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Is your business stuck in neutral while you’re looking for new clients?

Maybe you believe there isn’t enough demand for your services. Maybe you think your fees are too high, or you just don’t know what step to take next.

That’s why high-earning entrepreneurs work with business coaches. A coach’s experience and mindsets are like gasoline for your company.

On today’s episode, choreographer Mariano describes how business coaching opens your eyes to what your clients really want — so you can close more clients and make more money.

Don’t continue fighting to find your next client. Discover how the right coach helps you land better clients and higher profits.

Listen now to get the clients you deserve!

Show Highlights Include:

  • How social proof lets you effortlessly sell to new customers better than any paid marketing campaign (5:08)
  • Why you can charge more money by dumbing down your services (10:14)
  • The intangible — yet essential — skill you must teach for your customers to succeed (12:52)
  • Running out of clients? Here’s why spending money on a business coach brings in a flood of new clients (14:29)
  • Why the best business coaches don’t want your money (20:06)
  • How minor changes to your marketing message can attract clients that may have overlooked your business before (23:25)
  • Why changing lives is the key to charging higher rates (even if you’re selling a “fun” service like dancing) (29:14)

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Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell here, the king of client attraction. [01:00.0]

In this episode of the School of Client Attraction, I’m going to share with you exactly how you can still charge $3,000 and $10,000 more, even if your coaching and consulting offer doesn't actually help people make money, meaning you're not a business coach or a marketing coach or a sales coach or something like that. Maybe you’re helping people do something else and you can still charge $3,000, $10,000 or more.

The way I’m going to do it is not just tell you that you can actually do it. I’m actually going to jump over to a quick interview right quick that's actually done by our president of communications, Richelle Shaw. She's interviewing Mariano and he's going to share how he didn't even believe he could charge $3,000, $10,000 or more for his particular skill set.

He actually helps individuals in the area of dance, one of his passions. His passion is dance and most people are like, How can I charge $10,000 for that? He actually was able to do it and I think he's even charging 10,000, 15,000 out at this point. But he is going to share more about the details of how he did it and actually how you can do it as well. Let's jump over to the interview.

Richelle: Here we go. Here we go. Hey, good morning, everybody. My name is Richelle Shaw, and I am the senior director of communications here at CAU, Client Attraction University, where we help coaches, consultants and service-based businesses rock the house and explode their income automatically while working 50 percent less. [02:17.5]

Today, I get to do my absolute favorite thing that I get to do here at CAU and that is to interview their rock stars, interview their folks who are killing the game, changing everything about their industry, and I’d like to welcome to this wonderful stage Mariano.

Mariano: Hey.

Richelle: Do I play music? That’s so funny. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome here, Mariano. What's up? It's good to have you.

Mariano: It is great to be here. I thank you for this interview. I really do.

Richelle: It's my pleasure. It's my pleasure. Before we get started, tell everybody the amazing work that you're doing in your business. [03:08.4]

Mariano: All right. I help my clients have memorable quinces and sweet sixteens without any of the stress and overwhelm. I’ve been doing this for many, many, many years now, so I’m not new to this whole thing, you know what I mean? I’m not just somebody who decided to do something because of the pandemic and now I have to switch stuff up. No, I’ve been doing this for years.

Richelle: For years. What got you end up helping people in their quinceañeras or in the sweet sixteen parties? Where did that come from?

Mariano: It started off with one of my cousins, one of my family members, years back. It has to be, oh my gosh … I’ve been doing this for about 22, 23 years now.

Richelle: Shut up. And you were a baby? [03:55.6]

Mariano: One of my cousins asked me to help her with the choreography for hers because she knew I danced and choreographed, so I said okay. She had eight guys, eight girls, so I worked on that. I did the whole thing by myself. Actually, her, her sister and I, we worked on that a little. She jumped in.

