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Whenever you see a course seller or coach crushing it online, you know one thing is for sure. They may not be the best in the business, but they have one thing you don’t – an audience.

So if you don’t have one, what can you do?

Paid ads can help, but they are not the best choice. If you’re strapped for cash, they could even plunge you into debt.

You don’t have to risk your savings to build a business. It’s actually easy to build a brand for free. You can get a “six figure audience” without spending a dollar on ads. And unlike ads, your audience will pay you for years to come.

In this episode, you’ll discover the system that lets you build a six-figure audience, even if you don’t want to spend money on ads.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The “one page ahead” rule that attracts an ocean of clients (1:43)
  • How to attract six figures’ worth of clients without spending a dime on ads (1:59)
  • Why talking about your minor success lets you become the big player in your niche (2:17)
  • How to run ads for the first time without pouring all your earnings down the drain (2:38)

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(00:58): Here's up my friend, Dr. Mark Russell, here to king client attraction and welcome to this brand episode of the school of client attraction. Now, in today's episode, I wanna do something a little bit different. I wanna talk about how I built my brand. I'm on a budget, right? When nobody, absolutely. Nobody knew who I was. Absolutely. Nobody knew who I was. How do I did? Well, basically what I did because I made a mistake of folks thinking, looking at like, people were beside me or, or pass me. Right. I was like, okay, well, other people are teaching that other people are teaching that it wasn't until I realized that, Hey, there's more people that aren't where I am or pass me or than there are that aren't right. I mean, lemme say this another way. There are more people that aren't where I am or beyond me and are.

(01:43): So it's a whole ocean of people who are basically neglected or aren't serving or what they need to be. So I need to focus on serving them. And all I had to do was be one page ahead of the student. So all I did was start teaching them every day in the form of value based content. A lot of people think we've been spending money on since day one at this level. Absolutely not. We was in this game multiple years, built our business in earlier stages without ads. I wanna say we even got to the six figure mark without ads, just some creating content, every single day value based content. So when I learned how to generate one lead in a day, I made a video about how I did it to teach it. When I learned how to generate five leads in a day, I made a video.

(02:24): I, how about do it? When I had my first $13,430 83 cent month, it was my first five figure month. I did a training on how I did it. So I was just teaching people who weren't, why I was yet. And that's how I began to build a brand, no ads. Right? And now once I started doing ads, I just started with a little budget, $20 a day, and I started increase $30 a day, $4 a day. And I just started to add, add to it. But the money I was getting, I was investing back into the business. And that's how I started with this. No budget, people talking about building the brand, the budget, I ain't even had no budget. So I built it with no budget. Then got a little budget, started adding to it and it started building onto it slowly but surely.

(03:00): Anybody can do that. Now, if I was giving you my formula, would I wish I had, when I didn't have it, I would wish I had the seven figure client business building bundle. And that's why we put together. It shows you how to get more leads, how to get more clients, how to enroll them, how to grow your business all while working 50% less. If you want that, you can get it for free. All you gotta do is text podcasts, all one word, text that to 9 0 4 4 4 7 5 2 7 4 that's 9 0 4 4 4 7 5 2 7 4 that's 9 0 4 4 4 7 5 2 7 4 text podcast to that number. If you wanna have a call with us so we can help you accelerate the whole process and create a customized game plan specifically for you, just go to rapid growth session.com, go to rapid it. Growth session.com. Schedule a quick chat, put that you scheduled a call from the podcast. And if you decide that you want to actually help you implement the game plan, that will help you cover on this call, help you map out on this call. We'll give you a scholarship as well. So go to rapid growth session.com. Thank you so much. Checking out this episode have a phenomenal day cause you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon.

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