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While drinking a cup of coffee, Scott Griffin walked through a crosswalk. He was wrapped up in his own world walking by himself.


A car hit Scott, nearly killing him. When Scott awoke in the hospital he learned what happened. He was so grateful that he survived, he shared a simple “I love you” video with his family and friends on Facebook.

The overwhelming gratitude he received from them showed him what he needed to do to give back and help others.

In this episode, TV Personality and Mortgage Banking Specialist Scott Griffin reveals how to build an unstoppable mortgage team.

Show highlights include:

  • How getting run over by a car builds a better team for your business (2:46)
  • Why failing acting school gets your clients their dream home (6:54)
  • Why discovering new ideas ruins your business (and how hiring talent makes your business more successful) (10:08)
  • The “Want Presence Rule” that lets you close mortgages for engaged consumers (13:09)
  • How blowing off customer phone calls grows your business faster than having a virtual assistant (19:30)
  • Why watching “The Lone Ranger” destroys your business (and how hiring “Tonto” puts you on the path to freedom (19:44)
  • The “Assistant” method that helps you build a team to process more loans quicker (20:15)
  • How paying for a coach lets you write more loans (even if you can't afford it) (25:54)

Want to get your questions answered live? Head to MLOlive.com and discover how you could become a Millionaire Loan Officer!

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Welcome to The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth sharing tools, tips and strategies so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scotty: Alright, alright, alright. Hey everybody, this is Scott Hudspeth with Millionaire Loan Officer, and man, man, I gotta tell you I'm, I’m super pumped to have my dear friend and I gotta be honest mentor, I've been following you brother for a long time. Scott Griffin, welcome to the show, my friend. How are you? [00:47.0]

Scott: Hello Scott, thanks for inviting boy. I'll tell you what, I love, what you're up to. I love what you do. You bring so much joy to an industry that well, I don't think many people attach the word joy and mortgages together. That's where you where they really belong. What a treat, Scott. Thanks for inviting.

Scotty: Oh my God. Thank you, man. I, you know, I you know, my podcast wasn't complete until you showed up. So here we are right here right now. Scott, I have some questions for you, man. Cause you've been very intriguing; I will say to watch. I knew you from when we were both kind of growing up and trying to figure it out. And you know, we met at an event and I think that might've been one of my first events and one of your first events and we're just kind of like, I don’t know, we just kinda hit it off from the very beginning, but. [01:33.9]

Scott: That's right.

Scotty: Since then, Scott you've literally, I don't know California, if I, I mean I googled California and dude, your name came up. So, I don't know what you're doing over there, but it's unbelievably amazing. So, Scott, what are you doing? What, like, how do you like, just start a TV show for starters, I'm going to go right to the top and then I'll come down a little bit.

Scott: Ah, you know, what's so fun. I love the top and working down and you know why? Scott, I think is the route that whatever our route is kind of makes everything else happen from there. And so, if we're going to say that's a place to start, I want you to say it starts from my route. And I say, this is valuable to find the moments that life gives you and to see what's in the moment and then make a choice on which part of the moment you want to focus on. Is it the part that you like or the part that you didn't like? They're probably both available in that same moment. I say that on purpose because I exercise choice by focusing on the things that I liked in the moment that wasn't beautiful.

Scotty: Ahhh.

Scott: So, Scott my answer to your question is this. I got onto a television show because I was run over by an automobile while I was crossing the street, enjoying a coffee on the conversation in a crosswalk knocked unconscious rushed to the hospital stitches and surgeries later. And the second day Scott, I got onto Facebook. So many people reached out. So even though I was run over by an automobile unexpectedly and I was a massive physical pain, do you know what I discovered? Well that the automobiles tires didn't crush my spirit, just my bones. But the spirit was still available. And that's what I said about making the choice of what's available in the moment when you're present to see the moment. And I, the next day was in massive pain, making a video, that's still on Facebook today. For those that are my friend at Scott Griffin, everything is possible. Facebook.Com/everthingispossible, /Everythingispossible is where you will find me because that's what I believe. And so, I made a video, Scott, and I just thank those that took time to say thank you to me and made me feel loved in a moment of such heavy darkness. [04:04.4]