Then after that one, another family member asked. Now, she had 16 guys and 16 year olds. Yeah, yeah, there was no way I was going to work with 32 all by myself. I had a dance partner at the time and I told her, “Listen, to this what's going on. It's going to be 16 girls and 16 guys. I’ll work with the guys and you work with the girls.” She said yes. We went from there.

We did all of the rehearsals, the process, everything like that from … I want to say, what, maybe the first 30 seconds of what was created, when the crowd saw, they just jumped and were like, Whoa. Then when they saw the guys doing their routine, they were like, Oh my God, because usually guys are shy and guys don’t dance, but I was able to get the guys to dance, so they were just mind blown. [05:06.6]

From there, right then and there, once that performance was over, within about two minutes, just unknown females came to us and asked us, they said they loved it and their sister's sweet sixteen was going to be in a few months and how much do we charge, and at that point it was just right and it was just families. It's almost like, we don't … I’m not … oh …

Richelle: Yes, we do. Yes, we do. Yes, we do.

Mariano: It started from there and just kept going and kept going and kept going.

Richelle: Yeah, that's so awesome. You said that you were a former or you had dance experience. Tell everybody about all of your dance experience, too.

Mariano: Wow. I hardly ever think about what I do. We shine a light on the youth or the rest of all the others.

Richelle: I know, but here’s why I think it's important, right? It’s because there are going to be people watching this who are amazing artistes and have been in the art world for a long time, either performing, dancing, singing, painting, right, playing instruments. [06:17.3]

Mariano: That’s right.

Richelle: And they're unclear how to translate those skills into a marketable business.

Mariano: Yes.

Richelle: And so, that's what I think that you have done so amazingly well, right? As you shine the light, which is one of your keys, you have to shine the light on the person actually performing, whether they … I will say, too, that a lot of former professional dancers, right, have a problem with working with people who aren't on their level.

One of the things that I thought so intriguing when I met you in person, which he's like so toned down right now, I don't know where that came from. Maybe it's early. But when I met him, I was like, Oh my God, that energy is he makes you want to dance. He made me want to dance so bad that I tore my ACL dancing with him. [07:14.8]

Mariano: Oh my God …

Richelle: I was like, What in the world? But it's that that I think that's infectious that I would really love to share with our audience. It's not so much of what you do with your clients. I love that and they get all of that from you, but it's your advice to those artistes on how to really monetize this thing, and that's what I would love for you to share a little bit about.

Mariano: Okay, all right, and it's interesting because I want to create a program or coaching behind that specific piece. [07:59.4]

Richelle: Absolutely. Absolutely. I think it's important because there are so many struggling, right? They're just so used to performing.

Mariano: Yes.

Richelle: And then all of this talent is just sitting there, especially after the pandemic, after everything that happens, it's like, they go, What am I supposed to do? You don't get the feeling on Zoom while I’m dancing in my living room.

Mariano: That's a whole different beast. And I’ve worked through Zoom with some of my students as far as I have an academy, youth academy, also. I’ve had one of them play the music, like, Okay, you're going to be the DJ, and him playing the music and him listening and I’m like, This sounds dead. This is what you guys hear when I’m playing the music for you? They're like, Yeah, and I’m like, Wow.

Richelle: Yeah, [inaudible]. [08:55.6]

Mariano: For my clients, I’ve worked and found ways to tweak and get them everything with audio and all that stuff, great audio. Specifically to the piece of this, as an artiste, as someone who has trained under people who have been to … Martha Graham and Horton technique, and I did a lot of stuff at Broadway Dance Center and was able to learn from some of the greatest there.

We come with an orchestrated perspective, and this is the one thing that I’m always trying to have my clients understand, which is that when I create, as a choreographer, I’m choreographing from an orchestrator perspective. What do I mean by that? I'm the person that's going to know what the DJ needs, because the DJ needs the music and the DJ needs a rundown. I know this because I’ve done this for so long and I know it from a DJ’s perspective.

