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Real estate investors are always skeptical that social media won’t work for their market because it’s different. And I understand their skepticism… ads are more expensive in some markets, they worry their market isn’t even on Facebook, and sometimes the results seem too good to be true.

But here’s the crazy part:

The results aren’t too good to be true. You can successfully run social media advertising campaigns anywhere across the country if you understand 3 key aspects of social media ads.

In this episode, I’m sharing those 3 secrets of social media ads with you so you can make your social media advertising the most lucrative and profitable marketing channel for your business.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The obvious, yet often forgotten way to effortlessly attract sellers (1:20)
  • 5 of the hottest markets in America right now (4:20)
  • Why you should want to spend more for your ads and not less (4:48)
  • How to “pimp” Facebook to send you an endless stream of leads (6:51)
  • The trick for closing a bigger deal in 6 weeks than most people make in 6 months (7:20)
  • How to play the real estate investing game on “god mode” (9:12)
  • Never try this devious marketing channel unless you want to pay $10k+ to close one deal (9:22)
  • Want more leads than your team can keep up with? Try this… (10:16)
  • How to write your ad copy so your market automatically thinks of you as a trusted friend (13:12)
  • Why Facebook works like gangbusters compared to traditional media like television (17:29)

If you don't want your retirement account or your savings account dwindling away anymore and you want help or some guidance on what real estate to put it into, I'd highly suggest checking out the training we put together for you at http://socialmediablueprint.com/podcast.

Resources mentioned in the episode: Facebook by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts

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The big challenge is this: How are investors like us who are not backed by a billion hedge fund who are investing money from our own pockets? How do we buy, sell, and invest in the properties we believe in, yet still make a profit without risking all of our own money? That is the challenge. In this podcast, we'll give you the answers. My name is Nate Armstrong and welcome to the social media blueprint.

(00:33): okay. We're getting this all set up so that we can go live. Hey, my friends over in the Facebook world, hello, my friends on YouTube. We are jumping in. We're going to cover something. A lot of people right now, they're wondering like, does this stuff work in my market? Does it work in a super fast paced market? Does it work in the Midwest? Like a lot of people have questions about that. And I want to tackle that. I want to actually go through it so that we can break down and understand how it works. Not just does it work or not work, but how this stuff works. And right now we're using social media to pull sellers into us almost every day of the week. We've got new sellers coming into us for us, and then for our members across the country. And I found something that's really unique.

(01:20): I found that when you go out and you actively try to help people, big shocker here, big, big shocker. When you actually go out and try to help people when they need help and you put yourself out there, then sellers will come to you. Big shocker. Right? Well, here's the thing. Most marketing that's out there for real estate investors right now is going out and asking someone to come to you. So meaning like cold calling. Think about this, the cold calling marketing method for real estate investors, which I hate. I just cringe. When I even think about it, the cold calling is brutal. You buy a list and then you start dialing and you're basically like, Hey, would you want to sell, Hey, do you want to sell it? And you're going through hundreds of people just to get one person that maybe wants an offer in that methodology.

(02:06): That's all this data. It can work. If you've got a lot of patients and you're willing to get rejected a lot, or if you hire some big call center to make calls for you and you just don't care, that can work. But nowadays you don't have to do that. Nowadays. There's this thing called social media. Hey, look, we're connected here. This stuff works. And with sellers, it works the same way. What we do is we get an ad in front of them. We tell them what we do. We show them how we can help them. And then we get on the phone with them to demonstrate that we can actually help that's the process. And when you keep it that simple, this business gets a heck of a lot easier. So there's three things that we're going to cover in this number one. I keep hearing over and over again.

(02:47): Well, Nate, you don't understand. I live in XYZ market in my market. I don't think this stuff will work. Okay. We're going to cover that. We're also going to cover well, Nate, I already get the best leads in the business. I'm part of one of those franchises that supplies me leads. Okay. We're gonna cover that. And then we're also going to cover the topic that I love the most, that even your grandma is on social media right now. So I guarantee you, your sellers are, let's get into this first and foremost, for those of you that are out there that are in a hot market. God bless you. I love you, man. That's awesome. I do a very hot market myself. I do just South of Tampa. I do Sarasota, Florida in Tampa is one of the hottest markets in the country right now. And I'm just going to pull some actual stats from you.

(03:34): So when I say hot, I mean like stuff sells really fast. Like I heard somebody earlier today, they were telling me when we were going through their KPIs or key performance indicators, one of our members, he said, well, Nate, I'm in Denver, in the Denver market. Stuff is selling for like three or four days on market and it's sold. And I'm like, what does that mean? He's like, well, if it's priced right? And I'm like, Oh, okay, I get it. If it's priced, right? Yes, stuff will sell fast. Let's actually look up the average days on market, a house takes to sell. And when we did, we figured out it was somewhere in the eighties, which is a hot market. It's pretty hot. Now, if eighties is the normal, if that's the average, it takes for a house to sell. And then you get another market that takes a full month West than that.