People showed up that brought joy up to the surface. I just captured and I love you video. And the network saw that and they said, that's the person that just got over, ran over by a car yesterday. That is our hosts for national television. And that's how I got the television show, my friend. I got run over by an automobile and instead of complaining about it, I picked up my iPhone and I said, I love you for giving me the love that I needed at a time that felt so dark. You're so beautiful. I feel beautiful. And that was the basis of the video. And I got a show. [04:41.7]

Scotty: Wow, dude. Like I had chills through the whole thing of you talking about that. So, Scott man, ufff…that was pretty deep right there. So, you took a a place of darkness, just put it out there and all of a sudden, the network comes and says, Scott, man, we'd love your spirits. We love all the everything about you. I mean, was this something a like, well did you wake up going I want to be on, I mean, was it on your bucket list? I want to be on TV someday Scott?

Scott: Scott, literally nowhere.

Scotty: Okay.

Scott: Well, that’s not true. And allow me please, if, I mean, that's not fair to say that's not true. Scott now, back step a few steps if I made it a great question. And in fact, I was asked to be on television and it was about 11 years ago and I was flown down to Florida. I got in front of the camera and I learned quickly that I was uncomfortable.

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: I couldn't even get my name out Scott. And then they just got a camcorder out and tried me with a camcorder who wasn't much better. And I, and I got home, Scott. I flew home, sad. And my friend, this was 2007, 2008 when it was a great time to find a new place to live life through. I was getting offered to be a host on television for Warner Brothers on a show about financial matters. [05:54.5]

And and when I came home, Scott, I flew home to Florida, almost like with my head down because it wasn't working. And I'm like, well, well. And the producer sends me an email. And in the emails, Scott, it says, Scott, what happened is not unusual. You weren't getting out of your head. We still think you're the right host for the show. I think it would benefit you as they tell me to find an acting course. So those listening who might be uncomfortable, allow this story to speak to you.

Scotty: Wow.

Scott: So, they recommended, I find an acting course that I always knew myself as Scott, the mortgage broker. I didn't know myself, Scott, the television host. And that's where they needed me to become. And that one I would own that strive to become the story says, Cynthia, the producer. And I'm a such a believer Scott and I get on the internet; the show is to be filmed in New York. I found at New York film academy had a 30-day crash course for acting. So, I got myself signed up and I flew out there and I learned something so valuable. I learned as hard to learn a new craft and only 30 days. It wasn't very successful. So, I didn't really progress down that path. Instead, Scott, I eventually came back to mortgages and I left the industry alone in its entirety and never sent out a headshot or engaged anybody. And I found that I had more happiness, helping families kind of navigate the world of financing around the story of a home. And that's where my happy space lived. So, I came back. I've been back since 2010, 11 years now. And then none of those years Scott, did I think that that work in New York was going to be fruitful. I ended up being there for a year Scott. [07:40.4]

Scotty: Wow.

Scott: I took a whole year off of work and I just became a student. And, and I did it in New York, I found it a new version of me and there sometimes life's important to reset I found. And I don't know if it's ever going to be easy, sometimes the life events are gifts. For me, there was the meltdown of 07 and 08 and I had a physical meltdown before then. And those were all upsetting moments. But inside of the upset moment, Scott, it interrupted normal at an extreme level. And inside of the interruption became new opportunities to try things out. And that's when I went to New York and tried, tried it out. And I learned that's not what I wanted to do. And then here I am years later, and you're asking me about the television show I’m on. It airs tomorrow, by the way, Bloomberg. I'll be on at 7:30 PM Eastern time, 4:30 PM Pacific, who knew I could say those words. And so that's fun, my friend. Do you know what I, I believe Scott? [08:41.2]

Scotty: Tell me.

