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Highlights from this episode include:

  • To smoothly and easily handle objections you must understand this one thing about selling (1:01)
  • Why old-school sales tactics are costing you money (1:15)
  • This is your only job as a salesperson and if you do it right, the sales will happen automatically (2:14)
  • This is exactly what your customer wants from you (5:03)
  • The unfiltered truth about the reality of sales (7:09)
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There's two types of people who hear consensual sales in the first go, Oh, Eww, Shawna, that is not what you want to say. There are better words to use and the second type here, consensual sales and say, you know what? You're right. I don't want to talk my way into the sale. I don't want to memorize a script. You just want to work with clients who are excited to work with you. Now that's consensual sales.

Today, today, today, today, today. Objection. Right? How do you handle them? We are going to talk about it because the answer is a lot easier than you think and it's actually going to be really short because I don't want you to have to handle objections. Your clients don't want you to have to handle objections. You don't want to have to handle objections and for us to understand this principle, you have to understand what selling is.

(00:50): Okay? Selling is not talking your way into something. Selling is not trying to put together the most lot like the most sealed tight argument. Okay? Like, this isn't like a court case where you have to put together all the opposing arguments. Okay, that's what old school sales is. Old school sales keep you stuck in arguments with your ideal client and I don't, I don't want you to do that. Your clients don't want you to do that. There is a better way for you to sell here. So, okay, long time ago what I would do is I want it to get really, really good at sales, right? And so I would download so many templates. I would download so many scripts and I would practice those scripts. I would memorize those scripts. I'd put them on my computer and save them and look at them before a call.

(01:41): I'd have them pulled up during the call and it just became really stressful because the more that I had, like the more scripts that I had, I kid you, not everyone was different. Like every script was different and it was so stressful because I was like, do I go with this guy's pizza? Do I go with this guy? Lindsay's like, I just, it was so, so stressful. And so, and none of that was necessary. None of it was necessary. When you understand that sales is simply putting truth on the table, like as a salesperson, your one job is to discover the truth. Okay? You have to have a desire to want to know what people really mean and are thinking like that's your job. Okay. And scripts like don't help you do that. So let me just share this quick example and I've shared, I'm, you guys might've heard this story before, but there was one day after school where my daughter didn't come home from the bus that this story will help illustrate the point, what I'm trying to make.

(02:36): So anyway, my daughter didn't, didn't come off the bus after school one day and I wasn't too worried about it. I had four of the kids at home. I was like, she's probably just dilly dallying and it's just, it's not a far walk, but maybe she's looking at something or you know, I dunno, I'm not worried about it. So like half an hour, 45 minutes goes by and she's not home. And I called the school and the school's like, she's not here. She did get on the bus. So then I packed up all four kids and we just went down the road to get my daughter Jane, and she's not there. She's not at her bus stop. And we drove back home and I called the police. I'm still not really worried. I just, I don't know where, I just don't know where she's at.

(03:11): We just moved to a new town so she could get lost or I don't know, like she's, she's gonna, she's gonna show up. Okay. I'm not worried. And I call my husband, he's on his way from work. The police are on their way. They get here. My husband is like freaking out and as we're in like the kitchen or the living room, whatever, my daughter pulls it and my daughter pulls in with the grandpa of one of her friends and she comes in and I don't know what to think yet. Okay. But John starts yelling at her, you know, he's like, I had to leave work for this. Like, what are you doing? What are you saying? And she starts, she starts lying. She starts saying that like she told me that she was going to go to her friend's after school and I know that she did it.

(03:49): I knew that that was a lie. And I fundamentally knew that if I came at her like you're lying or you know, I never said that it would just become like a big blown up fight. Right. And I didn't want to do that. I wanted to get to the truth. And so after John left, he went back to work. She's sitting there and I look at her, I simply just said, it sounds like you really wanted to go to your friends. And then she starts crying and then she admits what happened. She went to her friends and she would've called, but the mom was sleeping who had just had this overnight shift and blah, blah, blah, blah. And we had a really honest conversation. And so I'm sharing this with you because when you treat like handling objections, it's as if you're selling from the opposite side of the table.