I’m going to know and choreograph through numbers and teach my Corte de Honor chambelanes how to count, how to focus on music. What are the primary percussion? What is the underbeat? What are the vocals? What are the lyrics? What part of the music specifically are we trying to hit? [10:15.0]

And these are the things that all of us artistes know, in a sense, they know that they know it, but they don't think that other people don't know this and need--

Richelle: And they're shocked, right?

Mariano: Shocked, yeah.

Richelle: It’s like, You don't feel that beat? and they'll go, No, I don't feel anything. You don't see that you're in the pocket. I have no idea that I am nowhere in the pocket, right? They just don't get it.

Mariano: Right.

Richelle: And trying to convey that, that's where your brilliance truly comes out, because I’ve watched several of the things that you’ve choreographed to newbies, to people who aren't dancers, and, yes, they're on the beat. Yes, they feel confident and that is one of the things that you love to talk about. [11:04.0]

Mariano: Yes, yes.

Richelle: I just loved it. I absolutely love it. I love what you're doing. I think you're so amazing and I know that you are inspiring other artistes to want to do this. Let’s get into the business side of it, too, because I think that's where things kind of really took off. You knew you had the skill, but finding consistent people who need this done is truly the hard part, would you not agree?

Mariano: That’s the hard part, right? Here's the thing. For me, it was always a lot of word of mouth. It was a wonderful thing when we were able to show, have the events and the sweet sixteen and the performances, and have all the guests there because the guests would then come up to us and say, again, We're doing this XYZ, right?

Richelle: Yeah. [11:55.1]

Mariano: And those things, and for those of you and the people who don't know what I quince and a sweet sixteen is, I always relate it to it's a wedding without saying I do for a 15- and a 16-year-old girl. It's the same elaborate, it's “brides and grooms”, quote unquote, which are called a court, damas y caballeros, chambelanes [inaudible 12:18.4], so it's very similar to that for a 14-, 15- and 16-year-old, right?

We come in, and I think I’ve lost your question, but we come in again and train them on any and everything that they want to do, entrances, exits, what is stage left, what is stage right, what's center-stage. All of this goes into us training them and teaching them, and this is how and why they're able to execute the choreography and not be dancers. [12:52.2]

The other part of it that we always do is work on mindset. You have to believe that you can do this in order for you to do it and that's part of what we put into all of our trainings and all of our rehearsals. It's the mindset, and even the envisioning, okay, the day of, what do you want to look like? What do you want to look like the day of? How do you want the cameras to capture you? Because you cannot do this again. They're going to capture whatever it is you deliver. Then the part is you have the power to make your audience feel whatever you want them to feel. All of that, yeah.

Richelle: I love that. I love that. Now, tell me, so what in the world … were you frustrated with getting multiple, multiple bookings? What brought you to Marquel and the team here at CAU?

Mariano: Okay, and that was the question. You're pulling me back. Again, word of mouth was everything before. The little girls who were in the older girls’ sweet sixteens, it was their time, so we did theirs and now there's kind of no one else. [14:05.0]

Now it's like I know of somebody, let’s say, for example, someone knows of me, but they're not planning yet or they're going to, okay, I don't know, I’ll speak to him in a few years or whatever when my child … I’ve heard all this stuff. But I’m like we need money now. We need clients now. We need to empower some youth now.

I first saw Marquel on the Social Proof Conference and I was like, Oh, his stuff is interesting, and I didn't join them because I’m like, Okay, wait, this price is too high, right? Me not knowing, again, my own mindset where it's like there's no price too high for self-investment.

Richelle: Never.

Mariano: There is no price too high for self-improvement. There is none.

Richelle: And I say it's always only expensive if it doesn't work, right?

Mariano: Right. [15:00.0]

Richelle: Because as long as it works, then you get the money back and you make the money back, whatever that investment is.

Mariano: Right.