Scott: I believe everything is possible. And I believe all of us have the right to have whatever it is. I think that is important to get clarity to what our it is that we want out of the life we're living and then focus on it. I will learn that I wasn't responsible for how. I was responsible for want. What did I want? And I've learned Scott, the more I focus on want, the more the house shows up. And I think most of us in life focus from how first instead of wants. And so, we, we want something, but we very quickly start asking, how will I afford it? How much will it cost? How long will it take? How will they like me? How, how how? And if I asked you many HOW questions, I'm not doing anything. But if I'm asking, I want it, well, guess what I'm doing? Well, if I want coffee, guess what I'm going to have in the house, coffee beans. But if I don't want coffee, I'm not even going to have filters. So, want is valuable, the how we'll find a way when you believe what you want is real. And that my friend is how I found success by hiring a coach at the freedom club. I think that we go through life Scott with the tools that we learn on our journeys and we perfect them through our versions. I discovered it's hard to create new thoughts because the thoughts we're creating belong to us, but that you can hire talent in an industry we love. I did. [10:23.6]

I'm in mortgages and I hired you, the team, Carl White, the freedom club. And through that, Scott, I got thoughts that I was not self-creating that advanced my life so rapidly forward that I didn't just affect my old success, but in an incredible amount of many others on its way. And it's because I didn't do it alone. I discovered it was valuable to get uncomfortable. I discovered most of us don't organically step inside of uncomfortable. Well, because it's uncomfortable. So, we don't do it. And so, we often stay where we're often commonly familiar. And I've learned that repeating, that makes life fluid. It makes it, I don't want to say new because it's rarely neutered, but it's familiar. And what I've learned, Scott, getting on TV and doing other things. Carl calls it, black pants. It’s like peeing in your pants cause you're so scared of doing something you never did before, but going on the stage anyway, wet pants. And the gift of what happens when you get inside of the uncomfortable is where you can find new things available. So, when I started understanding that Scott, I started learning quickly that having a coach in my life would help me to be available faster for the new ideas I wasn't already self-creating because I know organically, I'm going to fall back into my trap of comfortable. [11:59.1]

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: But if I hired a coach that could hold me accountable and I would exercise different behaviors, well, then I could change my behavior patterns. But I most likely wasn't going to do it on my own, cause I wasn't doing it yesterday. I already know I'm not. So, getting a coach, allowed me to come up with the ideas that allowed me to speak differently in a market that seems to continually reshift that repeating too much of yesterday will make me irrelevant quickly. That technology is how we move forward in life. We're no longer getting rate sheets to a fax machine, but that's how it was when I first started. I say all of that on purpose, because I think at the end of the day, I think we just want to be loved. We want to be relevant. We want to be successful. We want to help the families that, we want to fall in love with the houses they want to buy. And the mortgage team and working along with partners gives us a chance to do so, Scott. And so, I get the chance to meet people on a journey in their life where want is wickedly activated. And I already shared with you how much I love the thought of want. [13:11.3]

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: Well, I've learned engaging consumers when their want is activated as a great time to say hello. I've learned that we're available differently when wants they're to work from, and the consumers that we often speak to want that home that they're looking at, they want a home that they want to move into. So, want is present. It’s a different energy than let's say, working with a family that's struggling and is needing our assistance. That's a need basis versus a want basis. I think we show up differently in both moments. I find my joy more attached to the want space. So, I get invited Scott, who imagined on the story of a mortgage. We get to start. Hello. And then there you are, whoever you are with your want activated and here we are meeting and I can help you unlock the want. And that's where we start the path of the hello. And Scott, I found that there's a lot you can do when you don't do it alone. And that's what I gained from coaching. I gained success at a level I wasn't self-creating, even though I was successful before. I was at this level of success and it was beautiful for what it was Scott, but this is even more valuable. In my success I've leveled. I've measured in different measurement cuts. Scott, you know, what's so cool about today, my friend. [14:35.2]

Scotty: Tell me.

Scott: If I can really share something fun with you.

Scotty: Please.

Scott: For those listening, as we're not live someday, we'll be there. I'm sure of it. But today we're recorded and we're on a Friday. Scott, they called this work, I guess. I call it fun, but this is what I'm doing today. I'm off. You might call it off. I'm off often, but I'm never really off.

Scotty: Right.