(04:15): Or cuts it down by 33% or whatever. That is a fast moving market in Tampa is one of them. Tampa sells right now on average and 64 days on market. That's a fast market. Okay. Other ones are like Austin, Texas, San Bernardino County, California, San Diego. It's always a pretty hot one in New York. We've got members from New York. These markets are fast moving. Like they're aggressively selling houses. And if you're in one of those fantastic, that's great. This stuff works even better. The thing is, because it's generally in these more expensive markets, the way that social media ads work is that if they know they can sell the advertisement space for more to somebody else, then they're going to. So if you're in a really rich area, wealthy area ads generally cost more to run than in maybe more monasteries in the country. That's the trade off.

(05:10): It's not like one area works in one area. Doesn't work it totally flat out works. It just does. I know it because I do it. I run ads every single day for myself. I run ads for other people and I help a lot of people across the country. I get to see their accounts. So I know what it's like. I know what's going on inside the whole, like social media world for marketing. So I want to tell you about this one gentleman who really, he came down and in Sacramento. And he said, well, I don't know if this is going to work. I don't know about this whole social media stuff. And he ended up jumping in, joined, and then we got his ads up and running and then guess what? He started getting leads. He got 14 leads. And at first he's like, well, Nate, my leads, aren't replying.

(05:49): And I'm like, well, what do you mean? They're not replying. He's like, well, I call them and they didn't answer. And then I jumped on the line with them and I'm like to help me understand. He's like, well, four of them answered right away. It's just the other 10 out of the 14. I haven't been able to get. So I personally sent text messages to the other 10 and personally texted all of them. I ended up getting six out of the 10 to reply to me. And one of them said, Hey, I've been waiting for an offer. I haven't, no one's reached out to me. So for whatever reason, when he called, they just went to voicemail or whatever. But when I text them, I got them all. And then guess what? The one that I was going back and forth with for him, he ended up putting the deal under contract.

(06:24): So these leads, these people that are on Facebook and other social platforms, just like you and I, this stuff works. It does flat out, hands down. Totally works. The question is, is how are you reaching out to them? If you're trying this through like organic posts and whatnot, organic can work to some degree, but it's never going to get you the exposure that a paid ad would, a paid advertisement is just flat out easier. You pay Facebook a few bucks to get you in front of thousands of people. And then guess what? The leads just keep coming and coming, because you're willing to give Facebook a little bit of money. Facebook is an advertising platform. Let's face it. Yes, you and I like to go on there and kind of see friends and photos and all that kind of stuff. But the platform wasn't really built for that, the platform was to get a bunch of users on it and then to sell advertising space.

(07:14): And that's what it's gotten really good at. I'm going to go through some of the stats that you're definitely going to want to hear for point number three during this. Okay. We've got another member right now who is in Tampa himself. And he jumped into our program. And within six weeks he closed a deal that he net more than most people do on a deal in a single month or half a year, more than most people do. And I'm not going to get into his specific profits. Cause I don't want everyone to think like, Oh my gosh, I'm going to profit so much. Like I'm not saying that at all, like this stuff takes work. It takes some skill. It takes expertise. But this gentleman in our program, he was able to jump in and do it. His name's Michael. Really good dude. And he's still crushing.

(07:51): He just posted inside of our group that he's gotten four deals in the last few weeks. So he's doing something right? Okay. So this stuff does work in counties like that. We've got another gentleman that's in San Bernardino County. He was really skeptical coming in. And then after he started to see the leads come in, he turned off his other marketing channel. So pretty cool stuff. So if you're in one of those hot markets, it may even work better than the slow markets. That's just point blank. It probably will work better. Next. Let's talk about this. The folks out there who get leads from some type of other marketing platform right now, if you're particularly getting like cold call leads or recycled lists leads and things like that, I don't even really want to compare them because it's not an apples to apples comparison. Like I feel bad for those that are getting cold call leads right now and cold calling.

(08:39): I feel really bad. I had one person come to me and she talked to me on the phone and she told me how much she needed to make real estate work. And I said, how long you've been at this? And she said, well, I've been cold calling for a year. And I said, well, how many deals have you gotten done in that year? She said, I haven't been able to close any of them. I'm like, really? You haven't quit. She's like, no, Nate, I'm going to make this work. I'm going to keep going and keep going. And I'm like, well, God bless you. Like you got a lot more heart than most people do because most people, when you get rejected for a year straight, like you just give up. So I don't even want to compare those leads. Like those are, that's not an easy way to do this business.

