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All of the most successful entrepreneurs had humiliating failures at some point in their career. 

The difference between becoming wildly successful or experiencing embarrassing failures? 

Your fears. The most successful entrepreneurs run towards fear, instead of shying away from it. 

In this episode, Jason Baranby, CEO of Firestarters, joins me to reveal how to fail forward and use your fears to skyrocket your growth. 

Show highlights include:

  • How starting a business which never makes a penny supercharges your future business ideas (even if you feel like a massive failure today) (4:15) 
  • The wacky way seeing a therapist can help you have your best month in business ever (7:25) 
  • How a scarcity mindset haunts your piggy bank (especially when you have millions in your bank account) (11:17)
  • Why jaywalking instantly makes you a better leader (16:38) 
  • How to leverage your fear as jet fuel for your success (without crumbling under pressure) (21:26) 

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If you want to join Jason’s free Ignite Your Life course, you can join here: https://jason-s-school-a8a2.thinkific.com/courses/IGNITE-your-life. Or if you want to connect with Jason, you can find his website here: https://firestarterstribe.com/, his LinkedIn here, his Instagram here, or send him a text at 317-342-7344.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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