Scott: You know why? Because Scott, I have an incredible team. I learned that I didn't need to wear all the hats, but somehow that beautiful woman peaches who brought me in the industry back then in the nineties, taught me how valuable it was to be responsible for the client myself, from the beginning, middle to the end. And that I was getting paid as that loan agent. And for that, I had the responsibility to own the story all the way through. And I get to visit with you now on this podcast and Scott, we've got such a beautifully healthy pipeline. And and I don’t know everybody inside of it and that's because I have a team. [15:41.6]

Scotty: Just for everybody that wasn't able to hear that quiet, that he didn't want everybody to hear. He says, I don't know everybody, that's in my pipeline. So, Scott, I got a question for you. I’m gonna go back to 2010 and I'm going to come forward, okay. So, knowing what you know now, knowing what you know now.

Scott: Hmm.

Scotty: What would you, what information do you wish you had.

Scott: Yes.

Scotty: In 2010 that might've put you where you're at sooner.

Scott: Much sooner. Here's what it is. I love your questions so much. Here's what I tell myself if I go back to 2010. Get a coach, don't do it alone. Team work, team development, team thoughts, share this story with others. Don't do it alone. Get uncomfortable, beautiful things will happen rapidly because of the uncomfortable sharing of the things you use to hog for yourself. The sooner you do it, the sooner you'll get to where you're going to be measuring life differently. Just believe. It’s like driving down that dark road in a state I've never been in and I can only see so many far in front of me with my headlights, but I'm going to keep driving as fast as that freeway lets me. Cause I believe that there's still road laid down, even though I've never been there to see it before. I take that incredible level of belief, Scott, and I would say exercise it now. You've never spent this kind of money, don't worry about where the money's gonna come from. That's a, how question? Not a want question. I want a team. I want to win. I want to succeed. And I learned that the want brought me to the very first team member I could hire. [17:38.4]

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: So, Scott, I hired a VA, a virtual assistant, meaning they weren't local. They were in the Philippines and they were able to be paid at like $6 an hour or something so affordable. And I was able to convert American dollars to their Philippine currency that made it so valuable in their world. And in return allowed me my first step to team development. And then I was able to bring in more people, Scott, I wish I just would have done it faster. I took too long, Scott. I took too long in the comfortable space of familiar.

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: And I didn't live in the space of believe hard enough. I was believing, but in bits and pieces.

Scotty: Got you.

Scott: I think I would tell myself to believe bold.

Scotty: Hmm. Believe bold.

Scott: Believe bold.

Scotty: So, I heard you say hire fast. For somebody that doesn't have anybody, going back. You got to go back a little bit.

Scott: For 2010, I didn't have anybody.

Scotty: Right.

Scott: I was just alone, Scott. Like in a one of those little Regis rentals, a little premiere offices, like all alone with a third-party contractor and that was our team. There was no team. That was purely alone, my friend, I didn't even have $2 to rub. And that's when I said earlier is where beautiful things are found is where life is most uncomfortable. At that point in my life in 2010, I was as broke as broken can be. I made less than 60 grand a year. My housing payment in Los Angeles is almost 7,000 a month. And one year that exceeds the 60,000 I earned. You can see the math working quickly of where I was in life in 2010. That was the life of Scott Griffin in the back then. [19:15.6]

Scotty: So, knowing right now, all the hires you like, how big is your team right now? How many people on your team about?

Scott: We have 11 on the team.

Scotty: 11 on the team. Who, for somebody that doesn't have anyone who would that first hire be?

Scott: Virtual assistant. Somebody to answer your phone, somebody to call for you. You know what I've learned? It’s valuable not to answer your own calls. Allow life to be perceived. You become more valuable when you have more people around you supporting what it is you do. When you're the loan ranger, I guess so, no, I don't think you can be as successful as you have the right to become. I've learned that you can become more magnificent the more sharing you allow.

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: I would say the first hire is the person that helps you to set your phone appointments, helps you to schedule. My think that if we're just beginning and we're at this question, we probably don't have enough transactions yet.

