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Highlights from this episode include:

  • The immigrants secret to making yourself so valuable you can’t be ignored (4:39)
  • How to post on social media without looking like a pathetic beggar (5:05)
  • Why the over-hyped guru sales methods are killing your business (5:51)
  • How to become a trusted part of a community so don’t repel people when you do sell (6:31)
  • How to ensure you offer relevant services to a prospect so they don’t instantly tune you out (8:42)
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There's two types of people who hear consensual sales in the first go, Oh, Eww, Shawna, that is not what you want to say. There are better words to use and the second type here, consensual sales and say, you know what? You're right. I don't want to talk my way into the sale. I don't want to memorize a script. You just want to work with clients who are excited to work with you. Now that's consensual sales.

(00:29): If me, Shauna, where I will talk to you about how you can book, happy to pay clients without seeming desperate or being awkward. Okay. Sound good. If you are new here, go ahead and hit subscribe. Share this episode with a friend. If you like it, of course, there is a free gift for you@clientsandmoney.com. It is a 3.5 part process that will walk you in depth through the consensual sales process. Again, it's clients and money.com 3.5 part process to the method of which I teach. Okay. So today's short and sweet. Actually. I don't have much time I'm on my way out the door, but I wanted you to get this out to you because there is a story that I think about often that can help you, that can help sort of shift your mindset a little bit around being awkward or feeling like you're being pushy.

(01:16): If somebody says no to your services, I actually sent out a really great email, basically talked about when does the customer me know? And when does the customer say no, because they don't have enough information to say yes. So if you are not on my email list, go ahead and send me a message after this and I'll go ahead and get you plugged in there. Don't be afraid to talk to me. Like I want to talk to you. This is meant to be like, I dunno was like, I do this so I can get to know you and talk to you. So don't be afraid. Like you're not interrupting me. You're not bothering me. If you send me a message. That's ridiculous. Okay. Hold the story. So this is crazy. So I don't know if you know, like quick sort of catch up to speed.

(01:56): I lived in Minnesota, my whole life. Well basically my whole life. I met my husband there. We went to college there. We bought our house there. We had two of our kids there love everything, Minnesota, but he actually got a postdoc, which is basically like an internship after you get your PhD at Yale, which I have been telling him to come on here and do a podcast episode with me because he actually pitched himself like into Yale. Like he actually called message somebody and pitched himself and got in to Yale. Totally crazy. And I'd love for him to share that story with us one day. He will. He's just, he's a really, really busy guy and he's, he's a complicated guy. So anyway, okay. So anyway, so my family relocates to Connecticut, that's where Yale is. And we lived there for about three years.

(02:42): In one of those years, I got an invitation for this networking event with infusion soft in New York city. And I decided to go, it was like a two day thing and I took the train. You take the train into the city. And yeah, networking event met this guy and this guy had a cleaning company. And so we kind of instantly connected. I had been cleaning houses for like four years. And he told me that his parents came over here from like came over to the United States and didn't know like any English. Okay. And his dad needed a job. Well, like nobody would give him a job. So his dad would go to this hotel, right. Stan would go to this hotel. And like, you go to the front desk, whatever. And like insist in his broken English, limited English, insisting that he get a job that he be given a job.

(03:28): And he went in like every day for like two weeks. And they were like, Nope, there's still no jobs here. There's still no jobs here. There's still no jobs here. Well, one of the days that the dad had walked into this hotel where he was like seeking employment, there was a broken vacuum, like in the front lobby, right. Where they had been like cleaning or whatever. And his dad like went over to the vacuum and had fixed the vacuum. Now the people are like, the guy in charge behind the desk had noticed that he fixed the vacuum. So he took the dad out to like the back or like whatever sort of like utility closet. There was where there are dozens of broken vacuum cleaners that can't be fixed. And his dad went and fixed like all the vacuums. And apparently like where he was from, he had experienced fixing things.

(04:17): Like it was kind of like a handyman who could fix things. Right. And they ended up giving him a job. And so the guy at the networking event shared the story with me. And I love it. I love this story so much because one, it requires you to give rather than take. So like if the guy's just showing up every single day, like, Hey, do you have a job? Hey, do you have a job? Hey, do you have a job? That's how we approached, like our social media, Hey, I'm here. Hey, I'm here. Do you want my stuff? Look at this. I created this blog post. I did this thing for you. And it's like, God, like, people don't want you to like steal their time. And that's often how it can feel is if you're just showing up, like, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me.