(09:12): If you want the easier way to do the business, you have sellers come to you, asking you for help feel the difference when they come to you and ask for help. That's what you want. Okay. So I had this one person who's, he's got one of those franchises where he gets leads as part of the whole franchise and whatnot, paid a fortune to buy the franchise upfront. And he pays a fortune and marketing costs every single month to keep getting deals in. He actually pays over $10,000 right now in marketing costs to get one seller signed contract. Can you imagine that like insanity? He, he, when he started to see my numbers on the Facebook side, he didn't believe me. He's like, no, no way. That's too good to be true. That's not possible. And I'm showing them my actual screen shares, showing them what I'm paying because I run ads.

(09:59): I do every single day, I am running ads right now. And I get to see it for all of our clients across the country. And I know what's working right now, so I'm showing them this stuff and he's like, no, that's too good to be true. That's true. And he's like, you know what, Nate, I've known you for a long time. I'm just going to trust you. I'm going to try it. I'm like, okay, all right. He jumps in three weeks later, I'm texting him like, Hey, give me an update. What's going on? And he's like, well, I had to turn it off. And I'm like texting back. What do you mean? You had to turn it off. And then he texts back. And then I called him and I'm like, dude, what do you mean? You had to turn it off. And then he tells me, he's like, well, I had to turn it off because I was getting so many leads that my team can't keep up and am I no kidding?

(10:38): He's like, yeah, I'm just turning it on on Saturdays. And Sundays now I get too many leads otherwise. And I'm like, well, what's your cost per lead. And we're going through all that kind of stuff. And he was converting contracts for way cheaper than he was through the big franchise that he's with. And when I heard that, I'm like, yes, this is awesome. Let's do this. Let's keep going. Like it just jazz me up. So those of you that are getting leads right now through some other system, just know that social media is powerful. It is I'm going to hit those stats in just a minute to, to really explain why. But social media is freaking powerful. There's just nothing better out there right now for marketing costs and I've done it all. I've done direct mail. I actually made a big mistake with direct mail.

(11:17): I made the mistake of dropping 48 grand in direct mail a year ago, a partner help with it all. And then I was fulfilling by calling all the folks and meeting sellers and whatnot. And I ended up striking out embarrassingly. Like I made a mistake. I know the mistake that I made the mistake on it was that we dropped absentee mailers in a city or County in Florida where most of the homeowners own vacation houses. And unfortunately that doesn't work so well in a strong real estate market. Those sellers just because they were absentee didn't mean that they wanted to sell. So I made a rookie mistake, which I don't usually do, but I did on that direct mail drop. And it was just like pouring salt in a wound thinking about it. And then I went back to Facebook and Facebook has been great.

(12:03): Fantastic. I absolutely love it. I was doing Facebook while before that, I just wanted to try one more angle to generate a bunch of leads. Well, that angle, I'm not going back there again. Especially during this whole craziness. I don't know about you right now, but like when I get junk mail that comes to me because of the craziness in the world. I mean, like, I don't want to touch that. That's dirty. Throw it away, go straight to the trash. Like I don't even want to see junk mail right now. So direct mail is junk mail to me. No way. No, thank you. Okay. Social media, on the other hand, consumption rates are up during the whole craziness, like consumption rates have gone through the roof. People are on the internet all the time and they're there. Like you can catch them. I'm going to show you.

(12:41): I'm going to tell you how in just a couple of minutes here too. So next I had another one of those franchise folks. I've had a handful of franchise folks come to me and I'm the same thing. Like I just took a call last Saturday from one of the franchise folks. And he's like, well, this is the, the numbers. Like, I don't know how it's possible. I don't get it. Like, what are you doing? It's so much different. And I'm like, I'm not really doing that much different. We do one thing. That's majorly different though that we actually write ad copy. That touches the seller. That's the big thing. Like we're not just putting out, we buy houses kind of stuff. No that's general stuff. If you actually write ad copy the texts or the phrases that enter the conversation that's going on. And the head of the seller, like as an example, a probate seller, very different than someone that is getting foreclosed on by the bank.

(13:32): You got foreclosures like financial pinch probate is I just inherited the house because my mom died in two totally different States of mind. And if you do a general ad to them, that can work. But what works even better is if you get inside the conversation that's going on inside the head of the seller of the probate, say something like, are you tired of dealing with the probate process? Don't know what to do with mom or dad stuff. Tired of arguing with your brother about what to do with mom and dad's house. Hi, I can help with this. I'm Nate from Nate buys houses. I've been helping a probate seller. Like I'm just going on the fly with you. But if you get copy like that, that enters their world, your ads convert way, way better. So that's the big difference. We're professionally writing. Copy. We hire people to help us with these ads.

