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Real estate investors are always skeptical that social media won’t work for their market because it’s different. And I understand their skepticism… ads are more expensive in some markets, they worry their market isn’t even on Facebook, and sometimes the results seem too good to be true.… READ MORE

Investments are supposed to be a somewhat safe and conservative way to grow your money. Not only is that not true, but there are several reasons you’re actually losing money if your cash is parked away in a retirement or investment account.… READ MORE

Real estate goes through cycles like gold and silver. While that scares the amatuer investors, the seasoned pros know how to see through the chaos and find golden opportunities.
In fact, because of the pandemic, there are certain types of sellers who are extra motivated to sell you their properties than they were only 3 months ago.… READ MORE

The Real Estate Investing School of Hard Knocks is something almost every real estate investor goes through. It’s so severe in many cases that investors decide it’s easier to quit and give up on their dreams than push through.… READ MORE

Have you ever had good conversations with a seller only for them to disappear and never contact you again?
It happens more often than we like to admit.
But the good news is it that it usually happens because one of these two key things were missing from your conversations…
In this episode, I’m discussing what those two ingredients are so you can make deals happen like popcorn at the movies.… READ MORE

Tired of all your offers being rejected by sellers?
Many real estate investors wrongly think that the best way to close deals is to lowball cash offers. Not only is this method ineffective at best, but dealing with nonstop rejections will sabotage your drive and make you want to quit.… READ MORE

Military members have an unfair advantage when it comes to excelling in every new business venture they try. Especially real estate investing.
But you don’t have to have served in the military to “copy and paste” the ingredients that make them successful into your business and life.… READ MORE

Have you ever hired a mentor before with nothing to show for it other than an expensive receipt?
The cold, hard truth is most real estate mentors aren’t worth their salt. Sometimes, they’ve only closed one real estate deal then hopped right into offering coaching services.… READ MORE

Many new real estate investors think cold calling is a cheap and easy way to talk to qualified sellers and close deals.
But what you don’t realize is that cold calling is ineffective, it’s more expensive than it seems, and it can create legal chaos, causing more problems than it solves.… READ MORE

It’s hard for new real estate investors to get traction when they’re getting started.
Most new real estate investors fail because they give up when all they need to do is take a few practical steps to close deals.… READ MORE

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