Richelle: It's like, are you going to do the work? And I joke with Marquel all the time. I say he's the younger side of it, right? And so he has new-school stuff. I’m an OG. That's what they call me here at CAU, the OG, and so I know all the old stuff. So, we know old ways that work and we know new ways that work. The only thing that we don't know is if you work. That's it. So, we go, okay, are you going to put in the work? Because it's not automatic. There is some fine-tuning that you have to make this work correctly for you, but, boy, when it does …

Mariano: When it does, let me get to that part. Importantly, it is about us doing the work. I saw him on the Social Proof Conference and I had already invested in something else, so I was like leaving out y’all, which ended up not working, but I’m not going to say who. [16:07.6]

Richelle: Yeah.

Mariano: Right? But I went and clicked into what Marquel was doing, what CAU was doing, and I’m like, Okay, this is cool, this is cool, all right, this is cool. Then again he kept popping up and I’m like, I don't know how this works, but whatever, this is cool.

Then I am really big on signs and certain things just aligning properly that fifth. I checked out some other coaches and I’m like, Okay, this coaching thing can work and I can jump into this and I can get some coaching because I have a slew of mentees who have been through sweet sixteens and different sweet sixteens with me and all that stuff like that, who are now doing their entrepreneurial journeys and things like that, and my goal is to make at least one of them a millionaire. Now, I cannot do that without me becoming a millionaire first and me getting the proper coaching that I need, so that I can pass it, right? [17:14.3]

Richelle: Absolutely.

Mariano: So, I said, “Okay, let me invest in coaching,” looking at all these other coaches and something in my mind was like, Now that you're open to coaching, you know you have to invest in Marquel, right? and I’m like, Go to … But I realized what that resistance was also. I’m going to tell you what it was.

I’m walking and—yeah, you're laughing—I do these early morning walks to clear my mind and just … so I’m walking and that thought came in again. “You need a coach.” I’m like, Okay. Then on a license plate of a car were these angel numbers, all of my angel numbers that every time there’s something that I’m going to do, those numbers pop up. Every time I’m in the right place, those numbers pop up. Every time I’m questioning something and I think I’m correct, those numbers pop up. [18:07.8]

So, those numbers popped up and something said, “Turn on your phone.” I turned on my phone and there's Marquel and Aundrae with a three-day, December three-day boot camp. Listen, I was like, All right, here we go. This is it. I’m doing this. I’m doing this.

And I realized what the resistance was before, right? The resistance was you know this is who you've been asking for, and if you connect with these people, you will have no more excuses. Yes.

Richelle: I mean …

Mariano: Yes. It’s always like, Ah, I got it. You’ve got another three days. Now I signed up and then the packages started coming through. You have to do this, this, this, and this, this, this, this, and this, right? We had, what, six weeks before the three-day, so we had two weeks of those three things to get done. [19:05.3]

Richelle: Yeah.

Mariano: Okay, I’ve got this. Okay, I’ve got this. Okay, I did this, I did this. Then when we get on a three-day and Marquel says, “You know you guys already did do the job and the word, right?” and I’m like, Yo, he works exactly the way I work with the youth, but he just keeps saying yes.

Richelle: Yeah.

Mariano: I start all over with, All right, guys, let's warm up. All right, repeat this warmup. All right, repeat this warmup. All right, when we do the choreography, remember that piece I kept telling you to repeat in the warmup? That's the hardest part of the choreo, and it’s like, We’ve got it. Were you serious? Yeah. I realized that his method and my method are similar, if not the same.

Richelle: Exactly.

Mariano: I’m continuing to get signs that I’m in the right place. [20:00.7]

Richelle: Yeah. Yeah.

Mariano: Yeah. Then it was a matter of these people actually care. It's not about the money. For CAU, it’s not about the money and I honestly realized even before that they take the money to hold us accountable, but they could care less about the money.

Richelle: I tell everybody I get so many applications a day and my role here at CAU is to vet all of them, right? And so I decline more than 50 percent of the applications that come through because it's not about taking your money. We want you to win.

Mariano: Right, yes, yes.

