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It’s hard to succeed when your environment is sucking your motivation, energy and willpower dry.
But here’s the good news. There’s one force even stronger than your environment. Your thoughts.… READ MORE

On the Uncommon Advice Podcast, the focus is on scaling your business, acquiring new customers and marketing profitably.
While those things are great and necessary for a successful business, your business performance often depends on your own performance.… READ MORE

We all know the key to marketing success is standing out.
So why on earth are people telling you to “funnel hack” your competition?
Won’t that just make you boring like everyone else?
You’re absolutely right.… READ MORE

If you’ve got a profitable paid traffic strategy, you know how great it feels to pay an amount of money and reliably get a multiple of it back. Maybe you’re still working on building your profitable marketing strategy online.… READ MORE

There is a lot of good marketing advice out there. Some of it is high-level, talking about proven principles and abstract concepts. That kind of advice is essential—you need to learn about strategy and what makes marketing successful in the long-term.… READ MORE

If you keep up with what happens in marketing, you’ve probably heard about chatbots. They seem to be all the rage right now.
While hype often lies, the numbers chatbots can pull for savvy marketers are astounding.… READ MORE

If you look back over the last 50 years, virtually every self-made billionaire has done one thing right. They spotted a huge opportunity early and they acted fast.
If you want to create wealth that lets you be free, you need to do the same.… READ MORE

If you have a business which generates sales, you might be hungry to scale it up to increase sales, make more money and upgrade your lifestyle.
Obviously, scaling a business takes work—and you’re a business owner, so chances are you’re busy and have too much on your plate already.… READ MORE

If you want to scale your business without scaling your effort, you’ve probably run into a roadblock or two.
Maybe you had enough traffic but not enough people bought. Maybe you’ve watched your ad costs shoot higher and higher without seeing an increase in returns.… READ MORE

Without a brand, your business becomes dull, boring and won’t make a ton of sales.
But building a brand doesn’t have to be complicated. Marry design, differentiation, language, color, personality, and story in the right way….… READ MORE

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