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High school courses may not directly teach you how to become a millionaire. But applying the processes increases your marketing campaigns.

When you introduce science into marketing, you dissect the ad just like you dissected the frog in high school science class.

Listen now to discover how you define the formula for your ad campaign!

Show Highlights Include:

  • How creating your ad campaigns like a high school science project skyrockets your revenue (1:09)
  • Why studying your marketing data improves your sales (even if the ad sucks) (2:12)
  • Why removing emotion from your ad campaigns scales your marketing easier (2:29)
  • How spending 15 minutes on a “Rapid Growth Planning Call” unlocks you marketing pitfalls (3:40)

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Marquel: What’s good, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction. [01:02.0]

Today, I want to share with you some science-based secrets to help you make or create more profitable ad campaigns, so let's talk about it. Think about it. Remember when you were in school and you were doing a science project. For now, when you create your ad campaigns, I want you to think about it as a science project. What was the formula? What was the scientific formula?

The first thing you did was you had a hypothesis. That's why a lot of times we tell our clients and all the people who we work with or our marketing reviews or whatever, we'll let them know, Hey, don't spend all this time trying to make this thing perfect, trying to make your funnel perfect, trying to make your videos private, because you don't really know what's going to work anyway. You’ve got to wait and see what the market is going to tell you. All you’ve got is a basic hypothesis. We're coming up with our best educated guess based on what we know, right? That's number one, you get your hypothesis.

Then what did you do in school once you got a hypothesis? You actually did the project. For example, in school, it was like, hey, okay, if you take vinegar and you take this thing and you pour it in, does it erupt like a volcano, right? That's a hypothesis. Yes, it’s going to erupt. No, it's not going to erupt. That's a hypothesis. Even if it’s wrong, we just have our educated guests basically for a hypothesis. [02:07.4]

Then we do the project. Now we're like, Okay, would that work? That didn't work. That responded this way. It didn't respond this way. Cool, so now we’ve got some data because we did the project. You understand doing this, you’re launching the ad, so you’ve got some data. Then guess what? Now you can make a decision. You can make a more educated decision based on the data that you have. Did that work well or did it not work well? Or whatever the case might be.

When you approach your ad campaigns in this particular way, you can make them more profitable. Here's why, because now you're not emotionally attached to a specific outcome like you don't have to make X amount or whatever, because when you're running ads, you just run ads on some data anyway, and then based on that data you get, now you're more empowered to either scale that campaign, kill that campaign, or do something else. That's the approach I want you to take when it comes down to running your ads from a science-based standpoint.

Okay, now, if you want to go deeper into ads and get more clients and things of that nature, I’ve got two different options for you. Number one, you can get our Client Business-Building Bundle. [03:03.3]

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Thank you so much for checking out this episode. Have a phenomenal day, because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon. [04:05.5]

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