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Many people have a terrible fear of losing money in their investments.

But Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest people in America. His annual returns average between 12% – 20% each year.

And did you know that you can get returns of 300% or more regularly?

Placing profitable ads can net 300% or more in revenue for your business. Looking at ads as an investment lets you overcome any fear of losing money.

Listen now to discover how you use data-driven processes to create profitable ads!

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why thinking based on emotion ruins your ability to make 5-figure months (1:07)
  • The “Data-Driven Decision Making Process” that lets you run profitable ads (1:51)
  • How running ads as a strategic investment gives you a 300% return each month (2:17)
  • Why having the confidence to run ads provides 5000+ leads per day (3:38)

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Marquel: Hey, what’s up, my friend? Marquel Russell here, the king of client attraction. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction. [01:03.3]

In this episode, I’m going to talk a little bit about how I overcame my fear of running ads. A lot of people think that we came into the game running ads and we did it. We actually were doing this stuff probably about five years I think before even running ads. We’d gotten business to the six-figure mark without running ads. We might have dabbled. We actually dabble with ads a little bit, but we actually had our first five-figure month with no ads, right? Our first five-figure month was $13,430.83, I still remember like it was yesterday.

But how did I overcome the fear? The reason, the biggest reason I didn't do it early on was because it was the unknown of “What if I lose money?” and all this different type of stuff, right? And I was thinking totally based on emotion.

The way I was able to overcome that, and now we spend a significant amount of money on ads every single month, the way I was able to overcome that and now I’m extremely comfortable with spending an unlimited amount of money on ads, as much as we possibly can on ads, is because I shifted from how I feel to actually looking at the numbers. [02:01.3]

I went from being drama, emotional-drama based decision-maker to data-driven decision-maker, and when you do data-driven decision-making, you can zoom out and you can look at the numbers and you can see what makes sense.

Let me give you an example. The top investors in the world right now are Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio. Those are the two top investors. They make about 12% or so per year, maybe 20% per year on their investments, right? With ads, you can make, conservatively, 300–400% return every single month on your money. Yes, every single month.

If your money is just sitting in the account, you’re probably getting 0.025 or something like that, maybe even less, right? You can go try some other investment, but nothing is going to give you the return that you're going to get on ads.

But I wasn't thinking from an investor’s mentality beforehand and that's what had me fearful about doing ads, because I looked at it as a gamble and a slot machine. I don't go to Vegas. I go to Vegas, but I don't gamble and stuff like that, so I looked at it more as a gamble, more than a strategic investment. [03:04.0]

There are two things that are going to give you the highest return on your investments. It’s going to be an investment into advertising—and it's going to be an investment. It's best if you’ve got all your marketing stuff dialed in, which we can help you with if you want in—and investment into coaching and consulting and things of that nature. They're going to be the highest return on investment that you're going to get on your money ever.

That's how I was able to shift from being fearful of running ads to confidently and comfortably running ads, to spending a certain amount that may scare more people away. What we spend on ads has shifted from focusing on the data specifically and operating as a real business or not.

If you want to be more confident about running ads and profitably running ads, I’m actually going to give you our Seven-Figure Client Business-Building Bundle for free as my way of saying thank you for checking out the show. All you’ve got to do to get it is to text “podcast”, P-O-D-C-A-S-T. Text that to 904-447-5274. “Podcasts,” all one word, 904-447-5274. [04:03.4]

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We're also going to give you a training that shows you how to package your knowledge and expertise into offers where you can make $100,000 a year or $100,000 per month.

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Go over there and complete the quick application for just a quick 15-minute call. You can't buy anything on the call. It's not a sales call. It's just a deep dive into your business for seeing where you are, seeing where you're looking to go, and then help you map out a game plan of exactly how to get there and add an extra five to six figures per month to your monthly revenue.

I guarantee, just from this call, you're going to make five to six figures a month. You're just going to see some holes in your business. We're going to show you how to patch those holes, and then from there, you can say, Hey, I want you all to help me implement it, or you may say, I want to go do it on my own and have somebody else help me implement it. Either way, it's totally cool. It's a total win-win for you either way. [05:13.4]

Thank you so much for checking out this episode. Have a phenomenal day, because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon.

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