Richelle: And so our goal is to make sure that you have every single piece that you need to win, which is why it doesn't matter what you're coaching, what you're selling, what it is. We just put, I always call it lighter fluid. [21:02.2]

Mariano: Hmm, yes.

Richelle: And so, it’s just like, yeah, you can go in and light your grill with a match, but nothing really happens to that charcoal until you put the lighter fluid.

Mariano: Lighter fluid.

Richelle: And then you put it in and it’s like, Oh my gosh, and that’s kind of how the content comes, right? It comes so fast and you're like, Oh, man, okay, I thought I had already done this and it's like, No, no, no, no, you haven't done it the way that we do it, just a little bit.

Mariano: You guys have this secret sauce, this formula, and I love the fact that you are all real and you come from a place of purpose and the a place of serving, and a place again from mindset shifts, because I tell you, when I first started and I was hitting, and I’m like, Am I going to actually get high-ticket clients for sweet sixteen and quinceañera chirography? [22:03.8]

My prices before coming to CAU were fairly low, fairly low, and there was a time when I even asked my father and he was like, Should I drop my …? He was like, No? Okay, and after he said that, no, and I continuously kept doing the DLM sheets, saying it on every call. Mike found that the KPIs were off. He found that he was like, Whoa, okay, I need you to get back with Cierra. There's probably something in your messaging, X, Y, and Z, this and that. I said, Okay, got back with Cierra. Cierra is a beast. You could go …

Richelle: Yes, everybody on our team truly … we call ourselves the Avengers, right?

Mariano: Ooh, I love that.

Richelle: It's like everybody can survive in their own space, but then we came together - [23:07.8]

Mariano: Together.

Richelle: - to serve at the highest level, so that we can make sure that we keep producing winners, right, just over and over and over again. But, yeah, Cierra is the GOAT. Keep going.

Mariano: Cierra the GOAT, [unclear 23:20.0], all of you guys, I love it and I just love it. Sierra rewrote my copy. She told me to reshoot my videos. I reshot the video, and within three days, an ad came in, and then another one and another one and another one. I actually, yes, landed a $10,000 client. Yes, yes, me from coming from really low, low to …

Richelle: Right, right. [23:51.8]

Mariano: And I’m like, Wow, wow, so definitely, and it's still more. Right now, because of how everything is set up and how you guys helped me set everything up, like my email list is about to hit 1,000 people. There are people who are joining the Facebook, the company, the business page. There are also people who are sending and sharing it with other people. I didn't have this before. I’ve never had this before.

Richelle: No, you had to rely on your performance and the performance of your clients to generate, right?

Mariano: Yes, which was far and few between, yeah.

Richelle: It's like, what an ideal situation? What a fun situation? How is your life now, now that you've been kind of indoctrinated into the CAU way. After the boot camp, you were even more just rocketed. How did you feel about the boot camp when you came out? [24:59.0]

Mariano: I loved boot camp. I loved, loved, loved the boot camp and that's another thing. I love the energy of it all and everything. I was watching your interview with Mike and I realized, I’m going to check for the next one to see what's what. I’d never, ever wanted to work for anyone again, but I can see myself working with CAU, working for CAU. I really can.

Richelle: Wow.

Mariano: Because it's like it's on the job training. It's wonderful. Its growth, its mindset, its being around people who are like-minded, if I can say that.

Richelle: Yeah.

Mariano: Being among people who are also looking to grow themselves -

Richelle: Absolutely.

Mariano: - and growing each other, because I know you guys grow each other and I know that Marquel and Drae are infectious, and so it was that, just that whole environment. I’ll look out for the next request for application. [26:05.4]

Richelle: He’s like, Yeah, I just want to … I just love y'all, and it’s huge. It is just a time that we get to spend together, right, and just question. It’s a safe place, so there's no judgment. Marquel is our leader and Dre is our co-founder. I’m just telling you, they're so fun to even just be around.

Mariano: Right.

