So, it's not as big of a hurt as maybe if I was doing it with a really small broker. But I also do a podcast with a different agent in a different office. I do a lot with a lot of different people. So, I try to not just do it with one person.

Scotty: Love it. Let’s end off with, let's finish talking. So, man, unbelievable radio show, video marketing, like you've done it all. Let's talk about our new things. Talk about our new thing for a second.

Jen: Yes.

Scotty: Loan officer breakfast club, how fun is that? [20:09.7]

Jen: Oh, so much fun. Love, love, love it. I wish I would have had this kind of stuff when I started. You know, there wasn't this big group of people that were so giving with their time and their knowledge. And I wish, we had MMA, but they were all just getting started too with being in that kind of world. And so, it has evolved so much that we've paid the stupid tax for people. I like to call it the stupid tax. Like I've done everything that wasn't work. So, you don't need to waste your time doing it because I've already done it. And to be able to share that knowledge with other loan officers, I just love it. You know, I've got great team. You know, they've got my system on lockdown. I don't have to be in the loans. I don't have to be in there doing that, which frees up time for me to do those kinds of things, which is helping other people, which is what I love to do.

Scotty: Awesome. Awesome. Jen, and I know you're building too. So, you have this system, this monstrosity of a system that you can plug people into as loan officers, correct?

Jen: Yes, absolutely.

Scotty: So how would someone, if someone's like, Hey man, man, you're in my neighborhood or Hey, I love everything about you. Cause you're so awesome and exciting and vibrant. How would somebody get ahold of you? [21:20.1]

Jen: Oh, I mean you just message me on Facebook, iis probably the easiest way.

Scotty: Okay.

Jen: It's Jen Conley. You can find me on Scotty, go to Scotty’s page, you can find me there. And it's probably gonna be the easiest way for anybody that's watching this.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: Or rather than giving out a bunch of stuff that you’re gonna write down.

Scotty: Sure.

Jen: On Facebook. We really love plugging people in because it's such a good system. It's really just an assembly line. I mean, we really just run it like an assembly line. Everybody has a specific job and everyone knows how to do everyone else's job, but they don't do it. They let that person do it unless they need help, they'll jump in and help.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: But having that system and that backup, which I didn't have years ago is so good. And to me, hiring is worst part. Like I hate hiring. It's so hard. It's frustrating to find people. And you know, right now it's hard to find people period for any job. If I would've been able to do that years ago, just to plug in, if somebody already got it going on, I would have done it a thousand times over. That's not to say that, Hey, you plug in and you learn how to do it and then you want to go out on your own at some point, I would love for somebody to do that. I want to help you get there, but there's more to it than closing loans when you're managing. And so, I can teach you that stuff, you know, I can teach you how to run a P and L how to manage people, how to hire, and then you can go do it. But to try to just do it without someone helping you, it's tough, cause I had freedom club helping me, but like somebody's really in my company helping me, I didn't have. So, it's really, really an asset to have that. [22:46.0]

Scotty: I love it. So, Jen, I could talk to you all day, literally. Like it's so much fun. So, knowing what you know now, 30 loans a month on average, what would you say to somebody that's at five Jen? What do I do first to get to 10 - 20?

Jen: Yeah. What's keeping you from doing what makes the phone ring. And sometimes it's your phone ringing. Now, that was my thing. You know, I started coaching with Carl was my phone ringing nonstop. We'll get an answering service. If it’s not being able to make your Thor's hammers calls to your agents, well, then get a freedom caller to help you do that and set those appointments. You know, whatever that thing is, you better see what the obstacle is. And sometimes that's hard. And I think being in the freedom club and having a coach or having even, you know, meeting somebody in breakfast club that can talk through those things with you, I think is huge, is getting someone that can see kind of like a 10,000-foot view of kind of what's going on. That's what Carl did for me, you know, we sat down and was like, okay, what are your problems? What are your pain points? And mine was the phone, was the biggest one. And so, he's like, oh, you just get an answering service on. WHAT? [23:48.3]