(14:16): We really think stuff through and then build campaigns, not just throw up an ad and hope that it works, but actually build campaigns that retarget people. So when someone clicks on one of your ads or they ask a question or a comment like we're going back in getting the ad back in front of them, the average person needs to see a brand seven times before they take any kind of action seven times. So you can't just throw up one ad and hope for the best and said, you got to get in front of them again and again and again. So that's the success of our ads. It's the reason why they're converting really, really well. Now if this stuff is like, if you're like, gosh, I really want to see behind the curtains on this stuff, then here's what you can do. You can go to social media, blueprint.com/podcast, where we put together everything like literally there's a training there that will show you everything that we're doing right now.

(15:04): I'm not hiding anything. Like all the secrets are revealed. You'll see exactly what we're doing. If that resonates with you, then go grab that right now. That's at social media blueprint.com/podcast. And you can see what we're doing to make this stuff work, to make sellers, come to us and come to our other members across the country. Okay. The next one, my favorite is that even your grandma is on social media right now. Yeah, it's true. It's true. Like a lot of people will say, well, Nate, I don't know if the sellers in my market marketer on social media, it's like, it's an old town or whatever. It's not very social, like it's all young people, whatever. Here's the thing. And I'm going to go through some stats. And these are brought to us courtesy of Omni core agency.com. And I will put a link for that down below this, and you can check it out and you can check out the stats yourself.

(15:49): But right now, 83% of women and 75% of men, I should say female and male, 83% of female in 75% of male internet users. So more than three quarters of internet users are on Facebook. Hello? That means that there's only 20% of women that are on Facebook right now. And only 25% of men are not on Facebook right now. That's crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Like that's a huge statistic right now for this is just Facebook, Facebook alone, not even talking about the other Pinterest and Instagram and everything else. I'm only talking about Facebook. So the next stat you'll find interesting is that in America, at least 69% of adults are on Facebook. So it's not just the kids. It's adults 69%, but it's like two thirds over two thirds of all. Adults are on Facebook right now. Every one minute, right now, 400 new users joined Facebook every minute, 400 new people, 400 new people, 400 new people every day, all day long, 60 times an hour, like this is insane.

(16:59): How fast it's still growing. Like it's, it's crazy to me. The next step that you're going to find interesting. And this is probably the most important and why it makes it a powerful platform to advertise on 74% of the users connect daily, daily, three quarters of the year. So it's one thing to say, like I got a billion users. It's another thing to say that my users connect every single day, 74%. That's three quarters connect every single day and watch this number they're on for 38 minutes. Average. If some people are on for hours, some people run a little bit less, but for an average of 38 minutes, now I want to compare that. I want to put that in perspective for you think about NBC, ABC, Fox news, CNN, you name it, all these other platforms that are out. Those are networks. If Facebook were a network, it would totally tower over them in consumption because they've got users by day for 38 minutes, they've got 74% of America for 38 minutes per day.

(18:06): The next closest that I could find in statistics and you can scour around and there's different stats that are out there, but CVS was boasting that it has 48% of their users. And I'm not even talking about like 40% of America, not at all. I'm talking about just their users. 48% of their users are their usual consumers. They see their programming at least once a month, once a month, Facebook is every day. 74% of their users are on it for 38 minutes. You wonder why it's so easy to get in front of people with ads. It's not a big wonder. Okay. And when someone gets into your campaign to retarget them, you've probably seen this before, when you've clicked on an ad of some sort, have you noticed that when you leave that platform and you go to a different webpage, you're on like Barnes and noble.com or ABC news.com or whatever.

(18:57): And you notice that that brand keeps popping up over and over, over again. Well, that's called retargeting. It's really easy to do that because Facebook has syndicate relationships with other platforms that are out there. And when you're buying ads on Facebook, you're actually able to promote yourself all over the web. So it's not just Facebook that you have to think about. You're all over the web when you do this marketing the right way. Okay. So I hope that this was helpful. I didn't want to go like all techie and all nerdy on you. I've got some folks out there that they call me their geek because I guess that's the cool thing, whatever the geek squad, Nate, whatever. I want to make sure that when I do this with other real estate investors, that they see the results that we're getting. So if you want to see what we're doing and just pull back the curtains on this, then go to social media blueprint, deck comm slash podcast, and you'll see it there. And then additionally, the next time that I jump on, like this we're covering something. That's pretty darn cool. We're covering the most common mistakes that real estate investors make that kills their deals. I want to help take away those mistakes. Okay. So that's the next episode that we're going to be covering together. And until the next time I would love, if you could give us some comments below or give us a rating. I'd appreciate that. Okay. We'll talk soon. Thanks.

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