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: That would force us to hire a team, but we're trying to get there. So, I would say, remember I said, start from want. I want to be successful. Like they are. I start seeing what they're doing. Well, they're not calling their clients directly. They're getting people to assist with scheduled appointments. They're doing things. And so, I hired RJ in the Philippines at the amount I could. And he became that for me, by using technology. I could afford a phone system called RingCentral that allows somebody overseas to act as if right here in my LA office. [20:48.8]

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: Now RJ never had access to encompass on any loan files. So, we kept everything, data safe. But I had my first partner that helped me not to be alone. And from there, Scott, my next one was a loan assistant. I needed somebody Scott to take care of the details of what's needed to get that loan approved. So, I could be more available for hello calls. I found that we get more magic when we communicate on the phone with actual partners that can refer us business and that we can serve to get more business back for them by closing quickly and giving a great experience. Scott, that's the real secret. I think the real secret to success in mortgage lending is based on relationship development.

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: I don't know how you can build relationships when you're so deep in the minutiae of what everyday business runnings look like. When you're trying to chew all the gum yourself and not sharing the fact with others, and that's just greedy. Open up that pack of gum and share it already. And you know what? You bring happy to everybody. And by the time you're done chewing it and spitting it out well, that's what they call clear to quotes. Huh… you're already done.

Scotty: Done. [22:00.9]

Scott: You're done. And you have so much joy on the journey. You're so more available for tomorrow, because you don't have to wear all the responsibility blankets. You can share them and you share them with others and you soon discover you can do a lot more, you know, relationship development by what, having a phone conversation going out and enjoying lunch or dinner we got to eat anyway, don't do it alone.

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: Go make a friend. And guess what do it out of your office, do it out of theirs. Find a neutral space to be comfortable uncomfortably together. And then nobody's on an upper end and you find that they're more available, I’ve discovered. Just build through believing that you can. Don't do it alone. Even if they're just, part-time get someone, your spouse, your partner, your significant somebody to help you do more than you're doing right now without their assistance. Even if it's just helping send out a card. [23:01.2]

Scotty: Scott, I as we come to a close here, I wrote down and I probably missed 10 of them, but I wrote down some bucket lists and not a bucket list. I wrote down, believe in yourself. I wrote down, always be a student. I wrote down, be open to opportunity and choices. Everything is possible. Focus on that. What's in the want and the how comes. Don't have, you don't have to wear all your hats.

Scott: I love it, Scott. Boy, those all sound like great hashtags man.

Scotty: So many. Those are quotes, baby.

Scott: I love it.

Scotty: Hey, so let me ask you this for, I'm going to end with this. What is next for the one and only Scott Griffin. What's next? [23:40.4]

Scott: I love your question. You know what I've learned? I've learned it’s valuable when you share joy with others. And there's this old story I've learned through friends in life and coaches that you may find to help you advance. And there's this one story talking about a cup and then making a bigger cup.

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: And so, what I mean by that is that I've been so local minded in my Los Angeles market space, that is the bubble that I believed in. Even though I live in this incredible nation, my God, but in my little mindset, I only live in LA and I'm like, what am I doing? Stop it. We live in this beautiful nation, doing incredible things through technology. You know, I'll never forget speaking to an agent that told me, Scott, he was moving from one city state to another and I asked, how are you going to give up your, your old business? And then he reminded me that we don't sell houses and PTA meetings in 2020, and that we use technology differently and it started making so much sense. And so here I am witnessing what we're doing in our own community. Realizing I'm being pretty greedy, selfish by not sharing our team and our partners abilities to help clients win the homes they fall in love with, by doing it only here. So, we're expanding and other states were really working with an agency. I've learned that you don't have to do everything alone, Scott, but you should learn to do it. And you should hire somebody to help you. You don't need to master everything. So, we found somebody at One Rose Consulting who helps us to get licensed with the NMLS and outside states that we're not currently doing business in. [25:25.0]

Scotty: Wow.

Scott: So, Scott, we're coming to Michigan, we're coming to Wisconsin, Illinois. We're coming to Florida. We're coming to different pockets in this nation that we weren't even looking at yesterday. And you know, what is so cool Scott?

Scotty: Tell me.