(05:01): But if you can show up and give something to somebody that's relevant, it becomes an entirely different conversation right now, all of a sudden he does have a need for your service. So it becomes about them, not about you. And I know that like my people, like if you're listing this, I know that you're not like the type of person. That's just like, Hey, look at me. Like, that's the opposite of what you want, right? Like you don't want to put on a hype show every time you have to sell your services. But that's what the strategies feel like. That feels like your only way to get people, to like to sell to people. But that's what the people says when people are doing this, this is how they teach you how to sell, sell it. It's ridiculous. That's not how you sell. The other thing that I like about this story is that it creates the familiarity effect with just something that we talk about in that 3.5 part process that you can check out at clients and money.

(05:54): And it's that people trust things that are familiar them. So when you show up and you're an active participant, maybe in somebody's community or their comments, you're a good citizen of that community. It can foster Goodwill and creates the familiarity effect. So when you go to like pitch or you go to present an offer, or you go to show like what you can give it's again, it's a totally different conversation. Like they're receptive to hearing you. And that's like, half the battle is just getting somebody to hear you. And that's, that's really, when I changed my business around, if you haven't listened to the, a, the episode called, should I be building an email list, check it out. Because when I made this shift of like, if I could just talk to my people rather than like, feel like I'm putting on a show, I'd be able to so much easier.

(06:39): Like, isn't that true? Like if you could just get like somebody who has a problem that you solve, the sheer fact that they're talking to you, even if you don't hard, sell will naturally lead to more sales, right? Like that's true. That's like a fundamental consensual sales principle. So you don't have to put on all this other stuff. There was another thing I was going to say, so there's familiarity effect. Oh, this just happened to me. So I shared, I think I shared with you in the last episode about how I got this job opportunity where I'm managing like 50 accounts with a real estate company and they needed some copywriting help. They were like, Hey, does anybody want to help write this like email sequence? I mean, like, they didn't say it like that, but they were like, Hey, we need some help. Ready?

(07:21): We got some writing projects. Would anybody be interested? So I messaged the guy and he's like, Hey yeah. Awesome. Like your experience looks great. And I said, okay, like, here's a handful of my samples. Right. Here's the websites that I've done. Here's the sales copy that I've done. Yada, yada yada. And he didn't respond, didn't respond to, to respond. And I was like, Oh, shoot, like what's going on? And I talked to somebody on the team that wasn't directly this guy. And they told me that they were looking for conversation marketing, like for text messaging sequences. And I thought, duh, why did I send him all my website copy? And my sales pages, this is totally not relevant to what he needs. I was so mad at myself, like, right. Like this is what happens when we try to sell too quickly. Like when we try to put a solution before we have fully addressed and agreed on the problem.

(08:10): So I followed back with him and I basically said, Hey, I have work experience with drift, which is a big conversation marketing company. And I said, I have some experience with these people. And I think that it would be relevant to what you're trying to do in terms of like your text messaging sequences and follow up. And he was like, yes, perfect. Then it was like, just bam, wham. Thank you. Ma'am like, here's the things that we need. Here's kind of why we're stuck here. And it just like became this avalanche of a conversation. And I finally was able to submit a quote today that we're talking about later in the day. So I'm sharing this with you and a lot about way of when people say no, sometimes it's just because that thing is not relevant. When people go through you, it's just not important.

(08:55): Right? Not saying always. I mean, sometimes people get busy or distracted or like there's other things that are important and not just you, but like just consider for a second that maybe you're not talking about something that's relevant to them. Okay. Okay. So these are the three little bits that are related to the story. If you have any questions or want to talk further, like I said, don't be a stranger. Come talk to me. I live, this is what I'd love to do. And I get to do it when you actually have the courage to come talk to me. Okay. I think that's it for now. Thank you for listening. If you found this episode valuable, please tell a friend, that's all you gotta do. Just tell somebody forward it to them, bump them the link, tag them. So that's actually kind of a lot of things. Anyway, you get the point, right? Just share with a friend who could use this message when it comes to booking, happy to pay clients.

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