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Are you playing life to your full strengths? Or does it feel like you’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole?
Although many of us live day-to-day lives with plenty to manage, there’s only really a few fundamentals we have complete control over.… READ MORE

If you’re not collectively tracking your data, you’re just guessing.
The famous Peter Drucker once said ‘what gets measured gets managed’.
The vast majority of people don’t take the time to measure their results, and as a result, get frustrated as to why they never reach the level of success they desire.… READ MORE

A domino stands a few inches tall and weighs as much as a double A battery.
But it packs an almighty punch.
A single domino has the capacity of knocking over another domino that’s 1.5 times its size. By the 57th domino, you’d have enough force to knock over a domino that stretched the distance between the earth and the moon!… READ MORE

We’re opening with a BANG!
Nick Peterson and Jonathan Montgomery are your hosts and you’re listening to Relentless Podcast. The show that’s all about cultivating the highest quality of life by getting a little bit better every-single-day.… READ MORE


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