Scott: It's happening through invitations. People are most insisting that we grabbed the bigger cab.

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: And that's the level of life I think most of us are trying to reach is the life of an invitation. And that is absolutely achievable for everybody. And I think, it all starts when we reach and raise our hand and ask for help from somebody. For me, it was a coach, at the time might say, I couldn't afford it. I couldn't, I couldn't even afford my house. But I learned by paying for something that was uncomfortable, I would show up differently.

Scotty: Hmm.

Scott: Guess what, I was correct.

Scotty: Hmm…hmm.

Scott: And I use the tools that I didn't have. I found that life will give you what you need when you want to have it.

Scotty: Hmm, I love it. Scott you’re amazing man. [26:24.8]

Scott: And so, my friend, that's what I say in life. I say just believe, get a friend and get uncomfortable.

Scotty: And get a bigger cup.

Scott: And get a big cup. That's all I'm doing, my friend.

Scotty: I love it.

Scott: I’m grabbing big cups. And I'm finding new wants to activate.

Scotty: I love it.

Scott: It’s important to keep want activate. I've learned that when it goes to sleep, I guess is when I should be dead. Otherwise, what am I waking up for? I've learned that want activates me to show up with a different level of spirit. So, I love the power of want. My friend, this was so fun. Thank you so much.

Scotty: How does somebody get a hold of you Scott? How does somebody, if somebody like everybody that listens to this has to follow Scott Griffin, he's just unbelievably fun to watch.

Scott: No, you're amazing. Thank you, friends.

Scotty: I'm not on TV. You are, you know what I'm saying? So how does somebody find Scott Griffin so they can follow you or like. [27:13.8]

Scott: Do you know what is so cool? Scott, I went to Google the other day and I had fun with that same question. And I thought, what will happen when I type in the word, Scott Griffin. You know what came up was so amazing. It came up, Scott Griffin, CNBC. It came up Scott Griffin, Bloomberg, Scott Griffin, financial.

Scotty: Wow.

Scott: Right now, that I'm all over the place. I had no idea how easily discoverable I really have become. And it happened by needing people on the journey that had the know-how that I didn't, that I use the dollars to believe that they could help. And sure enough, Scott, so I say just Google search, Scott Griffin, and you'll find me everywhere. You know, what is so fun? So, in Los Angeles, we have so many new area codes that 8 1 8 is an area code that lives in Los Angeles. It's been the Valley's area code forever 8 1 8. And then here I am getting a phone number 20 Scott, 8 1 8 20 Scott. So, I still have it today my friend.

Scotty: I love it.

Scott: So scottgriffin.com. 8 1 8 20 Scott, smoke signals I bet we'll find each other. [28:22.7]

Scotty: We’ll find each other. Hey guys, Scott, unbelievable. You've been so fun to watch. I appreciate more than, you know, being on my podcast. Guys, this is where we help mortgage loan officers go to Millionaire Loan Officers.

Scott: Literally.

Scotty: And I'm just excited. I don't know. It gives me chills talking to you, man. So, thank you so much. Don't forget about MLOlive.com, where we answer your questions live once a week, MLOlive.com. Check it out, Scott Griffin.

Scott: Can I say one thing as we exit this, please you guys, this is all wrong. I want you to know Scott Hudspeth and the MLO team come with my highest of all recommendations. I am wickedly confident it will be you on another interview in the near future. Talking about the millionaire number you hit. I really suggest life works through invitations. Let this be your invitation. This podcast is your invitation to reach out immediately to Scott Hudspeth and his team. I promise you; you won't regret it. And I am sure you'll be on a future podcast talking of your story. [29:25.5]

Scotty: I love you, man. Thank you so much, brother. Can't wait to hook up with you in California. I need you to show me the ropes out there, man. You're in a beautiful place. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep be you do you and a man go Google Scott Griffin and guys we'll see you on the next Millionaire Loan Officer podcast. Thank so much everybody, have an amazing rest of the day. [29:44.5]

I'm a Millionaire Loan Officer.

Thank you for tuning into the Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host Scott Hudspeth, don't forget to visit MLOlive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time. [30:04.8]

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