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: Like totally changed my life. So, I think that the first thing to do is you've got to figure out what your pain point is. And you know, once you figure that out, then you can do your acts of freedom, you know, and figure out what you're good at, what you love doing. And then you can start to build a team around that. Or again, you plug into a team, but it's really having that self-reflection which I think is probably the hardest thing is to say, I'm not doing the best I can do. I'm failing myself. I'm failing my clients because I can't do everything. One of the only sales positions that is expected to do it from start to finish. Car sales, don't do it. Or even the doctor, the doctor doesn't take your payment and get your insurance card. And they don't do all that, because that's not their specialty. And we're expected to be everything to everyone. And you can't be. You can, if you want to just stay at three or four loans a month, you can absolutely be that. But there are people out there that can do it better. And that was hard for me because I think I'm the best in the world. Right? I'm a salesperson. So, I'm a 99 D and 99 I, there is nobody better than me. [24:53.1]

Scotty: That’s right, that’s right.

Jen: So, but I found people that didn't do it exactly how I did it, but it was just as effective if not, sometimes more effective than my way.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: That self-reflection, that's the biggest key I think to the, to start down the path to grow is.

Scotty: Love it.

Jen: Being able to have that like, Hey, yeah, I'm great. But I ain't all that great. Cause there are things I like, I am not follow up. I mean not, I’m just not, I'm just not. And honestly, I'm not great. People will find this hard to believe, like I'm not great at asking for business. I mean, I'm the best you should just see that. Like to me, that’s like, but Jill. Jill asked, I'm telling you if somebody calls our office, Oh I've got the wrong number. Oh, okay. Well, that's cool. I understand. I swear to you. Have you ever thought about buying a house? You own a house.

Scotty: Oh my god.

Jen: You wanna? She asks wrong numbers.

Scotty: Oh my god, Oh, that's awesome

Jen: I’m like what’s wrong with you. She will ask every single person. I would never do that. I really, will never. Move on, I’ve got something else to do, but she will. Everything is a sale to her. And so, that’s not me, you know, but if I had not found her, then we wouldn't be where we're at right now. And if I hadn't found out that my son is a phenomenal processor, you know, we wouldn't be where we're at right now. So, it's finding those people to surround you. But you've got to start with, I can't do everything 100%. [26:15.6]

Scotty: Yeah. Unbelievable. Jen, it's been an honor. It's an honor to call you a friend and a business partner, a loan officer breakfast club. If you guys want to hang out with us guys, go to loanofficerbreakfastclub.com powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals. Unbelievable. It's been so much fun knowing you, my friend.

Jen: It's just not about us either. I mean, I know.

Scotty: It's not.

Jen: I know Carl and Steve.

Scotty: Carl, Frank, Steve…Yeah, everybody. 135 people.

Jen: It's those people that make it awesome.

Scotty: Yeah, I know.

Jen: Really getting on there, telling us about what they're winning at and what they're doing. And I have already, what we've been doing two weeks now.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: It’s today was our full week. I've learned more than I think I’ve given. Like that's the beauty of it is that we're all still learning from you guys too, that are joining us every day. So, there's strength in numbers.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: And unite. And we look at realtors. Why do you think realtors are so powerful? Because they unite. They might quibble and fight amongst each other when they're doing a deal. But at the end of the day, they link arms and like, okay, we're in this together. And that's what I love about freedom club and breakfast club is, that's what we're doing there.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jen: We're building that in our industry, which we need so badly.

Scotty: So bad. [27:20.6]

Jen: So, I want you guys to join us because it's you that makes it awesome, not us.

Scotty: Awesome. Thank you so much, Jen, for being here on Millionaire Loan Officer, where we take Mortgage Loan Officers to lean into loan officers’ day after day, powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and Loan Officer Breakfast Club, which I'm super excited. So, thanks again, Jen. I appreciate you and just honored to call you a friend and a business partner.

Jen: Thank you so much. I love having you in my life. You've been around for a long time, so I’m not going anywhere.

Scotty: Nope, me neither you either. So, thanks guys. Tune in next time Next week. Same time, same place. We'll see you guys on the web. Have a good day everybody. [27:54.0]

I'm a Millionaire Loan Officer.

Thank you for tuning into the Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host Scott Hudspeth, don't forget to visit MLOlive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time. [28:13.8]

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