(04:38): And what I need you to do in the sales conversation is you actually have to be on the same side. Your customer isn't waiting for you to say the right words like in this perfect order. They're not waiting to say, Oh my gosh, I never thought about that before. Your customers like their ideas the best. Okay. They are waiting to feel that you are the right person for the job. Okay. That's nothing that you particularly say. It's not something that you memorize in a script. It's something that they feel and so you need to be focusing on creating a comfortable environment where they feel safe enough with you to say what they really mean to say what they're really thinking and feeling. And so you need to like suspend your judgment for like just a little bit like just suspend it for a little bit and lean in and tell them you see them, you hear them.

(05:39): It seems like it sounds like, and rather than having to talk your way into something, they will tell you what they need. There's a really great book called flip the script that I read last summer. It's absolutely worth your time. And he says that you never want to pressure somebody for a yes. Okay? You need to let them tell you what they want to buy. So what ends up happening is when you are in this mindset of having to overcome objections, you have to handle them and talk your way into the sale. What that does is it makes the other person look stupid. It makes them look like they don't have the answers, but you do. Does that make sense? It makes them look like they don't know stuff, that you have all these aha moments, but your job is to create the aha moments in themselves.

(06:40): So it's not you giving them new information, it's helping them discover what they already want. Right? If you listened to the seducer market episode with Becky, it's like it's a couple of episodes back, but that's what we talk about. This is what sales is. Sales is simply giving people permission to do and have what they already want. Okay. You might have already experienced some of this yourself. I mean, aren't there times where, you know, just as this is one for my own life, my mom is like it's just kind of like a health nut. Like she's always kind of on like the newest, latest fad diets and stuff. And she's just really always reading some health book, you know. I dunno. Do you know what, I'm just kind of this health nut who jumps on like fad diets and things and I'll go over there and I'll be like, Hey mom, like do you want to go to Hardee's?

(07:36): I'm in town, take me to Hardee's. And she'd be like, no, Shauna here, have some grapes. And it's like, I don't want your grapes. Right. I don't want to eat healthy. I just want to go to Hardee's. And you are not in a space to receive what that person is saying, but there may be some other people where they say, Shawna, like here, like for lunch, like let's have like grapes and like, let's have this really healthy lunch. And you're more receptive to receiving that from that particular person than you are from someone else. Okay. So you've probably experienced this already in your own life, that the relationship with the person determines your ability to receive what they're saying. Okay. So how do you handle objections? You don't, you don't have to handle them. Your job is to simply get them to clarify what they mean.

(08:26): What does that really mean? Can you tell me more about that? Do you want to have an honest conversation about that topic, about that reason, about what makes you feel like that this isn't for you, that you can't afford it? Right? There are some people who have like, this is a true story. I was hired as a salesperson to sell this $12,000 program and the lady on the phone told me that she couldn't afford it, right? She couldn't afford it. And I knew that she was perfect for the program. I knew that she was amazing it, and I knew that this was like a right fit and I just couldn't understand what was happening. So I called in like one of the other people and I was like, Hey, will you just try talking to her? And they did. And she sold the program to her.

(09:09): Paid in full. Okay. She told me that she couldn't afford it, but she told somebody else that she was in and ended up paying for it in full $12,000 okay. Wow. Like when that happens, that will like, Oh my gosh, if that has ever happened to you, I mean, I mean destiny would have to be that big of a program. Has your husband ever done something like that where he says, Oh, we can't afford Starbucks, but here, like, let's put, let's put $5,000 for this investment in nuclear energy. Right. Or maybe that's just me. That happens to us all the time. Okay. Now I'm getting sort of distracted. I wanted to keep this short and sweet like under 12 minutes. But you get the point, right? You think you have to handle objections. You think you've got to have all the right words to say, I'm here to tell you that you don't, nobody wants you to have to convince them your people.

(10:02): Your job is to empower people to come to their own decision and make sure that they have the right facts. Okay. All right. That's what I have for today's episode. If you liked this topic, come join us on Instagram. In the feed, you will see a consensual sales after the show graphic. Come on in there in the comments and let's discuss what you think, what you disagree with, or just questions that you have that I can answer. You can also visit our website. Hey, Hey, Shawna may.com where there's coaching opportunities. There's a newsletter and variety of sales resources to help you sell. Okay? I'll see you guys all later. Thank you. Goodbye.

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