Richelle: And then they're brilliant, too. They’re like, How in the world did you get here? Right? And I’m like, because I know what happens with brilliant folks, and so I just want to just kind of play a little bit with y'all.

Mariano: Absolutely. Here's another thing with my life. They also have made it possible for me to fulfill another wish and another desire, right, which is for me to be able to work, to work and spend more time in the house in Honduras. I’m not in the U.S. right now. I’m in Central America, so this is like … That's another goal and I wanted to do it before my 45th birthday and here I am, and it’s … [27:16.8]

Richelle: On your birthday.

Mariano: On my birthday, and doing this interview and it's like everything is just aligning. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. Thank you, CAU. Thank you.

Richelle: Oh, oh … I always ask everybody, okay, what would you tell mark? Because normally he was doing these, but he's so busy now. It's, like I said, I get to have fun and just talk to all of our amazing students. So, what would you tell him? What's your message for Marquel?

Mariano: I would tell him, thank you. Thank you for not giving up on himself and on his vision. Thank you. The world is a greater place because of it.

Richelle: Oh, Cierra, crying, like you have to watch this one. [28:05.7]

Mariano: Yes, he is changing lives, helping people fulfill their dreams, and I am living proof of it, so thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The universe is the limit. There is no limit. It's just more and more and more abundance is coming.

Richelle: Yes. Thank you so much for spending part of your birthday with us. You were fantastic, and if you need somebody to rock the house for the quinceañera or for your sweet sixteen, or if you want to renew your vows and you and your husband to be shaking the shimmy together …

Mariano: Oh, it will be a blast, bride and groom first dance, everything. I’ll get your court together, everything. We do everything, yeah.

Richelle: That's fun. You’d better get him before he raises his prices again. [29:01.0]

Mariano: Yeah. Yeah what I wanted to say, too? And I kind of said it. There’s almost like a missing piece that I’m going to keep doing videos and keep informing people because what I do is more than just choreography. What I do is more than just choreography. I’m changing lives and I’m looking at your whole event from an orchestrated perspective.

I’m like that person and my team, we're like that person that you see either in a cartoon or a movie where someone is just walking past and doesn't know that there's either danger or something that they didn't see coming at them, and they’re kind of moving out the way, so that the person can have a smooth and easy walk or ride memorable through life or whatever it is without the stress and the overwhelm. This is what we do and this is how we do it because we look at the whole thing from the orchestrated perspective, not just from a choreographic perspective. [29:58.7]

Richelle: Oh, it's so true, and I think that, as we tie it all together, that's what I think Marquel does, too, and that's what I think that CAU does, right? And I think I shared this with you before when we were at the event that my best friend in life is a professional dancer, and so that's how come I know all of this stuff and the struggles that she has had. But one of the things that she said was, and she said, “I can teach you all the steps, but what makes the dance beautiful is what you do in between the steps.”

Mariano: Yes.

Richelle: Right? The flow between the arms and as you turn, so that I can show you where to lean so that it's more beautiful, and that's truly what we do at CAU, which is that we don't teach Facebook ads. Yeah, we do that. We don't just teach messaging. Yeah, we do that, too, but it is what to do in between times, how we connect it all together -

Mariano: That connectedness.

Richelle: - that creates the beautiful choreography and the beautiful dance -

Mariano: Yes, yes, amazing.

Richelle: - so that you can have a better life, so that you can live anywhere in the world that you want to, so that you can make more impact, and I know that student is going to reach the million dollars that you want because of what you've already done. I just want to say thank you so much again. [31:16.5]

Mariano: Thank you.

Richelle: Thank you for your impact. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your energy. I can't wait until the September boot camp so we can hang out again.

Mariano: Whoo, yes.

Richelle: Thank you so much for being here and I will let Marquel know.

Mariano: My pleasure.

Richelle: Thanks, everybody else. Hope you enjoyed this interview with our client success. I’m Richelle Shaw, CAU Senior Director of Communication, bringing all of our wins to you.

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