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In this episode titled My Journey From Broke & Depressed To 7-Figure Online Business, Marquel takes you through his story of success. Get to know him better. You might have experienced the same things with him. Tune in and learn how you too can overcome them!

“The higher levels of frustration that you are able to deal with, the higher the levels of success that you will accomplish.” Marquel Russell

Early Beginnings

Marquel grew up in Georgia, where the people he knew were either broke or in drugs. Eventually, he found himself in the streets doing the same things. He wanted to earn and be wealthy.

He dropped out of high school and started going to jail. But, the time came when his perspective changed. He got himself a decent job.

But, he saw how little he earned in contrast to how much the company made money in an hour. So, he quit his job and looked for greener pastures.

Into the Entertainment Industry

Marquel entered the entertainment industry. He grew up listening to successful personalities, such as Russell Simmons and Master P. They had similar backgrounds, and started successful entertainment empires.

Get To It Enterprises was Marquel’s first company. He got a studio, and hired people to fulfill important functions in his business. He was successful, but his journey did not stop there.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

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